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My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 08_(0)

2023-01-21 01:33:20

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 08 - House Sitting – Week 3+ part 2


DAY 20


I woke up to the sun shining through the window and wondered where the hell I was. There was a clock on a table and I saw that it was nearly 12 o’clock. Then I saw Clara, curled up with a sheet over her.

I rolled over to her and started kissing her all over. After a few minutes she woke up and we finished what we started the night before.

We went next door and found Emma riding Lewis’s cock. Dylan was still asleep.

Clara and I looked at Dylan then each other.

“Do you want him?” Clara asked.

“No it’s okay, you have him, I’ll watch.” I said.

Clara move in on Dylan and sucked his cock until he woke up, then she mounted him.

It was fun watching the 4 of them and before I knew it I was masturbating as Dylan watched both Clara and me.

All good things come to an end and the boys decided to go back to their room.

We showered and decided that we were hungry. I still had all my jewellery in/on and decided to leave them where they were.

We also decided that we needed a few quiet hours so we put some clothes on, gathered all my bits and headed for a café on the way to the villa. We knew that we could have some peace and quiet there. Just for a laugh we put the dog collars on as well.

I was wearing only Ryan’s vest, Clara was wearing just a thin micro skirt and thinner, see-through top that came to half way down her stomach; while Emma wore a pleated skirt that didn’t completely cover her butt and a spaghetti strapped thin cotton top showing her pokies.

We found a café and had a late breakfast and coffee. When we got moving again we all felt a little better. We passed the street with the erotic dancing club and Clara saw a sign for it and asked,

“Is that the place that you were talking about, where you got well and truly fucked in front of Ryan?”

“Yeah,” I said, “do you want to go and have a look?” I asked.

We walked down the street and as we got to it I saw Jackie, the woman host come out carrying some posters. She saw us and said,

“Oh Hi Tanya, how are you?”

“Okay thank you, and you?”

“I’m good thank you,” Jackie said, “these 2 must be the other 2 slaves from last night, how are you both?”

“How did you know that?” Emma asked.

“I was in the bar last night watching the fun you were having.” Jackie said with a big grin on her face.

All 3 of us blushed.

“Tanya, do you fancy having a repeat performance sometime, you were amazing the last time,” Jackie woman asked.

“Err no, Ryan isn’t here and I couldn’t do it without him here,” I said.

“Shame, has Tanya told you about her little exhibition?” Jackie said looking at Clara and Emma. “How about you two, do you fancy having a bit of fun? I’m looking for some girls to take part in the show tonight and after last night’s performance I’d say that you 2 were just the sort of girls that I’m looking for. I’ve got a couple of regulars but some new girls would make it so much better.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I said.

“Of course you’re not, you just like having a bit of fun just like the rest of us.” Jackie said. “Girls, how about it, do you want to have some fun?”

“I’m up for it.” Emma said.

“That’s 2 of us.” Clara said, “Come on Tanya, I’m sure that Ryan won’t mind, after all, it was his idea to bring you here last time.”

“Well yes, but I’ll have to talk to him before then.” I said.

“Great, that’s fixed then. Be back here at 10 o’clock. Oh, Tanya, it may be best if you don’t wear that or those.” Jackie said pointing to my pussy then my nipples.

“What shall we wear?” Emma asked.

“Nothing!” Jackie said as she turned to finish changing another poster.

We walked off and Emma said,

“Shit, what have we let ourselves in for?”

I laughed and said,

“I’m not sure, but I’ll guarantee that we’ll enjoy it.”

We had a great afternoon at the villa doing nothing but talk and swim and topping up out all-over tans.

The sun started to go down and we felt a little hungry. After a shower and teasing our girly parts a bit I decided to skype Ryan and bring him up to date; and tell him that I loved him.

Clara and Emma left me alone with him for a while and I told him all about my adventures as a slave and what I had let myself in for at the erotic dancing club. Ryan said that he hoped that I would enjoy myself as much as I had the first time.

We’d started masturbating for each other and I was getting close when Clara and Emma burst in. They were still naked too. They looked at Ryan, made a couple of nice comments about his cock then told him that they’d come to ‘pleasure his girlfriend into going out for a drink with them’.

Ryan asked if he could watch. Emma adjusted the webcam so that it had a good view of the bed and then they pounced on me.

I have to say that being made love to by 2 beautiful women is something that every girl should experience. It was heaven.

When they’d had their way with me we went to the PC and Clara stuck one of her tits right in front of the webcam.

“That’s it sweetie,” she said, “we’re going to hit the town now, next episode tomorrow evening;” and she shutdown the PC

Clara and Emma put on what they wore to the villa (the only clothes that they had there) then got some clothes out for me. They dressed me in the pink see-through scarf for a skirt and my bikini top. Before they let me out of the door they put all 3 barbells and stirrups in, and all 3 chains on my clit stirrup. They really did want things bouncing against my clit.

As we walked down the main drag looking for a café I asked Clara if she could see my chains dangling.

“Of course,” she said, “if I couldn’t I would have taken that scarf off you.”

For once I was glad that I was wearing a see-through ‘skirt’.

We ate and drank, rejected a few hits on us and then took a couple of bottles back to the villa to wait until it was time to go to the club. I started getting nervous and said that I didn’t have anything to wear. Emma laughed and said that Jackie had said that we weren’t to wear anything.

“We can’t go there naked.” I said.

“Why not?” Clara said, “We’ve been round town without any clothes on before, why should this be any different?”

“It’s a night club with selected customers.” I said.

“Jackie DID say that we were to wear nothing.” Clara said.

“She must have been joking. She wouldn’t expect us to arrive there naked; would she?” I said.

“Why not? Let’s do it.” Emma said.

“That’s settled then.” Clara said.

We had another couple of drinks (I needed them if I was going to do what I suspected I might have to), and shortly before 10 o’clock we stripped, removed my jewellery, locked up and set off, all 3 of us totally naked.

On the way we passed a group of young men who came out with a few suggestions as to what they would like to do to us but we just ignored them and kept going.

When we got there Jackie and a bouncer were at the door greeting their customers.

“Actually girls, I was only joking when I said that you were to wear nothing, but now that you are here I’m sure that you’ll fit in quite well. You’ll find a reserved table at the back with your name on it Tanya. Tell the waitress who you are and she’ll get you some free drinks. Not that you have any money on you anyway.”

The bouncer opened the door and we went in.

Clara and Emma stopped dead in their tracks just inside the main room when they saw all the big screen televisions. A video of a girl hanging spread eagle, and having her butt whipped was playing on them all.

“Fucking hell!” Emma said, “I don’t know if I want to be here.”

“Don’t be silly Emma; you know that you love it when I spank your bare butt.” Clara said.

“Yeah, but…..” Emma replied.

“Come on, I need that drink.” I said and grabbed Emma’s hand to pull her to the table.

The naked waitress found us, got us the drinks and we watched the place fill up. No one took and notice of us, probably because they were more interested in what was been shown on the big screens.

When the place was full the lights dimmed and the dancers came onto the stage. They were dressed in the same skimpy outfits as when I was there before. Clara and Emma seemed pleased with the virtually naked male dancers.

After they’d finished their act Jackie came onto the stage. After introducing herself and welcoming everyone she told them that they had a fun packed evening ahead, not only did they have a completely new, one off, show, they had 2 new girls taking part and 1 who had made her debut on that stage only a few days ago.

I blushed and remembered being tied spread eagled on that stage being fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen.

Jackie went on to tell everyone that since it was the London Olympics they were going to have their own Sex Olympics with girls from London being the contestants.

That part was a lie, but what the hell, we didn’t care.

Jackie then said,

“First of all I invite Tanya to come down to the stage.”

I didn’t move, and a few seconds later Jackie said,

“We had the same problem with Tanya the last time she was here. I suppose I’ll have to send someone up to get her again.”

That was the cue for 2 hunks to come running up to us and grab me. They carried me down the same was as they did the last time – one of them either side of me with their nearest arms under my butt and their outside arms holding my legs wide apart. As with the last time they carried me all round the tables letting everyone get a close-up of my pussy.

By the time they stood me down next to Jackie I was bright red with embarrassment and quite wet.

“Hi Tanya.” Jackie said, “I see that you’ve ready for action this week.”

I went even redder and for some stupid reason I shuffled my feet a few inches apart.

“This next bit is for those of you who weren’t here the last time that Tanya entertained us.” Jackie said.

“As you can see, Tanya looks quite young. I’ve seen her passport and written on this piece of paper is her age. If you want to know keep your eyes open, if you don’t want to know then shut them now.”

Jackie waited a couple of seconds then held up the paper with a big 21 written on it. A couple of seconds later she screwed it up and threw it on the floor.

“Right, now that we’ve got that sorted I’d like to welcome one of Tanya’s friends. Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for Clara.”

The 2 hunks ran up to our table and picked Clara up the same way as they had me. A minute later Clara was stood between Jackie and me.

“Welcome Clara, I see that you too have come ready for action. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome Tanya’s other friend Emma.”

That was the cue for the 2 hunks and Emma was also brought down with her legs spread wide. I looked at one of the television screens to see Emma’s torso filling the screen. Where were those cameras, and how many of them were there?

Jackie continued,

“Welcome Emma. What is it with you London girls? Did you leave all your clothes back in England?

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome our last 2 contestants, regular girls Maria and Anna.”

Maria and Anna ran on to the stage wearing skirt, tops and knickers.

“Oh, we can’t have that, Maria, Anna, please go out into the audience and invite someone to take your clothes off.”

Maria and Anna did so and returned completely naked like us 3.

Jackie and the 2 hunks then fitted a radio microphone round each of our necks.

“Right ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin.”

The curtains opened and 5 big objects were covered in sheets.

Event 1


“Our first event of the night is a bike race. The winner will be the girl who completes 3 miles first. Before you get visions of these 5 lovelies racing around Magaluf on bikes, the bikes here are exercise bikes, but with a slight modification.”

I had visions of my bike rides with Ryan and the exercise cycle in the hotel gym.

We were then told to go and stand behind our bikes. On a count of 3 we had to pull the sheets off our bikes. It was then that there were quite a few gasps, (me included) as we saw the exercise bikes. Each one had a dildo sticking up through the saddle. What’s more, when I touched the pedals the dildo moved up. I did a quick rotation of the pedals and saw the dildo do a full cycle of up and down.

“Right contestants, mount you bikes and get ready to start.” Jackie said.

The room went quiet as the 5 of us gingerly got on the bikes and impaled ourselves on the slippery dildos.

Jackie then asked us all if we were ready. When we were she shouted go and we all started pedalling. I started very slowly, not knowing what to expect, but before long I settled into a comfortable position and increased my speed.

I looked over to the other 4 girls and saw that they all were pedalling fast. Emma and Maria both had a pained expression on their faces.

This was nothing like the cycling that I’d done before, but it was good, very good. I could feel my AF rising.

Looking at the controls on the handlebars I saw that I’d got close to 1 mile. I heard Maria scream and looked over, She’d stopped pedalling and was leaning over the handlebars.

Next to stop was Emma. She shouted,

“Of fuck,” and started shaking.

I pedalled on at a steady pace but knew that I was close to cumming.

Anna suddenly stood up on the pedals and Jackie announced that she was disqualified.

That left Clara and I. I looked at Clara; she had a pained expression on her face. She was obviously close to cumming and was fighting it. Jackie came and looked at our controls.

“You’re getting close girls.” Jackie announced.

Getting close, I got there 2 seconds later and started jerking, shaking and shouting,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I stopped pedalling for a few seconds then slowly started again. I still had a few yards to go and I was determined to get there first.

Jackie shouted,

“We have a winner!” and put her arm round Clara; but Clara kept pedalling.

“You can stop now Clara.” Jackie said, but Clara kept going.

About 20 seconds later Clara did stop, just as an orgasm hit her. I could hear Clara’s moans loud and clear, I could also see her pleasured face filling the television screens.

Jackie waited until Clara relaxed and then told us to get off the bikes. She once again announced that Clara was the winner.

Event 2


Jackie announced that the second event was the pole vault. How the hell were we supposed to do that in there; and how could that be called a Sex Olympic sport? I was confused. I got even more confused when Jackie announced that we all had to have our hands cuffed behind our backs.

A girl wearing only a belt sized skirt came onto the stage and cuffed our hands behind our backs. Jackie had us all facing the audience as something was happening on the stage behind us. When Jackie told us to turn round we were confronted by 5 naked men, all lying on the floor with their feet facing the audience. All had erections that were only a couple of inches over their stomachs.

Jackie explained the game to us and the audience.

One at a time we had to go to each man in turn and impale our pussies on the man’s cock. We were to be timed and the girl to impale herself on all 5 the quickest was the winner. If we hadn’t completed the task in 5 minutes we were disqualified.

At first it sounded easy, but when I thought about it I realised that it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Because our hands were cuffed behind our backs we couldn’t use our hands to guide the cock into us and we wouldn’t get any help from the men.

That meant that we would have to lie on the man, either on our backs, or our fronts, and move our hips around until we could get the tip of the cock just inside our holes. Then find a way to push ourselves up so that we could fully impale ourselves.

Anna was selected to go first, and everyone laughed as she kept trying everything that she could think of. It took her 4 minutes to get the first cock full inside her and the laughter changed to cheers.

Her 5 minutes was up just as she managed to get the tip of the second cock in her hole.

Clara was chosen to go second and she had more success. She managed 3 in the 5 minutes. Her technique was to sit on the man’s stomach with her back to the man’s face and her knees bent. Then she lifted her butt and moved her hips about until contact was made. It was then easy to push up enough to fully impale herself.

Emma went third. Her approach was to lay face to face on each man with her knees each side of his hips. She then lifted her hips up and down until the cock tip made contact with her hole. The problem then was that Emma found it very difficult to raise her body to fully impale herself. Emma ran out of time just as she managed to get the second cock inside her.

Maria went next and she got the first cock inside her in seconds, but after that she just lost it and couldn’t get any more before time ran out.

That left me and I decided to use the same method as Clara. For some unknown reason I found it a lot easier than Clara. I found it easy to squat over the man’s stomach then gyrate my hips until I felt his cock at the entrance to my hole. It was then easy to use my legs to pull myself and the cock up then slide down do impale it all the way.

I managed to get 4 of the cocks inside me before my time ran out. I’d won.

Event 3


The third event was a beer bottle race. 5 beer bottles were lined up at the back of the stage. With our hands still cuffed behind our backs we were told that we had to carry our beer bottle to the front of the stage. We were told that we couldn’t use our mouths. That meant that the only way that we could do it was to sit on them, effectively impaling them in our holes, stand up and walking forward.

The belt girl was on hand to stand up any bottles that fell over.

I was certainly quite aroused and wet and I guessed that the others would be as well so it was going to be difficult.

We lined up behind the bottles and when Jackie started the race we lowered ourselves down and the top of the bottles disappeared. I was pleased that Ryan had made me wear the remote vibrator so much because I had to use my pussy muscles to keep it in.

As I stood up with the beer bottle sticking out of my pussy I heard the sound of a bottle dropping on the floor. Someone had had a bad start.

Clara looked like she did that sort of thing every day as she waddled towards the front of the stage not letting her bottle drop out even once. Mine slipped out just once and I came second. The others all kept the belt girl busy.

Clara had now won 2 events.

Event 4


The fourth event gave our pussies a rest. It was a blowjob race. Jackie announced what the event was and asked the men in the audience to stand up if they wanted one of the competitors to give them a blow job. Lots of men did stand up.

Jackie then got the belt girl to remove our handcuffs while she told us that when she gave the word we had to go into the audience, select a man and give him a blowjob. The winner would be the competitor who got back to Jackie first with the man’s cum all over her face.

I looked round the room and saw that most of the men there were quite old. I saw a couple of guys that looked to be in their twenties, so when Jackie said “Go” I ran to the guy that I’d selected. Unfortunately he was quite a way back from the stage, but he was stood beside his table.

As I got close to him I saw the woman that was with him. Shit, I never thought about that, was she happy that her man was about to be given a blowjob by a naked girl that she’d never seen before.

I needn’t have worried. I knelt down and unzipped the man’s trousers and took his cock into my mouth. As I was sucking I felt 2 hands on my hips gently pulling me up. The hands weren’t hurting me and were not aggressive in any way so I kept working on the cock and slowly got to my feet. I was bent at the waist as the hands went to the inside of my legs and pushed my feet apart.

I lost my rhythm a bit as some fingers started playing with my soaking pussy. I started getting finger fucked while I my head was bobbing up and down on this guy’s cock.

I don’t know if this guy had taken Viagra or not, but it took forever to get him to cum. I finally felt his cock harden even more so I backed off him and 2 seconds later my face was dripping in his cum.

As I turned and ran back to the stage I saw Anna and Emma stood next to Jackie with blobs of white cum all over their faces and chest.

Clara was last, and later on she told me that the man that she’d chosen must have taken a double dose of Viagra. Either that or she’d lost her touch. She told me that she needed to find another man to prove that it wasn’t her.

Event 5


This was another oral sex race. While we were in the audience giving the blowjobs, 5 benches had been put on the stage and Jackie asked the audience which women wanted to be eaten by the competitors. When she said that I had a horrible vision of me been lumbered with some 80 year old granny.

Fortunately Jackie selected 5 youngish looking women and they were asked to come on down to the stage. They were then asked to select a competitor and go to a bench and lay down with their feet facing the audience.

When Jackie said “Go” we had to remove the woman’s lower clothing and dive onto their pussies.

Unfortunately I was chosen by a woman wearing trousers and they took ages to get off. Fortunately she wasn’t wearing knickers; and she shaved. When Jackie told us what the event was my other horrible thought was that I’d get lumbered with a woman with a horrible, matted jungle.

I filled my mouth with saliva and got to work licking and chewing her clit. I didn’t think that I was doing too bad as the woman was moaning and moving her hips up and down. I started tasting her juices and pushed my tongue into her hole then went back to her clit.

She started bucking up and down and pulled my face harder into her pussy and I felt a rush of her juices on my face. The woman relaxed and let go of my head.

I stood up and saw that Emma was already stood next to Jackie. I went and stood next to Emma and we watched the others finish off their woman.

When the women went back to their tables only 3 of them got dressed before doing so. The other 2 went back bottomless.

Event 6


This was announced as weight lifting. When Jackie said that, my heart dropped. All the others were much bigger than me. I didn’t stand a chance.

I got a little happier when Jackie uncovered what we had to lift, and explained the competition to us.

On the table were 5 identical dildos and some small wrights. On one end of the dildos was a bulb about 3 inches in diameter and on the other end was a ring for the weights to be attached.

We were each given one of the dildos, told to stand in a line with our feet well apart and inset the dildo into our pussies.

Jackie gave the weights to belt girl and told her to go to each contestant in turn and keep hooking weights on the end of the dildo until it fell out. When they fell out Jackie would count the number of weights that were hooked on.

I was in the middle of the line and watched 3 girls go before me. You should have seen their faces as they strained to keep their dildo in. To be fair, my face must have looked the same when it was my turn. I have never tried to squeeze my pussy muscles as much as I did then.

When my dildo dropped out my pussy I felt as though I’d been fucked for 24 hours non-stop. The thing was, after my go I still stood there with my legs open. What was I thinking of? Even when I realised how I was stood I still stayed like that.

The other 2 girls had their turn then Jackie announced the results. I was truly amazed when Jackie announced that I had won. I guess that all the walking around with a vibrator in my pussy had paid off.

Event 7


Jackie announced that there was only 1 event left, and that 2 of the contestants had won 2 events each. The last event was to be a tie-breaker.

I did a quick check in my mind of the events so far and realised that both Clara and I had won 2 events each. The tie-breaker was between Clara and me.

Jackie then said that the easiest way to describe the final event was to say that it was a test of staying power and pleasure level breaking point.

The curtain behind us opened and there were 5 Sybian machines lined up.

Now I’d seen these machines in action on the internet and often wondered what it would be like, but when I was faced with using one in front of dozens of people I got all nervous and embarrassed.

Jackie explained that the red button on the little box that was on the floor in front of the Sybian machines was the ‘stop’ button. The winner of the contest was the girl who hit their red button last.

We were then told to mount our Sybian and hit the green button when told to do so.

As I impaled myself on the machine I felt a bit of it rest on my clit. It felt good, and that was before I switched it on.

Jackie gave the word and I hit the green button.

“Ooow, arrrgh, ooooh, arrrgh, fuuuuuck, arrrgh.” Wow! That was amazing. I instantly decided that I wanted one of those machines. When I’d got over the initial shock I managed to turn and look at Emma and Clara. Both of them were in heaven.

I relaxed and sank into my own heaven thinking that I could stay there for ever.

After a couple of minutes belt girl came to each of us and adjusted the controls. It turned out that all the machines had been set on low and belt girl had turned them up to full. My AF started going up quicker than I could count and I started cumming.

OMG! I couldn’t stop cumming. ON and on and on it kept going and I kept cumming. I was totally oblivious to everyone watching me and what was going on around me.

In the end it was a case of pass out or hit the red button. I chose the latter and sat there for ages before managing to look around. I was surprised to see Anna and Maria standing next to Jackie and Emma just pushing herself up on to her feet. The only one still cumming was Clara. She kept cumming for about 2 minutes more before she hit her red button; and it took another 2 minutes for her to manage to get to her feet.

The curtains on the stage closed and Jackie announced the results of the Sex Olympics; Emma was third, I was second and Clara was the winner.

The curtains opened again and I saw the medals stand. We were told to go and take our positions for the medals presentation.

Belt girl came out with a tray covered with a cloth. Jackie then presented Emma with her bronze medal; but it wasn’t a conventional medal, it was a bronze coloured dildo with a ribbon attached.

Jackie then presented me with a silver dildo and Clara with a gold dildo while the audience applauded us.

When things went quiet Jackie announced that there would be a 10 minute interval then the winners would get the second part of their prize.

None of us could be bothered to ask Jackie what the second part was and we were very grateful to be taken to a table to sit and have a long drink.

Five minutes later Jackie took us to the changing room round the back and told us to have a very quick shower.

Part 2 of the evening was a bit late starting and 3 naked and slightly refreshed girls were led on to the stage by Jackie. When we stood there I looked down at all our legs and saw that we were all standing with our feet about shoulder width apart. Why had we all done that?

Jackie then announced that the 3 medal winners were about to receive the second part of their prize.

The curtains opened and there were gasps of surprise from the audience. Jackie told us to turn round and I too gasped. There were 3 of the large wooden ‘X’s that I had been strapped to when I had been there with Ryan. Stood at the front of each ‘X’ was a very muscular hunk wearing just a thong that was struggling to conceal what was underneath. I just didn’t think that I could survive another session like the last one I’d had on one of those ‘X’s.

I looked at Clara and Emma. Both had big grins on their faces.

While we were standing there belt girl appeared and strapped the microphones round our necks again.

The 3 hunks walked up to us and led us to the ‘X’s, lifted us on, and strapped us down. I looked up and saw each of our pussies on the big screen televisions.

I’d had a shower 5 minutes ago but my pussy was just as wet as it had been when I came off the Sybian.

Oil was dripped on my body and my hunk massaged me, everywhere except my pussy and nipples. It felt good and I tried to relax but I just couldn’t, probably because I had a good idea of what was to follow.

I wasn’t disappointed either.

A magic wand (that’s what Clara had told me the microphone vibrator thing was called) was lowered and the hulk used it on my nipples.

The anticipation had kept me simmering just at an AF of 9, and shortly after the magic wand touched my very sensitive nipples I started cumming. My body rose up (as much as it could) and I was shaking and jerking. I started getting a bit vocal and I could hear myself begging to be fucked. I could also hear Clara and Emma begging to be fucked over the loudspeaker system.

Once when I opened my eyes for a second I could see all 3 of our pussies on the television screens.

The ‘torture’ got worse as the hulk moved the magic wand to my pussy.

I was screaming my head off. I really did need that big cock inside me.

The hulk was really teasing me. He’d massage my pussy for a minute, then back off and make me wait. He did this over and over. I was so frustrated.

One time when I opened my eyes, when the wand wasn’t touching me, I looked at the big screen and saw my pussy muscles having spasms like they were trying to suck something in. I saw Emma’s pussy doing the same. Another time when I looked I saw my pussy squirt some liquid out.

The hulk moved to my head and teased my face with his massive cock. He ran the end of it all over my face. When I tried to get my mouth over the end of it he backed off. This was a totally different type of cock teasing to what I’d come across before.

He moved back to my pussy and ‘tortured’ me some more with the magic wand. Just as I was thinking that I might pass out I got my wish. That massive cock invaded my body. At first I just sighed with relief then as his cock started to move in and out my orgasm went to another level.

In and out that cock went as my body convulsed and strained against my restraints.

Was that man taking triple doses of Viagra? On and on his pounding went. It was only when my body started to run out of the ability to jerk about that I felt his cock release its load into me.

The cock pulled out of me and I lay there unable to do anything other than breath. After what seemed like hours I looked at the screen and saw that Emma was like me. Clara though, was still being fucked by her hulk. She looked just like I had felt a few minutes earlier. The only difference was that her magnificent breasts were going up and down as her chest took dozens of quick, deep breaths.

Clara got her satisfaction and the screens displayed 3 limp, totally satisfied, naked girl’s bodies, all with cum seeping out of their pussies.

Jackie came back on the stage and said that she hoped that we had enjoyed our prize. None of us answered.

What Jackie did next surprised me, but I was in no position to say or do anything about it. She invited members of the audience to come up onto the stage and inspect us.

People from the audience came up and stood around us. As first I was too knackered to care, but I soon started to get embarrassed. I was covered in sweat, my hair was all matted with sweat, my nipples were rock hard, my pussy was spread wide with juices running and dripping out, and I was strapped down to that big ‘X’. I felt like a slab of meat on the counter in a butcher’s shop.

People started talking about me as if I wasn’t there; then they started touching me. I thought about the butcher’s shop again.

One man felt my nipples and I heard a comment about how hard they were.

Another asked a female stood next to him if her hole stayed so open after she’d been fucked.

Some fingers spread my labia and said,

“Look, she’s had her hood pierced.”

I was trying to ignore all this by looking at the television screens. I watched as men and women prodded Clara and Emma’s solid breasts. I guessed that some of the women were jealous.

Eventually, Jackie asked the audience to return to their seats and belt girl came and released us. We all had red marks all round our wrists and ankles.

Belt girl led us back to the changing room where we all had another shower.

We were just sat there, still totally naked, when Jackie came in along with a middle-aged man that I’d never seen before. Jackie asked us if we were okay, thanked us for all our help then asked us if we had enjoyed ourselves. We just grinned.

Jackie then introduced the man as Clive. He told us that he’d really enjoyed the show then asked us if we’d be interested in some more fun.

Clive continued to tell us that he was making a film and that he was looking for some extras for a couple of days. Clara asked what the film was about.

“It’s about life in a college for young ladies and gentlemen where the ladies must be totally naked all the time but the men are fully clothed all the time.”

Clara asked if the college was called ‘Blanke Schande College’.

Clive laughed then continued,

“No, but my film is sort of based on it but with lots more sex and punishment.”

Clara sat up straight and looked quite interested.

“It’s extras that I’m looking for,” Clive said, “but there will be quite a bit of sex involved for the extras, and I have a scene in mind that will be so much better if you; Tanya isn’t it, will be in it.”

I looked up, wondering what he was on about, but before I could ask, Emma asked Clive when it was. Clive told us that he needed us for 24 hours starting at lunch time later that day.

“That’ll fit in with you won’t it Tanya?” Clara asked.

“Yes, but….” I replied, but Clara cut me off by asking,

“What time, where, and what do we need with us?”

“12 o’clock, shall we say outside this club, and you don’t need anything with you, we’ll provide all the clothes, food and drink.” Clive said.

Clara told Clive that we’d be there and Clive left.

“I need some sleep.” Emma said.

We got up and walked to the exit with Jackie. When we got to the door Jackie again thanked us. Clara turned to Jackie and thanked her saying that she had made one of her fantasies come true, and introduced her to someone who was about to make another of her fantasies come true.

We quietly walked back to the villa. It was around 3 o’clock in the morning and we saw no one.

DAY 21


I woke up and saw that it was 10:30. I felt a lot better, but my pussy was a little sore.

Clara was in the shower, but Emma was still asleep. I woke her.

While Emma and I had a shower Clara went to get a baguette for breakfast. When she got back I asked her if she’d gone dressed like that. She said that she had, and that a man had served her.

Clara was wearing just her see-through top that stopped half way down her stomach leaving both her butt and newly shaved pussy exposed.

While we were eating we talked about the previous night and what we were about to do. We were all happy about everything, but a little nervous about what we were about to get in to. One urgent question was what we should wear to go to meet Clive.

Clara’s answer was ‘nothing’, on the basis that Clive had said that we didn’t need anything with us.

Both Emma and I weren’t sure, but in the end Clara got her way.

Before we set off I skyped Ryan at work and gave him a quick update, promising to give him the full details the following night. Ryan wasn’t too happy but it wasn’t because of what I had been up to, or what I was about to do; it was because we weren’t having much time together, even on skype.

I promised that I’d make it up to him when I got back home.

We all walked out of the villa and down the street, totally naked – again. This time it was mid-day with more chance of people seeing us.

People did see us, even a police car that drove passed; but we got to the club without incident.

We’d been sat on the little wall outside the club for about 15 minutes when a minibus pulled up and Clive got out.

“Do you girls ever wear any clothes?” he asked.

“I thought that you said that you’d provide everything?” Emma said.

“And I will, when we get to where we’re going.”

“Whatever!” Emma said as we got in to the minibus.

There were 4 other girls and 3 guys in there. All were wearing clothes. I got embarrassed.

As the minibus drove out of Magaluf we got talking to the others and discovered that they too were going to be extras; and they too didn’t know more other than that sex was involved.

I looked at the guys,

“Not bad,” I thought, “getting fucked by them could be quite nice.”

Clara was obviously thinking the same, her nipples were rock hard and she was sitting with her knees apart.

The journey took about an hour and we arrived at a big villa just outside a little village up in the hills. Someone had a lot of money.

We went in and Clive told us to get some food and gather at one end of the pool. There were 12 girls and 8 guys there

When we were all there he told us that the film was a documentary to promote the college and that he was going to shoot a number of scenes that on face value would mean nothing to us. Shooting would go on until the sun went down, and start again as soon it came up again. Some of the shooting would be at the villa, some in an unused school just down the road, and some in the village.

He told us that there would always be food and soft drinks where we’d already got some and that no one was to drink any alcohol. If we weren’t needed for a shoot we were to hang around the pool and not to go wandering around the place. Girls were to stay totally naked all the time and the guys were to wear speedos round the pool. When clothes were needed they would be provided.

The girls that still had clothes on and the guys were told to follow him to wardrobe. A few minutes later naked girls and guys in speedos re-appeared and spread out around the pool.

Scene 1


Clive appeared and told all the girls to follow him. He led us to the old school and into one of the classrooms that had been cleaned-up. It still had about a dozen desks (with books on them) there, all facing a blackboard. There was a man dressed in an academic robe standing at the front.

We were told to sit at a desk and look like we were interested in the lecture. One girl who had sat on the front row was told go and sit at the back and what I presume was one of the female stars (totally naked) of the film came in and sat in the now vacant seat.

The fake lecture started and the camera scanned round the room. It then focused on the star, who was messing about and opening her legs to tease the lecturer. This went on for a couple of minutes then the star was told to stand up and bend over her desk.

She then had her butt caned until there were red marks all over it.

‘Cut’ was shouted and we were all told to go back to the pool.

Scene 2


Clara and 4 of the guys were selected and they disappeared.

When she got back she told us that she’d been and had a shower. Emma and I both looked confused until Clara explained that there was an open shower in one of the rooms and that she was told to take a shower while the 4 guys, dressed in trousers, shirts and ties, and carrying school books were told to walk passed her as if they were going to another lecture.

Scene 3


Emma, 3 other girls and 5 guys were selected and disappeared. Emma later told us that the guys got dressed as college students while the girls were taken to the old school where a large room that had been rigged up as a big bathroom. There were showers, a bath, sinks and a toilet, all along one wall. No partitions anywhere.

One girl was sent to sit on the toilet and told to pretend to be having a shit.

Another was told to take a shower.

Another was told to wash her hair in one of the sinks

The last girl was told to stand next to the bath with one foot on the side of the bath and to insert a tampon when the cameras rolled.

The guys were told to walk passed and quickly look at all the girls.

While that was going on Clara and I were in the pool swimming and talking about the previous night. I told her about my butcher’s shop feelings and she laughed. She told me that she’d loved it when the men and women were prodding her tits. She said that it made her feel good and proud of her sold tits.

I told her that she should be proud of them, that they were perfect.

Clara kissed me full on the mouth, a long one.

Scene 4


The old school still had what was left of a kitchen and lunch room. We all had to take some food with us and sit round tables in mixed groups eating our ‘meal’ while the camera rolled.

Scene 5


This one was more fun. We were told to split into male and female pairs and spread round and in the pool. The girls that weren’t lucky enough to get a guy were to get together in pairs.

Clara was quick off the mark and got a cute guy. Both Emma and I weren’t as quick and ended up together.

We were then told to have sex with our partners and that it could be real or simulate; but if it was simulated then it must be good.

From what I could see, it was all real.

Emma and I did a 69 on one of the sun loungers.

A male and a female star came out and had sex in the shallow end of the pool.

Scene 6


Clive came to the pool and told me to go with him. He explained that he wanted me to do a scene that was about how the college got some of its new students. We went to the wardrobe room and I was given a school dress to wear. It was quite short on me, only just below my pussy.

Clive, me and a cameraman went down to the village in a van. It was getting towards sundown but Clive said that we had enough time to do the scene before it got dark.

I was then told to slowly wander round the village looking lost. I also had to play with the hem of my dress and whenever I got near anyone I was to lift my dress enough for the locals to see my pussy.

Blood hell, he was telling me to expose my pussy to complete stranger, some of them were bound to be old and miserable.

I got out of the van and started slowly walking. The village wasn’t that big and as I walked towards a shop an old man came out and walked towards me.

“This is it.” I thought and pulled the front of my dress up to my waist. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cameraman filming me and the man.

The poor man just looked and kept walking.

Just along the street was the village bar with tables outside. What’s more, most of the seats were occupied with old men. As I got close I pulled my dress up. This time the locals weren’t so quiet. Some of them were talking at me, but it was Spanish and way too fast for me to understand. I just kept slowly walking, not letting my dress drop until I was round a corner.

Shortly after I got round the corner the van that we’d come down to the village in screeched to a halt beside me. The side door opened, a man jumped out, grabbed me and pulled me into the van. As soon as I was the van sped off. I was quickly told to take my dress off and it was thrown out of the van.

A hundred yards down the road the van stopped and slowly backed up to get the cameraman.

Back at the school I was taken to what had been the headmaster’s room and was filmed with the ‘headmaster’ welcoming me to the school and telling me that I would be there for a few years and that he was sure that I would quickly get to like it.

‘Cut’ was said and I was told that I could go back to the villa. I walked back there alone think that the place was really quite nice. If things had been different I would have liked to live there.

Back at the villa it was getting dark, but all the extras were still by the pool.

As I was telling Clara and Emma what I had been up to, Clive came and told us that we weren’t needed until the next morning. He told us where beds had been laid out for us and he told us not to make much noise as he still had some filming to do.

We got taking to some of the others, messed about in the pool and ate some more. All the girls stayed naked while the guys kept their speedos on. At times some of the speedos did bulge nicely.

About 10 o’clock some people drifted away from the pool and went to bed. It wasn’t long before we went to bed. The beds were just mattresses on the floor with a couple of blankets. The 3 of us pulled 2 mattresses together and cuddled up together. We had some sleep to catch up on.

DAY 22


It was still dark when we were woken up. We were told that we could go to the toilet but not have a shower.

Scene 7


We were all given a pair of trainers and the guys were given some running shorts and T-shirts

As the sun came up we were taken out onto the road and told to slowly jog behind one of the female stars.

Off we went through the village. We only saw one local and he just stopped and stared. We also had to stop and stand at the side of the road as a bus drove passed. I have no idea how many people were on that bus, or if they saw us.

As we jogged along I looked round at all the girls. A couple of them were having real problems with their breasts bouncing up and down. Emma’s were wobbling a bit, but Clara’s weren’t moving at all, not even a millimetre.

Just outside the village we turned off the road onto a track. A few hundred yards up that track we came to an open area where we stopped.

We then had to line-up and do a variety of physical exercises. Of course the camera focussed on the girl’s pussies and tits.

After that Clive told us to stay close, and start making out with someone of our own choice. One of the guys grabbed me and started kissing me then groping me. I tried to not think about Ryan as the guy started finger fucking me. I looked round and saw Emma riding another one of the guys. I couldn’t see Clara.

Thankfully Clive shouted for the action to stop and the fingers left my pussy.

The scene was over and we walked back to the villa. Emma had a smile on her face, so did Clara. I was feeling a little guilty.

We had some breakfast and went and sat by the pool.

Scene 8


This was about how the college punished their students when they’d done wrong. Clive came and got me and 2 other girls. We were taken down to the old school and to the headmaster’s office.

The camera started rolling with us 3 girls stood at the back of the room. The ‘headmaster’ called me over and gave me a lecture about not sticking to the rules. He told me that as it was my first time that he’d had to punish me and that I’d only get 2 strokes of the cane.

My eyes went wide open. No one said anything about getting caned. Shit, was this going to hurt.

I was told to step forward and bend over the desk. The ‘headmaster’ went to a cupboard and brought out this thin cane. As he walked over to me he flicked the cane in the air. It made a horrible ‘wooosh’ noise.

I did get scared. The crazy thing was that I felt myself get wet as well. What was that all about? I was about to get my butt caned and I was getting aroused. My body is so mixed up.

The ‘headmaster’ stood behind me and brought the cane down on my butt. I jumped and stood up holding my butt. It had hurt. I was told to get back down and stroke 2 hit me.

Again I jumped up and grabbed my butt.

I was then told to go and stand next to the other 2 girls with my hands behind my head.

The other 2 girls were called forward and given a lecture and told that because they had been brought to him way too often their punishment would be more severe.

I was thinking that my ‘punishment’ was severe enough; my butt hurt like hell.

The 2 girls were then told to clear the ‘headmaster’s’ desk and lay back on it. Their legs were over the front edge making their bald pubes stick up. The ‘headmaster’ then eased their legs wide apart with the cane as the camera zoomed in on their spread pussies.

“How is he going to cane them with them like that?” I thought.

My answer came quite quickly. The ‘headmaster’ then told them to raise their legs right up so that they could hold their legs with their hands. He wasn’t satisfied that their legs were pulled back enough so he went round to the other side of the table and pulled their ankles right down to the table and as wide apart as they’d go.

“Hold them there.” He ordered.

Wow, I could see everything; so could the camera. It reminded me of the art college modelling that I’d done; but at least I hadn’t been about to be caned.

The ‘headmaster’ came round to the front of the desk and looked down at the lewdly displayed girls.

“That’s better.” He said, and within a second he had brought the cane down hard on both their butts. The thing was, neither girl even flinched.

“No, this isn’t enough; I’m going to set an example to the rest of the college and we’re going to finish this in a more public place. Get up and come with me; you too.” The ‘headmaster’ said looking at me.


We were then told to go back to the pool but to wait at the end near the villa.

As we walked back I asked the 2 girls if they were okay.

“Oh yes,” one said, “we knew that was coming and we’re looking forward to the next bit, that’s why we’re here; we’re both into pain.”

“Rather you than me.” I said.

Back at the swimming pool a table was brought out and the 2 girls were told to get into the position that they were in on the headmaster’s desk. I was told to stand next to the table with my hands behind my head. All the other girls and guys were told to gather round and watch. Why did I stand with my feet apart?

I could see one or two pairs of speedos getting a little uncomfortable to the wearers.

The ‘headmaster’ made a little speech about discipline and then turned to the 2 girls. Their butts were still lewdly exposed. Alternatively, each butt got 20 strokes of the cane. Neither girl cried out, but their faces did have quite a few expressions on them. They seemed to go from pain to indifference to pleasure. At stroke 15 I saw one of the girls start to have an orgasm.

Wow. That was an amazing site.

When the 20 stokes were over the headmaster told the 2 girls to stay where they were. He walked round to their heads and stood right up to one of the girl’s head. I was half expecting him to get his cock out and make her give him a blowjob, but he didn’t. Instead he brought the cane down hard along the length of her pussy.

I jumped a bit in shock at what I’d just seen. So did most of the other girls there, although Clara didn’t. She just stood there with a grin on her face.

The cane came down on the girl’s pussy again and she too started to cum. Two more strokes and the girl was having trouble keeping still.

The ‘headmaster’ stopped and watched, along with everyone else, as the girl moaned and jerked. Everyone could see her pussy spasms.

When the girl stopped moving the ‘headmaster’ gave her one more stroke then moved on to the other girl. I guess that the anticipation had been building in her because she started cumming after the first stroke; but the ‘headmaster’ didn’t stop. He went straight on and gave her 4 more strokes.

The orgasms got stronger and stronger and at one point she squirted; but the liquid was yellow so I presume that she lost control and pissed