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diary entry

2022-08-09 00:00:04

These are diary entries. they are true. they are obscure enough to protect identities. they are not polished stories, nor are they intended to be. they are similar in layout/format. If you like them i will post more.

34 years, first time
1 kid, 15 years old
red hair, freckles on face, tits. green eyes.
180 pounds, 5'9" tall not "fat" or gross, but "thick" nicely proportioned body, little something extra.
wore jeans, tee shirts mostly, rarely a dress, or uniform, lots of thongs, always matched bra, satin
liked to dress as a cop when she came over. she wanted a BF. i wanted an FB.
2 years on and off, never dated, only screwed.
supposedly on birth control, not sure, she said "don't worry about it".

nice tits, easy D cup, not really my taste but OK, liked nipple play. liked being held from behind and tit play. "snuggling".

nice ass, liked attention to it, squeezing, crack play, analingus. not afraid of anal, but not accustomed to it either, had to take it slow. tongue, finger(s), toys. once stretched out she would moan when penis inserted, probably texture/lube issue as toys were bigger than i was. came in her this way more than any other. asshole was an "innie". clean. before we played she would go to BR and wash. bought a nice collection of toys for her ass. eventually figured out KY sucks and bought astroglide, huge difference, doesn't dry out or run off. by the time i figured out the lube issue, we were done. used medium size butt plug, white plastic vibrator, "rip cord" plastic anal bead toy, and a "d" cell maglight. i thought she was gonna freak, so i hid it then with lights low and the games under way, put a condom on it and lubed it up and stuck it in to the switch. she was amused and had no problems with it. ((it was pretty hot, a silver three cell maglight sticking out of your lady's ass, try it.)) it is still a private joke between us. i once asked for a flashlight on a call and she said "NOW, HERE" ? took me a minute to make the joke, but she was on top of it.

didn't like 69, she would be off to side, but not on me. i like 69 and wanted her on me. she was self conscious of her weight, which wasn't bad, but couldn't convince her to sit on my face, as much as i like. love reverse cowgir/69. I'm a big muscular dude and can handle her weight easily, her husband can't.

liked giving oral, endlessly, but no complaints. would stroke me off and watch as i did it. swallowed, would slurp and play with it, lick her fingers clean.

pussy was always shaved, red hair. usually stubble though. usually couldn't shave lips very well, couldn't see them. always clean. smelled/tasted good. loved oral, made her come this way most times.

best time: anal. i deliberately didn't stretch her very much. very fast. one finger to stretch, did use lots of lube though (hand lotion, i packed it in her butt pretty good), was intentional on my part. she was moaning/grunting/sweating, almost crying until she loosened up. i bent her over pretty far to get deeper and hit bottom, kept at it. my cockhead was sore afterward. when i came, she was hands knees, so i pulled her butt cheeks way apart to get in deeper, shot inside and laid on her, still in her ass until soft, kept my weight off her until i moved. ate her out after for what had to be an hour, she came several times. 2nds was a pussy fuck where we talked some, seems this is her favorite.

downside: her weight, not bad, but not my favorite. not wanting to keep going after she found another BF. married to a douche. wanted BF to date in public to piss off hubby, infatuated with cards, gifts etc. i'm not into that. stalker, called herself "crush" in phone messages, cards. never did girl things for me, dishes, cleaning, etc. knew enough not to call at work unless there was a real issue.

other good times; 1.)once slept all night spooned after sex was nice. 2.) always got some, that was whole motivation to be there. when she came by, we'd fuck. 3.) shaved her snatch once, was harder than i thought. got bored stuck the shaver up her pussy and fucked her with it. 4.) once she was on rag, ass fingered her with only pants pulled down, three Ok, four fingers and she was uncomfortable, took her into shower and finished her in there, hard to stand up. slept together in bed, then back in the shower and pussy fucked her hard. she said it helped the cramps. women should be banished to the wilderness for 1 week out of every month. 5.) did her at work, in the hose bed of the pumper. very dusty, she got off on the whole "backdraft" thing, nothing special, straight up pussy fuck, hardest part was getting her to take off her damn pants so i could get to her. we were both filty, but it was OK for me, i was at work, she had to go home dirty/dusty. she liked the "getting caught" risk, i knew nobody would give a shit so i didn't care. later i heard she had a thing for it, i was her first sex on a fire truck.

25 first time, occasionally for the next few years, as needed.
no kids
hair: reddish/dark, brown mostly, curly
pale some freckles on face. hazel eyes

140 pounds, 5'3" soft, big hips and nice ass 36 ?
tits were B's, 32-34 ? smooth nipples, never erect
usually wore uniforms, jeans, girly shirts, occasionally shorts, always simple cotton undies, but with a pretty bra. hippy girl, but clean, strong as hell despite size.

cute tummy, i was attracted to her belly button and she liked attention there. no paunch, soft.

only screwed when in between BFs, never a long term thing, she thought i was immature, but convenient.
big into sweaters, she got cold easy. always was on birth control, should have known she was doing guys left and right. confirms my feeling that when we'd get together i was her third choice. i didn't feel so bad, it was a meat market environment.

nice tits, smallish, liked play but she would get bored.

nice ass, she was self conscious of it. knew i liked it would let me play. analingus once, her first time. uncomfortable with it, self conscious of "cleanliness". always let me rub and fondle as prelude, got me hot. she needed kissing, rubbing pussy through pants or panties to get going. anal once when she was really drunk, too dry, used spit, still too dry, looked in BR and got her vaseline lip balm, used whole tube, her ass smelled like berries. would have been a cute "in" joke, but she never let me have her ass again (wasn't really drunk enough to) fingers only from that point, and not a whole lot. tried for three and she was mad. I'd eat her out and push her legs up to her chest and stick a finger in, she's OK with that, as i stretched her out she knew I wanted her ass, she put her legs down to discourage me. she'd complain if i ate her ass, self conscious again. some butthole hair, due to hairy pussy. no complaints. i'd bite her fleshy cheeks and surprisingly, she was OK with this, i wouldn't leave marks (once or twice) i kissed her cheeks and made them bounce, nice to see, nice texture and feeling. i got used to holding her cheeks as i ate her out.

loved getting oral but had to pass an intimacy threshold (3rd time together), gave it pretty easy, good at it. would give and look you in the eyes and smile, all the tricks. wouldn't always swallow but would play with it if she didn't, rub it into her tits. she had to be in the mood to swallow, but she wasn't afraid of it. good HJ technique too.

hairy pussy, not gross, only trimmed a little, off legs, bikini area, she prefers natural. curtains match drapes. always smelled/tasted good, if she was expecting me or planning something she'd use a nice scented lotion from bed and bath that she knew I liked. she'd use lotion on pubis, into pubic hair for perfume. used nice perfume behind ears, neck, cleavage. would guide my head to where she wanted attn. came hard, grunted panted moaned, not loud, pretty genuine. she'd be flushed and exhausted. thought it was funny that i liked the way her pussy tasted. she'd never been told that before. i would scoop her juices out of her pussy with my fingers and suck them dry while she watched me. she was flattered and said, at a much later date, that it was the most intimate sex act she had ever had. i put my sopping fingers in her mouth and she slowly sucked the juice off. did this several times, she was into it and i think it wasn't her first taste of her (or anyone's) pussy. she was a wild sorority girl in college with lots of stories.

downsides: emotional rollercoaster, i coped by avoiding her in her mood swings. pretty promiscuous at times, wasn't honest with me about all her activities. more mature than I was, wanted older man, she ended up with a guy 10 years older.

goodtimes: 1.) ate her out from behind once, she was wearing a big t shirt and flipflops when i got there. we talked and held each other on the sofa, i wasn't sure if i was getting any or not, she was fighting with her current BF (separated) she went to get something off the floor and i saw she wasn't wearing underwear. she asked if I could "help her" with something so I pounced and held her as she was bent over a large stereo speaker. she play fought and pretended to be annoyed. i spanked her and scolded her, turns out she was very into that, roleplaying thing. swatted her a little then rubbed her butt through her shirt. dipped a finger into her pussy and she was wet, had to look and make sure it wasn't blood. she play swung at me to get me to hold her arms down and continued to play fight. ate her for 15 minutes, new perspective of an upside down pussy, all the landmarks are inverted. got a lot of face time with her butt, right in my face. lots of cheek play with my hands she liked this too. this was only time i pussy fucked her from behind, had to spread her cheeks to get in, i liked the view. awkward, moved her to her sofa arm rest and continued, much more comfortable for both of us. i was already tired and damn near dead when i finished, pretty sure she didn't come, but made a lot of noise. when i was doing good she wouldn't say anything, if i wasn't hitting the right note she'd talk, and encourage me. the whole "come over and talk" thing was a lead up to this. should have said "come over and spank my ass" i would have been there much quicker. i think i could have done the whole BD thing then and there. i found out many years later that she was into light BD and being submissive. opposite of her day-to-day self. very assured and in control, liked to be "punished" and taken charge of. 2.) social visit once, she was lonely and had BF problems. took ride in wilderness to see clouds, sunset, "got caught" in a thunderstorm, she was very much into natural beauty. we played in cab of pick up. first time 69 with her and i was extremely happy, decided that was my favorite position. my head was against the armrest and i couldn't move if i had to, she would buck her ass back into me and i felt like i could climb inside her butt and stay there. wiped our faces off with handy wipes she had in her purse. good planning. afterward, rain stopped, climbed into bed of truck and talked a lot, solved all the worlds problems, then slept the whole night out in desert under a down sleeping bag. woke up freezing to death, she had curled into a fetal ball with her head in my chest. drove into town and had breakfast together. i was almost late for work. first time i had a crush since teenager, thought i could be happy with her. she didn't think that way. kept it as "friends with benefits". 3.) at work, rarely stationed together, both tired and frustrated. wanting release. busy day, visitors and total strangers leaving cards, flowers, food, tearful hugs. awkward but appreciated. had a firm standing rule that we never play at work, get caught, delayed response, violation of dept rules, etc. i knew she wanted me to take her to bed, even just to talk, cuddle. i said good night and she reluctantly made her way to her room. a minute later i was walking by her door on my way to my room and heard her sniffle. i knocked and opened the door, she was sitting on the bed, still dressed and crying. fuck the rules. i walked in, turned off the light and pushed her into bed still clothed. I spooned with her and we reassured each other for several hours. later, as i was nodding off, she nudged me awake. "make me feel better" she said. we kissed and ended up masturbating each other to completion. her with her spit-lubricated hand and me with my right middle finger. nothing strenuous. i could taste her bitter tears in her mouth when i kissed her. . then several hours of blissful sleep and thankfully, no alarms. we were two needy souls, each with the feeling of the world coming to an end. we had gone off duty the morning of 9-11-01, this was on our next tour, 9-13-01.