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Blk Gorillaz_(0)

2022-08-03 00:00:04

This IS NOT a story,.... Its a blog!!!
I'm finishing up my first story here, it will be done soon. And, its all about the interracial domination of a white boy by me. Its also a true story. Nearly every story I post will be true stories but, for now I would just like people to get familiar with me,... check out my profile, and especially my photo albulm!!!

And, just to clarify, I'm not gay... fucking white sissy boys is just like fucking girls, I fuck bitches plain and simple. The white boys on the other hand,... Well, they may not start off that way but, they turn gay REAL FAST and they never go back!!!

I'd love to know what you think!!!

The rest of this is the word narrative for my photo albulm read this and, check out the albulm,... tell me what you think!!!

This albums is abaout the interracial SEX between young WHITE boys and their rightful BLACK masters! Who are born to dominate,... these White sissy fuck boys who were made to be sucking black dick, and being fucked by dominant black men.

White boys are the ideal whore for the black man.
There just as beautiful as their female counter parts and, probably JUST as feminine, and are twice as insecure, and 10 times as submissive. And, no matter HOW MUCH you fuck,them they NEVER get pregnant,..."but don't put your clothes back on yet white boy because that's NOT going to stop us from trying!" And, its not going to stop them either. You see white boys are the ideal whore for the black man

Jut look at all these Nigger loving white boy-bitch, black cock loving whores getting what they deserve,... This is exactly how all relations between the males of the White and Black race ought to interact. Just look at these adorabe boy whores!!! There not trying to get us for child support. There not asking stupid questions. They don't bother us with shit like " where is this relationship going??? They won't ever ask us to turn off the game,...NO they'll suck our black cocks the whole time were watching!!! All they want from us is our black cocks to suck, and if they can get some interracial butt-fucking from us,... which we LOVE TO GIVE THEM ANYWAYS. I'm telling you white boys are the Idea whore for the black man.

After you've conquered one they'll be your little white whore for life! They'll be busy little sex slaves. They'll do ANY and EVERY THING you want them to...from ridding black dick to doing the dishes, and cleaning out the gutters they live to serve. And, besides that they love it. Plus they're just as hot as any white girl, but 10 times as obediant and, twice as slutty!

Each and EVERY white male that is NOT living right unless they are regularly and routinely submitting to, serving, sucking, and being fucked by black cocks.

Especially young white males!!! They need black cock the most!!!

Threre a literally millions of white teenagers and young white adults in THIS Country,... The United States of America. And, like I was saying,... there are millions of youthfull, WHITE, pretty faced, pretty boy whites, who are trying to deal with the difficulties of life. Most of them are feeling lonely, insecure, timid, shy, and are just afraid in general. In most cases despite their good looks they can't get a girlfeind. Why??? Because girls don't really go for pretty boy shy (whimmpy) guys they like strong masculine powerful men. This is why its SO EASY for us black guys to fuck your white girlfreinds but, THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH white boy because we wanna fuck YOU too!!! Yes, that's right white boy, we've got big hard black cocks that WANT YOU!!! Not your girlfreind, YOU white boy we're cumming 4 YOU!!!

What no one really understands about the white teenagers or, young white adult male is that these boys are dying inside with their insecurities, and timidness. They're quiet cowards. They can't understand why the can't get girlfriends and, their scared. Scared of the World, Scarred of life in general, Scarred of black people, Scarred they'll never get laid. And, this is where we can help each other out!!! See all these kids really need is an intmate physical/ sexual release!!!

That intmate physical/ sexual release will help them with their lives. They'll live happier, feel better, get more exercise, and live richer fuller lives, but how??? Where??? How can they ALL get this frequent intmate physical/ sexual release??? I'll tell you,... from Black MEN!!! They are weak but, we are STRONG!!!

White boys need to get out and find us, and us Black men need to go out, and find them... as soon as that happens it won't be very long at all before were fucking!!! Its nature, the weaker, smaller, more feminine white boy will sumbit to the Bigger, stronger more masculine black man, and then we'll fuck the shit outta them!!! make them our whores, and everyone wins!!!

White men are the ideal whores to the black man, and they need that passionate DEEP physical SEXUAL intamacy that ONLY we can give them.
The fact is everyone needs sex on one level, or another , but whites can never satisfy their women like we can, there not equiped for it. But, they are well equiped to please us with their milky white flesh, fat asses, and pink cock sucking lips!!!

So YES they will take the female role in sex with us, because compared to us the white male IS ESSENTIALLY a female, so its only right that they assume the submissive feminine sex role when we fuck! Us fucking them is 1,000,000,000 times more satifying to them than what it is when they try to satisfy a white woman, or try themselves to be satified by that act.

It true that, white females could use black cock too as their white males are un-equiped as men to adaquately satisfy their needs but, before we fuck their women we should fuck their men! Because after all if all the white women get pregnant by black men,...then there won't be any new white boys to fuck!!!