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My Baby Sister's BFF CH 2

2022-09-23 00:07:35

That night completely changed everything between Abby and me. As she had offered when she first gave me a blowjob, she became my secret lover. For obvious reasons, we kept our relationship secret from everyone. It also made it fun sneaking off to be alone to kiss and make love anywhere we could be alone, often in back of my truck. I felt like I was back in high school, trying to find a place in the dark where we would not be bothered.

She would tell Jenny that her mom needed her at home and she would tell her mom that Jenny's older brother would be picking her up, making up some excuse as to why Jenny had to stay at home. On our dates, she would always dress as sexy as fuck. Of course, she would either go pantyless or wear some very sexy underwear with lace on the edges. My favorites were mini-skirts that barely reached below her ass, threatening to expose her sweet bare ass if she dared to bend over. It made me want her even more and would have me with a hard-on from the moment she jumped onto the truck, where she would expose herself to me, until we came to our secret place where I was finally able to fuck and cum in her. We never bothered removing her skirt.

For most of our dates, we would drive outside of town to a secluded part on the outskirts and spend time in the bed of my truck. I would bring an inflatable mattress. She was becoming better at controlling her gag reflex and got better at taking more of my cock down her throat. In return, I would eat out her delicious, sweet-tasting little pussy. There were nights that she would make me cum only with her mouth, with me shooting down her throat several times. In the end, she would always get what she wanted, my cock deep in her cunt as she came.

Other nights, I would fuck her tight little pussy all night long. She loved it all – doggy, cowgirl, missionary, even sixty-nine. There were times that I would fuck her so hard that she would struggle walking up the stairs to her apartment. Her mom would notice and ask her what was wrong. She would come up with some lame excuse. One of my favorites things to do with her was to give her a cum shower.

We would go out and find somewhere secluded during the day. I would lay out some blankets on the floor and start fucking her doggy style. I would pull out a the last minute and she would immediately turn around and lay on her back. She would look up at me with lust in her eyes as I stood over her and start jacking off. Similar to a golden shower, my cum shower would spray all over her lovely naked body with my cum landing on her face, in her mouth, on her tits, tummy and her pussy. I loved it with her looking like a young nasty porn star, holding her tits as close together as possible with my cum all over them.

She loved when I did that. She would tell me that she felt like I was showering her with my love.

Other times, as I was fucking her from behind, I would simply pull out and cum all over her ass and back. She would tell me that it felt like I was marking her as mine, assuring me that her pussy mine and that she would never allow any other dick to fuck her pussy. She would tell me that she loved me and that her pussy was only for me.

I loved having a secret lover that would suck my cock and drop her shorts or lift her skirt on demand. She would suck me at home while Jenny was in the shower or come to my room in the middle of the night on her sleepovers and I would fuck her silly, with her getting back to my sister's room with cum leaking out of her young cunt, telling me she loved having a part of me in her while she slept. There were times she would walk-in completely naked. This girl was becoming a daring nymph and I was the benefactor of her adventurous behavior.

This went on for about a month before we were discovered by Jenny. Better put, we allowed ourselves to be discovered. My parents had not taken a vacation by themselves in a long time that did not involve work. Feeling comfortable that Jenny would not be left home alone with me there, they booked a romantic trip for a whole week to Hawaii to relive their honeymoon.

They flew out on a Saturday that I was also scheduled to work. It was becoming customary for people to call in sick on a Saturday night, with people obviously wanting to get the party started early. I was supposed to get together with some friends after work, so my plan was to race home, shower, and hook up with them around 1 am. I left work around 12 am and headed home, only to find two little naked girl's making out.

I walked in through the front door and right away I could hear the girls giggling down the hall. I quietly made my way over with the intention of scaring them. I quickly realized the noises were coming from my parents bedroom. Since Jenny didn't have a TV in her room, she would often hang out in their room to watch TV. As I got closer, the laughing became more of a moan. I peeked into the room and found both girls topless and in their panties with Jenny on her back with her head tilted back and Abby was busy kissing and sucking on her tits with her hand on her pussy over her panties.

Blood immediately rushed to my dick and it became instantly hard. I was obviously surprised to find them like this. I was enjoying what I was watching regardless that one of the girls was my sister. What guy would not find this arousing. I started studying Jenny's body and noticed she was adorable. Her tits looked great and I was wishing that it was me in Abby's spot. Right about that moment, Jenny looked up and caught me staring at them.

Immediately she pushed Abby away and tried covering herself under the covers, but not doing a real good job with Abby still on the covers, preventing her from pulling them over her tits. Abby looked over at me and did not even bother covering herself.

Looking over at Abby, I said “Nice tits Abby.”

“Thanks. Wanna touch 'em?”

I did not answer her, turning my attention to Jenny. She lowered her head in shame and asked me “Wha, wha, what are you doing here? Mom said you were going to come home late because you were going out.”

“Yes, I am. But, I wanted to first come home and shower........how long has this been going on?”

“Oh my god, Brian. Please don't tell mom...pplleeeeaaase. This is the first time. We've never done this before.”

“How did this all get started?” I asked her with a serious look on my face as I stared at her tits with my dick not feeling very comfortable in my pants. She explained that they were feeling grown up, having one of dad's beers and after two they were feeling buzzed. Abby started explaining to her how great kissing felt. So, after some cajoling from Abby, they started kissing. From there, one thing led to another and before she knew it, they were undressing each other, with me walking in when I did.

After a long pause as I stared at them, I told them not to let me interrupt, with a smile on my face. Jenny right away protested, telling me they were done. Abby ignored her as she made her way over to Jenny and softly started kissing her on the neck. Knowing from first hand how great her soft lips feel, it did not surprise me when Jenny went from sitting up to laying down as they went back to kissing each other. I walked over to the chair in the corner and sat back to enjoy the show.

I can only assume that Jenny didn't care that I was there as she allowed Abby to slip her hand under her panties as she softly rubbed her pussy. Sister or no sister, two young ladies making out and touching each other is fucking hot! Never letting go of her pussy, Abby made her way back down to her tits, paying special attention to both of them as she continued her way down. Jenny was breathing heavily as Abby continued kissing her body as she slowly started pushing her panties down. Jenny was more than willing as she lifted her butt to help Abby. I wondered if she had forgotten I was there, not that I was about to remind her.

When she finally pulled them off, I was seeing my baby sister's pussy for the first time. I could not hold back any longer. She laid there completely nude and she looked amazing. I quickly stood up and dropped my pants and boxers. I sat back down and started stroking my stiff cock, watching my sister and her BFF make love, supposedly for the first time. Jenny was moaning loudly and that had me stroking faster. Abby got her head between her legs and started eating her out, with her sweet little ass pointing straight at me as she wiggled her ass. Was this really her first time eating pussy?

As she ate out Jenny, I could see Abby's hand reaching between her legs. rubbing her own pussy hard over her wet panties. It seemed like the louder Jenny got the harder she rubbed herself. Jenny soon started bucking hard against her face as she came. It was beautiful to see my little sister having an orgasm as someone ate her pussy. She was trembling hard and after she came down, she begged Abby to let her rest.

“Fuck Abby! That felt awesome.” I smiled knowing she had learned that from me.

After a few minutes, Abby went back to eating out her pussy when she looked over her shoulder at me and begged me in a whiney voice “Babe, I need you. Come fuck me, please! Come fuck your pussy.”

I was too fucking horny to think straight with her ass in the air seductively swaying from side to side, with her bald pussy on display between her legs. I did as I was told, as any other guy would've done in my place. I got up on the bed behind her and did not bother removing her panties. There was no time. I moved her panties to the side and slid my cock straight into her drenched tight cunt as I held onto her hips. Every time we fucked, her tight little pussy felt like heaven and that night was no exception. Her tiny cunt was barely able to stretch enough to take in my cock.

As she ate out Jenny I started pounding her hard from behind. Both girls were moaning, loudly expressing their sexual pleasure and I was living my dream of a threesome with two girls. I looked down at Jenny and was enjoying watching her tits slightly bounce up and down as I fucked her best friend. She looked gorgeous laying there completely naked as she enjoyed Abby's mouth on her pussy.

We made eye contact when she finally managed to open her eyes and I started imaging it was her I was fucking and I mouthed the words 'I love you.' She did the same to me right before she started shaking out of control with her second orgasm overwhelming her. I wondered if she too was imagining it was her I was fucking. She aggressively pushed Abby's head away, saying it was too much and her pussy was too sensitive.

While she rested, Abby pulled away and got on her back. She reached down and quickly took off her panties. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide open, giving me plenty of space and once again summoned me, telling me to lick her pussy. It was Abby's turn to be pleasured and I took my job seriously. I did not waste time teasing her pussy, my tongue went straight to her tight little slit and pushed right in. As I started licking and sucking on her pussy, I felt my sister reach out as she gently put her hand on my head. It was hot knowing that she wanted to be a part of this.

After gaining back her energy, Jenny came over and started making out with Abby as I ate her pussy. She moved from her mouth to her neck and kept slowly kissing her way down to her titties. As soon as her mouth landed on one of her tits, Abby came in my mouth. Her whole body exploded with pleasure she had never felt from another girl. Jenny sucked hard on her tits and Abby was trembling out of control. “Oh fuck, oh fuck....oh my god, oh my god” she kept repeating over and over as a brother and sister team gave her the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Other than moaning or Abby telling me to fuck her or to lick her pussy, there wasn't much talking. I was enjoying myself too much and afraid if I said anything the spell would be broken and Jenny would come to her senses. After we allowed Abby to rest for a bit, I gently grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the edge of the bed, where I intended to fuck what was mine. I put her legs on my shoulders (her short legs were more like on my chest leading up to my shoulders) and stuck my cock into her pussy as I watched her labia spread to welcome me in.

The girls were exhausted but my balls were full and needed to be drained. I wanted to enjoy myself and not just fuck her fast and hard to cum quickly. I started pushing my hips slowly back and forth as I started fucking her, looking over at Jenny's naked form as she laid there next to us, both completely comfortable being nude in each others presence. She watched us fuck for a moment before she brought her face closer to Abby's and they went back to kissing. All of a sudden, Jenny got up and straddled Abby's face, lowering her pussy and started grinding it against her mouth, telling her to use her tongue on her kitty, demanding that she make her cum.

What was happening between the three of us would have made a great porn. Brother and sister went from sexually pleasing Abby to abusing her for our own sexual pleasure. I fucked her for my benefit and Jenny was grinding her pussy hard against Abby's face for her own pleasure. I know Abby was loving it just as much. I had been fucking her for a little over a month and she always loved it when I used her like a fuck doll. She love that fact that I was so much bigger than her and could easily move her around to whatever position I wanted.

What Jenny did next made me cum instantly. After riding on Abby's face for awhile, Jenny enjoyed another orgasm as she shook and cried out as Abby's tongue concentrated on her clit. Jenny wanted to return the favor and neared her face to Abby's little cunt as she started flicking her tongue on her clit, all while my cock was in Abby's pussy. My little sister's tongue was less than an inch away from my cock and the moment her I felt her tongue accidentally touch my cock, I pushed hard in to Abby and filled up her cunt with gallons and gallons of cum, so much that even before I removed myself my cum was already leaking out on the sides of my deflating cock.

My sister and I had spent the night in a threesome without ever touching each other until I felt her tongue on my cock. Nothing was ever said of that incident. I wonder if she even realized that she had actually done what she did. We fell asleep with Abby in the middle, with Jenny and me on either side of her. I never met up with my friends that night. In the morning, I woke up with only Abby and me in the bed. Jenny had made her way to her bed in the middle of the night.

I became worried on how she would feel after what had happened the night before. I suppose not worried enough to immediately go to her, there was a beautiful naked girl sleeping next to me that I needed to violate before getting out of bed.

I slowly started making circles around Abby's tits as her nipples started getting stiff. I then slowly dragged my finger across her sexy tight stomach before I started running my finger slowly up and down her tight little slit. She started moaning, telling she was starting to wake up. “Mmmmm, I love waking up next to you.” I realized that it was the first time we had slept the whole night together.

My finger felt her juices flowing out of her pussy and I started finger-fucking her as I told her how much I enjoyed our little fuck party last night. She always loved to hear that she was a good little girl and I wanted to keep my not-so-secret lover happy. My god, whether it was my cock or my finger, her little cunt always felt so tight. Her bald pussy felt great on my fingers, always reminding me that not too long ago, she was a virgin with me having had the pleasure of breaking her cherry.

“We better hurry, my mom is going to pick me up at 11 and it's already 10. I need you to fill me up with your cum so you better hurry.” she said to me with a smile as I quickly got between her legs as she reached down to guide my cock into her wet pussy as I pushed forward.

After Abby left, I took a shower and made my way to the kitchen. I found Jenny finishing up a bowl of cereal. We were a bit quiet at first, things were a bit awkward and neither of us knew exactly what to say. I served myself a bowl of cereal and joined her at the table, finally breaking the silence, I asked if she was okay with what happened last night. She said she was. She then asked “How long have you and Abby been....fu....hooking up?”

I was honest with her. I gave the condensed version, telling her we first made love on the night of the pool party and had been getting together here and there ever since. She connected the dots, remembering that Abby was behaving suspiciously when she caught her leaving the bathroom early that morning. She also asked if that was why Abby had not been around as often lately. I simply nodded my head. She reminded me that she had warned me that she was trouble before we both started laughing, knowing that she had gotten to us both.

“Do you love her? Because she loves you and never stops talking about you. I thought it was just a crush this whole time, but now I know why.”

“I don't know. I know I like being around her. As you already know, she is funny and full of energy.”

Later that evening, I was in bed only wearing my boxers. It was a hot day and I was just hanging out watching TV when Jenny suddenly walked into my room. What was absolutely out of the norm was that she came in dressed exactly how she was last night when I caught her in bed with Abby. She walked in topless and wearing a very sexy pair of panties. My dick quickly started getting hard.

“Uh...did you forget something?” I asked as she gave me a puzzled look while shrugging her shoulders. “Like your blouse?” She explained she was hot and it was not something I hadn't already seen before. She got into bed with me and pressed her beautiful hard tits against me as she hugged me. We stayed quiet like this for awhile and I was actually starting to fall asleep when she asked “Do you like fucking her?”


“You heard me, do you like fucking her?”

“Yes, I do.”

She looked down to the bulge in my boxers and asked me if I was getting hard with all this talk about fucking. I told her it started when she first walked in practically naked and feeling her tits against my body was not helping. She giggled a bit and asked if she could touch it. “What?!?” I asked her, totally surprised with her question. She asked again and then did not wait for an answer. Her hand made its way under my waistband and gently grabbed my dick. It instantly got stiff.

MY BABY SISTER HAS MY COCK IN HER HANDS! That was the red alert that was going through my brain. She moved my boxers down to my thighs as she started stroking my cock. Where she learned how to do that, I don't know. As far as I was concerned, she had never had a boyfriend.

As she stroked me, she looked up at me and said.“You wanna hear something silly? This whole time that she's been flirting with you and calling you babe, I was feeling jealous. I know its dumb, but I wanted you to be hugging me. Then last night when you first started fucking her as she ate me out, I looked up at you and started pretending it was me you were fucking. It was my pussy your cock was in.”

We stared at each for what felt like forever before she brought her face closer to mine and we kissed for the first time. My god she has nice lips, even softer than Abby's. We were kissing for the first time and certainly not like brother and sister. However, there was a familiarity in kissing her. We started kissing hard, with her little tongue deep in my mouth, dueling with my tongue. As our kiss got more and more intense, so did her stroking. I needed to slow things down before I made a mess on her hand.

We continued kissing, my god she had my heart racing at 1000 beats per minute with my cock rock hard in her little hand as she continued stroking. We were both completely naked in bed and I had her in my arms,enjoying her naked flesh on me. Without any prompting from me, she let go of my dick and threw her leg over my body. Her lips felt wonderful, her tits were on my chest with her stiff nipples poking me and her cunt with sparse pubic hairs against my hard cock felt amazing. It was mind-blowing that this sexy naked little girl with her pussy up against my cock was my own sister.

As we kissed, she started rubbing her cunt up and down against my dick, telling me how good it was making her feel, telling me she wanted me to make love to her. She was telling me how much she loved me and that she wanted me to the first man to fuck her. Her words had me going that I could not think straight. I asked her if she was sure, that once we crossed that line, we could not go back. She looked me straight in the face and begged me “Brian, please make love to me.” What was I supposed to do? My baby sister had made her plea.

Same as Abby, I wanted to make her first time extra special. However, it was a different feeling with Jenny than with Abby. Where with Abby I made her first time special hoping she would come back for more, with Jenny it was genuine brotherly love that guided me to making sure she thoroughly and completely enjoyed her first time. I loved her and wanted to make sweet brotherly love to her.

I wrapped my arms around her and turned us around with me now looking down at her, with a look of anticipation on her face. I lowered my head as our lips met once again as I held her arms over her head. My intention was to completely slow down and take my time with everything I did to her. My kisses would be many, as we well as my caresses, licks and strokes. In the end, I wanted her to have no doubt that her brother truly loved her.

Our kissing went from soft and gentle to fast and hard, a demonstration of our desire for each other. I went from kissing her to kissing her neck, needing to constantly remind myself to slow down. I very slowly worked my way down to her her shoulders before making my way to her breasts. Her entire body felt so soft and fresh, the way only a young teenager can feel. I took my time and made love to her breasts with my mouth, with her moans constantly letting me know I was doing something right. As I kissed her breasts and sucked on her little nipples (I sit here with a hard cock just remembering her how her little nipples felt in my mouth), my hands roamed softly all over her smooth delicate body.

My hands would caress down and up her legs, purposely close to her sweet little pussy without actually making contact. I wanted her to feel the arousal of my hands coming close without ever touching her. I would drag my fingers all over her mound without ever touching her slit. When I felt her pushing her hips up, trying to push her pussy up to force my hand to touch her in her special little place, I knew I had her. I started sucking hard on her breasts as I finally started running only one finger up and down hard against her slit, making sure not to miss her clit.

Her orgasm was sudden. “Uh, uh, uh, oh fuck, oh fuck that....feels...so....fucking....good!” she yelled out as she started trembling and her pelvis could not stop humping my finger. She grabbed my head and brought me back up as we started kissing like lovers, with her telling me how much she loved me. After a moment, she reached down and pushed my hand away, telling me it was too sesistive and she could not think straight.

We kissed a bit longer before she was forced to take a break. She was completely out breath, telling me she felt like she had just finished running a marathon. We laid there in bed as I went back caressing her body while we talked. I asked her if last night was really their first time. She told me that although they had hugged each other times at night and Abby had offered, they had never kissed. I asked if she realized that she had touched my cock with her tongue last night, she answered me only with a shy smile and a nod. I told her that it was her tongue that had made me cum.

I was certainly not done with her. Once again I went back to kissing her before I made my way down to her tummy, getting the same reaction from her as I did from Abby. She started giggling as she tried squirming away from me. I quickly moved down to her thighs as she instinctively spread her legs for me. I continued kissing my way down to her inner thighs then continued may way down her smooth delicious legs.

Every time I saw her in a skirt, I had wondered how nice would it be to run my hands up and down her legs and now I had my lips on her legs, enjoying their softness on my mouth. I made my way down to her cute little feet and actually started sucking on her toes. I don't have a foot fetish and I had never done that before, but like I said, this was different. This was my baby sister and I wanted to give her my best.

I made my way back up before I started giving her other leg my love. I started on her thigh before making my way to her inner thigh, very close to her pussy that I was able to smell her sugary aroma. It made it very hard not to redirect my tongue from her leg to her sex. Same as before, I took my way going up and down her leg, also spending time with her toes in my mouth. I actually understood why some people would have a foot fetish. Toes can be very sexy.

On my way back up, my heart started pumping a little harder. I looked up and saw a wonderful sight. Her young pussy was glistening with a few pubic hairs around it, waiting for my tongue to land on it. When I first got there, I took a minute to appreciate it before I lowered my head and ran my tongue from as far down as possible before I ran my tongue up her slit.

The moment my tongue touched her, Jenny gave out a loud “ahhhh” as she exclaimed “Oh, oh Brian” as she squirmed her body on the bed as I continued licking up. The moment I pushed in and flick on her clit with my tongue, her body started shaking out of control. I was giving my sister her first incestuous orgasm with my tongue. This was my mouth on her pussy. I can only imagine that the anticipation of having me, her brother, licking her pussy drove her over the edge.

I pulled away for a bit, letting her calm down before I continued my tongue lashing on her extremely tight slit. I had to push hard into her virgin pussy with my tongue to get to her clit, I was definitely looking forward to the moment I would be allowed to penetrate her for the first time, just imagining how tight she would feel when I entered her hole. I would need to go slow, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt my baby sister.

Her tangy taste was delicious. I took my time, teaching her what to expect from a lover, showing her what good pussy eating felt like. As I licked her pussy and started sucking on her labia, I brought up my hand and started to insert my finger into her for the first time. The moment it went in she arched her back and told me that felt really good, instinctively spreading her legs even wider for me. I continued working on her precious little pussy as I eventually introduced another finger.

She was dripping with excitement that it easily slipped in. The more juices she released, the closer she got to another orgasm. I had been spending plenty of time with Abby to know when a girl is close to cumming. I latched onto her clit and started sucking on it a little harder as I inserted a third finger.

That was it for my baby sister. She grabbed onto the back of my head and pulled me hard against her sex as she started shaking and trembling out of control, screaming out “Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck Brian. That....felt....awesome!”

We looked at each other in a way neither one of us could've ever imagined possible. She was looking down at me with my face between her legs and I was looking up at her from between her legs with her firm tits on either side of her face with a look of bliss on her face.

This was the moment. She was completely drenched and would allow my cock to easily slip in, preventing me from hurting her, so I entered that tight sexy little body for the first time. I slowly made my way up, as I readied myself to be the first man to enter her, to be the first to part her tightly shut slit and make her a woman. I loved my baby sister so much that I wanted to make this as special as possible for her. She could never really be mine, but for tonight her pussy would only be for me.

I was over her and whispered to her, asking her if she was ready to become a woman, ready to give herself to me. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. I reached down and grabbed my cock as I lined it up. I slowly pushed forward and felt her lips starting to spread as I felt her warmth on my cock. She was wet and there was absolutely no friction going in. The entire time her mouth was wide open, with a look a pleasure on her face.

I kept looking at her, wanting to see her reaction the first time she allowed me to give her all of my love. When I arrived at the moment of truth, I told her to take a deep breath, explaining she was going to feel pain as I took her purity. Jenny took a deep breath when I rapidly pushed hard into her, taking what she had gifted me, her virginity. “FUCK!” she screamed, almost blowing out my ear drums.

Momentarily I stopped to give her time to recuperate before I continued penetrating her, continuing to go in until I felt my pelvis touching hers. The entire time we maintained eye contact. Tears rolled down the side of her eyes as she mouthed “I love you Brian” and I told her I loved her too. I continued making love to her, gently going in and out, getting her used to my incestuous dick. Before long, I started going in and out faster and faster with her grunting letting me know she was enjoying herself. I couldn't hold back, I wanted her realize what exactly was happening to her at the very moment.

“Does that feel good Jenny? “

“Oh fuck yeah!”

“Do you like the way your brother is fucking you?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Are you enjoying your brother's dick in your pussy, huh, baby sister?”

“Brian, as long as you fuck me this good, you can fuck me anytime you want!”

We were both so aroused and I was fucking her as if this the last I would be fucking. My balls warned me that I would be cumming very soon. I continued pounding Jenny as I continued talking to her, telling what dirty little sister she was for spreading her legs to allow her own brother to fuck her. We went back to kissing when I felt her pussy contract tightly around my cock when she abruptly screamed out that she was cumming again. She also started begging me to cum in her, telling me she wanted my cum in her.

When we first started, my plan was to pull out when the time came, but with her begging me it became impossible to pull out. I continued pounding her nonstop, telling how good her pussy felt, thanking her for giving me her virginity before I flooded her pussy with my cum.

The moment I stopped to pour my love in her, she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my ass to hold me in place, telling me “Cum in me Brian, cum in me. I wanna know what it feels like the moment I get pregnant.” I was in a fog and the significance of her words did not entirely register in my brain. I stayed in place, filling her up with every spasm I felt before I finally laid down on her and I started kissing her, telling her how much making love to her meant to me. I had never felt so good like I felt at that very moment. As the saying goes, incest is the best.

After rolling over and laying down next to her, I recalled her words and wondered what exactly was she saying. I nervously asked her what she meant about getting pregnant. Fortunately, she explained she'd had her period the prior week and was only caught up in the moment, telling me she was nowhere near ready to have a kid. We kissed and rested for a bit before I felt my dick getting hard again. She looked down and noticed, asking me if I was ready to fuck my slutty sister once more.

Jenny was gone for several days. Her mother and boyfriend were taking a trip to see his parents and wanted to look like a happy family. With our parents not due until next Saturday, Jenny and I fucked our brains out the rest of the week.