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Goddess of Retribution & Reformation

2022-09-25 13:09:36

Goddess of Retribution and Reformation

I had been tutoring a Korean young woman named Jung, on a weekly basis, in order to improve her English. The progress was slow and I had just acquired a new teaching job, which paid very well and required long hours, so one day I unceremoniously e-mailed Jung to tell her that I would not be able to work with her anymore. She meekly called me on a few occasions almost literally begging me to continue working with her and each time I was abrupt in informing her that she needed to find another tutor.

One night, however, I received a phone call from her friend Sophia, who was more than a little upset. I tried explaining, “Listen Sophia, I simply can’t tutor…” whereupon she snapped, “No, YOU listen Tom. What you did was appalling and I want you to admit it. Right now.” I was taken aback but stammered “Sophia, listen…” “Tom,” Sophia said slowly, forcefully and carefully, “ I want you to tell me that what you did was appalling. I want to hear those very words come out of your mouth right now. Say them.” My stomach dropped a bit because her imperious tone had had its effect and I meekly said, “My actions were appalling.” “Very good. I think sometimes teachers need a strong reprimand as well, don’t you think so too Tom?” “Yes Sophia.” She continued, “I can tell by the sound of your voice that you are utterly submissive. Also, Jung informed me that sometimes you would broach somewhat risque topics in your tutoring, so I figured you were a total closeted freak. Is that right Tom?” “Yes Sophia,” I replied totally subdued. “You’ll pay for that too,” Sophia assured me.

“Here’s the deal Tom. I am going to have you continue tutoring Jung on Saturday mornings starting this Saturday. Before then, however, you are going to make a formal apology to her in my presence. The purpose of the apology is to expunge any of the lingering feelings of hurt you made my friend feel. Then, Tom, we are going to expunge you of your rudeness and insensitivity. Jung is quite shy so I am going to administer the reprimand for your callous behavior while she witnesses it.” I found myself merely and helplessly replying with “Yes Sophia…” “I am going to tell you, for now, that your apology to her will be sincere and in the great Asian tradition, it will be immensely humiliating for you. Your punishment and purification will be hard to endure. When I am finished, however, you will be brand, uh hm, spanking new.” She then provided me with the address of her apartment in Queens where I should arrive on Thursday night at 7pm.

That Thursday my heart was beating heavily as I rang Sophia’s doorbell. After waiting several seconds, I heard footsteps and the door opened to reveal a stunning Chinese/American woman about 5’7” and perhaps about 135 lbs., her black hair was thick and curvy, down a little past her shoulders. She wore what seemed to be the day’s business attire of a light yellow silk shirt covered with a suitcoat, a tasteful dark blue skirt and black heels. She did not smile. “Thomas? Very nice, you are on time. Come in.” She stepped aside for me to enter and as the door closed she took me by my left arm, right above the elbow, and squeezing slightly informed me that I should accompany her to the living room.

“Tonight Thomas, we are going to have your apology, repentance and rapprochement ceremony. Jung is not here yet because I need to prepare you for your apology to her and your humiliation while she watches. First things first…” She hauled back and viciously slapped me across the face. I was absolutely stunned. “That, Thomas, is just a slight measure of my irritation for the manner in which you treated my friend. You may think highly of yourself and feel that you can be cruel to others, but in my eyes right now you are a fucking, disgusting maggot. It is going to take some effort to humanize you. You may or may not be worth the effort.”

She then walked me over to a mirror. “Look in that mirror maggot. Look directly into your eyes. Tell yourself what you are.” My face flushed deep red. It was a strange, awkward feeling. “I am a fucking and disgusting maggot.” She reached around my body from behind and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down, followed by my underwear. She then tied to bottom halves of my shirt around my waist so that my entire backside was exposed. “Hands on head maggot and wait.”

I heard her heels clicking away toward another room, a slight pause, and then heard her approach back again. I could see in the mirror that she had come back into the room with a long, thin cane. “You fucking and disgusting pig, Jung is going to hear you yelp and hear you beg for me to stop, the way she begged you to help her. Apparently, some people do not develop a sense of compassion until they can begin to actually feel what others might feel. You will learn what it means to beg today. She’s probably going to see you cry too, but this, right now, is for my own personal satisfaction.”

She placed the cane on a table and slowly took off her suit jacket. She had full round breasts and I could see that her nipples were very hard as they protruded through both her bra and the silk shirt she wore. She placed her jacket on the arm of a nearby chair, picked the cane back up and approached me. “You will count each stroke out loud and then say ‘Thank you Sophia for my reformation at your lovely hands.’” I heard the pitiless swish of the cane and then immediately felt the sharp, hot piercing pain spread through the flesh of my behind. My back arched and I sucked in my breath to try to deal with the pain as I said, “One. Thank you Sophia for my reformation at your lovely hands.” I could sense she was aiming at another spot and again I heard the swish followed by very severe pain. “You find Jung to be attractive don’t you.” “Yes Sophia.” Another stroke truly did make me yelp. I could hear Sophia faintly chuckle. “Jung will spit in your face tonight you filthy piece of scum.” There was a moment’s silence and then Sophia unleashed three utterly vicious strokes that almost made me jump into the air.

“Step completely out of your pants and remove your shirt and shoes and socks.” She stood next to me and waited patiently for me to disrobe. She then took me by my arm again and led me, stark naked, to her kitchen where two piles of rice were on the floor in front of sheets of loose leaf paper and some crayons. “Kneel on the rice and you may use the crayons to compose a letter of apology that you will present to Jung. When you meet her for your next tutoring session that will be the first thing you will address - the structure and vocabulary of the essay you write. It must be at least 300 words. You will analyze it Saturday. It had better have some challenging vocabulary.” Sophia left the room.

The rice, of course, began to dig into the flesh around my knees and it was very difficult to write with the crayons. Furthermore, I had no table and was hunched naked on the floor. I persisted at this for about twenty minutes, making some progress on the essay, when Sophia returned. “Stand up and look at the woman who will make you cry and plead for mercy today, the woman who will humiliate you so badly you will be shaken for days if not weeks.” I stood and saw that Sophia had changed into a black leather bustier which accentuated her beautifully round breasts. She had thigh high boots laced up the front and short leather pants. Although I knew I was going to be punished mercilessly and was going to be humiliated beyond measure, I became immediately aroused. She glanced at how my cock had become hard and I discerned a faint and cynical smile on her face. “In China we revere the Goddess of Mercy. Tonight I am your Goddess of Retribution and Reformation. Finish your essay in the next ten minutes.” She then walked out of the kitchen. I resumed my position kneeling on the rice. I was utterly taken by Sophia. She truly had become a Goddess to me, I was putty in her hands and as I knelt there in pain and humiliation I welcomed anything that this beautiful and wise woman might do to me.

After 10 minutes Sophia came back. “Crawl, you disgusting vermin, into the bathroom.” In the bathroom the outfit for my humiliation ceremony waited. A pair of frilly red panties with a hole cut in them through which I would insert my cock (allowing it to dangle for everyone’s view), a thick black collar, a red round clown’s nose and very bizarre looking large plastic clothespins that were shaped in the form of horseheads! I pulled on the panties, placed the red nose on and was told to place the collar on my neck. Sophia then squeezed each nipple and affixed each goofy horsehead clothespin ensuring that each dug into my soft pink nipples. It was as if two horse heads were jutting out from my nipples!

The clothespins immediately began to pinch. “Jump in place buffoon.” As I jumped the clothespins/horseheads ridiculously bounced up and down digging even deeper into my flesh. Sophia involuntarily smiled at the sight. She then handed me a sheet of paper. “You will have this memorized in five minutes. Or, I will administer ten strokes of the cane to one specific part of your ass.” She walked out leaving me to memorize the text.

Five minutes later she had me rehearse the lines. At the end of each sentence I would have to jump up and down. After the entire text I was to lie flat on the ground and allow Jung to literally walk on and over my body to enter the house. I then was led directly in front of the door and told to wait.

After what seemed like 20 minutes of standing in a ridiculous getup the bell rang. “You may open the door Thomas.” My stomach dropped. Upon opening the door Jung saw me and immediately put her hand to her mouth and began laughing until tears literally formed in her eyes. I stood with my eyes suddenly downcast, an intense feeling of mortification permeating every part of my body.

“Jung,” Sophia said from behind me, “So this is the ridiculous creature that offended you. I can assure you that the levity has only just begun. We are just scratching the surface of this ass’ debasement. Do you have something to say to Jung?” I responded that I did and looking straight into Jung’s eyes I recited, “Mistress Jung, before you stands one sorry dickhead.” I jumped up and down and helplessly felt the horse-head clamps giggling up and down along with my flapping cock. Jung’s laughter was uncontrollable. “Due to the kind instruction of Mistress Sophia I have begun to realize my rudeness and callousness toward you.” More jumping as Jung’s face turned red with unrestrained laughter. “However, I know that I will not fully make amends until I am thoroughly humiliated and physically punished in your presence.” Jumping. “Of my own free will and for my own moral advancement I offer myself for this humiliation and punishment.” Jumping. “At this time may I please request that you slap my face for I truly deserve a correcting slap and will be very happy when you deliver it.” Jumping.

At first Jung demurred but Sophia asserted that I desperately wanted a good hard slap. “In fact,” said Sophia, “Here’s how you do it…” She took hold of my chin with her left hand, steadied it and then releasing her left hand swung viciously with her right hand and slapped me brutally across my left side of the face. “Thank you Sophia,” I responded. Jung then stepped in front of me. “Tom,” Jung began, “I can’t believe what a filthy bastard you were to me. I hope this helps change you.” She then hauled back and slapped me in almost the same spot. “Thank you Jung. I agree that I was a bastard and I desperately would like to change.” I then lay on the floor as Jung walked over me to gain entrance into the house.

Sophia then said, “Tom is going to show us how sorry he is by allowing himself to be subjected to a brutal regimen of corporal punishment. He may leave at any time, obviously, but I have a feeling he is going to stay the course. Crawl into the living room you piece of shit.” I meekly obeyed.

In the living room Sophia had me face a wall and placed a spreader bar between my ankles, positioning my legs so that they were spread wide open. She then pushed me forward so that I had to reach up with my hands and stop myself from falling by making contact with the wall. I stood naked and immobile in Sophia’s living room with both young women behind me.

“I hope you appreciate the effort I am making to humanize you, prick.” On a table to my left were a number of implements of punishment from which Jung could choose; she choose a thick and long wooden paddle. Sophia stood behind me so that I could not see her and then lit into my flesh. The spank resounded throughout the room. I immediately gasped, trying to absorb the pain but I also responded as I had been instructed to. “Thank you, Mistress. A prick like me deserves an even harder spank.” “I agree,” Sophia stated before delivering the next tremendous spank which elicited a whimper from me. “He is not so arrogant now is he Jung?” “Not at all Sophia, in fact, he seems quite pathetic.” Third, fourth, fifth and sixth blows came from the paddle in quick succession and I was almost literally screaming; nevertheless, I could hear both Sophia and Jung laughing. At this point, as Sophia had predicted, I began to beg. The women began laughing out loud. “Your turn Jung,” Sophia said, whereupon I felt a somewhat tentative spank follow. “Like this Jung…” There was a pause and then a brutal spank that brought tears to my eyes. I cried out, “Please! Jung! Please! I am so sorry! So very, very sorry please forgive me!” There followed another pause during which Jung administered a very clean and wicked blow that arched my back and brought tears to my eyes. There was no place I could go, I was utterly immobilized and I realized how helpless I was, how at the mercy I was of the women. “Please Please Please Please Please!,” I cried despite myself, “I am deeply deeply sorry…” “I know you are, but you have yet to be fully punished Tom…only a few more…bear this stoicly,” she said deliberately using a vocabulary word I had taught her and laughing after using it. “Jung, I am at your mercy,” I cried, “I know how you felt, how you needed me, please! I’ve learned! I will always be here for you please!” I could hear both women laughing and then Sophia came up to me and said, “So you may just be worth all of this effort, Tom, very good. If you are, then you surely must know that you have more punishment coming?” I paused before saying, with more sincerity than I had ever mustered before, “Yes Ma’am, please punish me further.” The mood became a bit more solemn as Jung spanked me fifteen more times. With each wicked spank across my throbbing ass I cried out,” Thank You, oh Thank You Jung…thank You thank You thank You.”

Sophia ultimately grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away from the wall and undid the spreader bar so that I could face Jung with my red tear-stained face. Jung stood there with an unabashed smile on her face. I had no dignity remaining. She then stepped up to me and spat three times in my face. “That ought to indicate to you, Tom, how much mercy I think you deserve.” Sophia then ordered me to open my mouth. When I did she placed a small bar of soap in it. “Start chewing pig,” she said. Apparently I made some quite amusing facial gestures because they almost fell on the floor laughing. “Now, Tom, stop and repeat after me: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.” As I did little chips of soap escaped my mouth as both young women laughed hysterically. I was then lead to the bathroom where I was allowed to spit out the soap.

Upon returning to the living room I saw five dildoes lined up in ascending order of thickness. In front of each dildo was a card indicating a vowel. “Tom,” Sophia spoke, “You are the consummate teacher. While inserting each dildo up your ass you will articulate the short and long vowel sound of each corresponding dildo. This should help Jung with her fluency. You will articulate the short sound while the dildo goes in and the long sound as it comes out again. ‘A’ is relatively mild but as you get to ‘U’, as you can see, there is some girth. Magnanimous as we are, we are also providing you with some vaseline. Also, I hope you don’t mind my cell phone cam. Show disrespect to Jung again and I’m afraid your students will be seeing you on youtube.”

I took up some vaseline and as the women watched, I greased up my butthole. “My goodness Tom, you seem to know exactly what to do, Sophia quipped.” Indeed, I did. I slipped the first dildo in relatively easily and began cooing: “ahhhhhhhh, eyyyyyyyy…..ahhhhhhh, eeeeeeeey…” I thought they were going to roll on the floor in laughter. By the time I got to “I” it required more of a struggle. “U” was very difficult. It must have been nine inches long and was almost as thick as a small woman’s fist. “Tom. You have done wonderfully,” Sophia suddenly stated in a very compassionate manner. She began to run her fingers through my hair and to caress my arms. “All you need do to prove to us that you are truly sorry and will be a better person is to fuck yourself with this final dildo and make the corresponding vowel sounds. I know you want to show us you’ve changed. Endure the pain of this final challenge for us. Show us you want to be new and good.” I began crying. “Yes Sophia…I promise, I will fuck myself with the final dildo.” Both women were laughing although I was entirely serious. They had totally made a mockery of me.

I placed the huge dildo at the entrance to my ass and paused. They sat staring at me, waiting to see whether I would actually force the huge thing into myself. Looking at them I was overcome by a deep emotion of reverence. They were both so sexual. Sophia was still in her leather outfit and I could see her soft breasts overflowing her bustier. Jung was more conservatively dressed but even her nipples were hard under her shirt. At that time I would have done anything for them and despite myself I sat as hard as I could on the dildo while holding it steady with a hand. For more than a couple seconds it would not penetrate and the pain began building up until I made a supreme thrust downward and I could feel the huge piece of rubber suddenly violate my anus, exploding the area with pain, sliding uncontrollably upward several inches while I tried as hard as I could to articulate the vowel sounds uuuuuuuuuuuh, yuuuuuuuuuuuu…. The women both jumped from where they were and almost began hopping in place while hysterically laughing. “Fuck yourself Tom!” Sophia yelled, “Harder…louder…let’s hear that ‘u’ sound Tom!” As Sophia belly-laughed I could literally see her breasts bounching which was quite arousing despite the immense pain and I began fucking myself, in abject pain, crying “uuuuuuuuuuuh, yuuuuuuuuuuu.” Sophia had the cell phone pointed right at me and even her face had turned red from laughter. I lost myself in this most extreme form of pain and humiliation.

The women were both quite nice afterwards. Sophia even helped me clean up the various dildoes. She then escorted me to the bathroom and provided me with my clothing. I was told to shower and change and that afterwards we were all going to go get a bite to eat where we would discuss Jung’s tutoring. At dinner I calmly explained my lesson plans to Sophia and Jung and they both seemed highly satisfied. I continue tutoring Jung to this day and she is making remarkable progress.