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My Story Ch. 03

2022-08-05 00:00:05

I woke early the next morning to the sound of the shower running and in my sleepy state, could make out the steam drifting under the door. I was unsure of the time but it still seemed dark outside. I remembered some of the details from the night before and the naughty fun O and I had. I had to be careful, I was really starting to fall for this hot, hunky black man. I had a fleeting, delicious thought of getting up and joining him in the shower but I was way too comfortable in bed and way to worn out from last nights antics to move just yet. I felt happy and content, and completely satisfied. I let a smile spread across my face and drifted off back to sleep.

I'm not sure how long I slept but when i woke again, the sunlight was coming in through a gap in the curtains. I again recapped the night before over in my mind and remembered how O had taken me, and I had willingly let him.

I had worn some very naughty bottomless panties for him that had made me feel extra slutty. They were ones he'd picked out himself and from all the attention he paid to my tight ass, I'm guessing he approved.

He had introduced me to that magical little blue bottle of poppers and they had given me such a rush and seemed to make me want him even more than usual, if that is possible. They helped lower my inhibitions and in turn made me take that extra step in pleasuring my hunky black man. I remembered how he spooned me and fucked me bareback and filled me with his hot cum. This was a first for me and I put it down to the poppers making me act so slutty for him. I could still feel the wetness in my ass crack and it made me want more.

I rolled over, but O had gone. I had expected him to leave in the night but I had hoped he'd stay. It made me regret not getting myself out of bed when I heard the shower running. I should have went and joined him. I should have been washing his broad back and shoulders, running my hands over his taught, muscular chest and torso, and soaping up and wanking that delicious, huge, black cock. Especially after we had been so dirty the night before.

I started to imagine what we could have been doing in the shower and I could feel my cock begin to stir. I was horny all over again. I rolled onto his side of the bed and I could smell his musky, manly scent that always drove me wild.

I dragged myself out of bed. Still worn out and aching from the marathon session the night before. I headed to the shower and saw my panties on the floor and poppers still sat on the bed stand. I thought I'd have a shower and then get comfortable and have some more fun on my own reminiscing about the night before.

After my shower, I dried off and picked the laptop up off the desk. Opening it, I thought I'd find some hot interracial porn to watch and get myself off. A favourite of mine is a hot black male actor, Davin King and a stunning, sexy brunette, Adriana Chechik. Her partner is out of town and Adriana is meeting Davin in a hotel room for some naughty fun. I thought it was the perfect scenario to fit my own current situation.

I always like the storyline so I got comfy on the bed and started chubbing up my own cock as I watched this hot brunette prepare herself for the hot black man in the next room. I reached for the poppers and these just added another dimension to my playing. I thought they just maybe worked when I was in O's company but I took a big hit this morning and immediately got horny as hell when the high washed over me.

In the porn scene, Adriana was getting herself ready in the bathroom and slipping her hot, tight body into some sexy black lingerie. The lingerie that she'd bought especially for that night with her hot black lover. It was exactly what I had done the night before.

I reached for my panties that I'd worn just hours earlier for O, and I slipped them on while I continued to watch this sexy scene play out. I could feel they were still damp against my balls and ass, as I thought about how I had straddled O in the chair the night before and had been grinding down onto him and teasing him before I let him inside me. Fuck I was horny.

I took another hit of poppers and was now lay back with my legs spread, my head propped up by the pillows so I could watch this hot interracial porn. I rubbed my now hard cock. The porn was hot. Adriana was kneeling on the couch next to Davin and lowering her mouth to his huge thick cock. It looked so good. Once she'd gotten it all wet and slippery, it looked so delicious and juicy and it had the same effect as always, my mouth felt funny and I really needed a hard black cock in my mouth, forcing its way passed my lips and pushing deep into my throat.

I wanted to take my time and was hitting the poppers whilst stroking my hard cock, loving the scene that was developing on screen. It felt amazing and I felt like I could do this all day. Watching this hot interracial porn and reminiscing about last night and my sexy man, O.

I was thoroughly into it. Getting lost in the scene and getting more horny, stroking my cock faster, moaning as I got more into it.

I heard what I thought was a keycard being used on the door to my room. Then, all of a sudden, the door opened. I was shocked and quickly tried to cover myself up and attempt to mute the laptop, thinking the cleaners had come early.

O walked around the corner holding 2 coffees.

"Morning stud." he said.

He looked around the room and could see he'd caught me in this compromising position.

"I thought you'd left." I said.

O spoke in his deep voice, still assessing the situation. "I just went for my daily workout. I was always going to come back. I've brought coffee. Did you start without me?"

I smirked and bit my bottom lip, a little embarrassed that he'd caught me playing but I couldn't be more happy that he was back.

O set the coffee cups down on the desk. He turned back toward the bed, his hand on his bulge. He reached down and gripped the duvet and started pulling it slowly. As he slowly pulled at the duvet, his eyes never leaving mine, it moved down my body revealing my chest, then the bottle of poppers next to me on the bed. He kept pulling and the duvet slipped down passed my groin an down my legs. I still had my hand on my hard cock, them damp panties tight against my balls as I still had my legs spread.

O let out an approving grunt and although I was a little embarrassed, I was also incredibly horny and hungry for him. I continued to rub my cock and my balls and just underneath them through my panties. O pulled his t-shirt over his head, uncovering that chiseled chest and hard abs. Fuck he was sexy. He dropped his shorts and his flaccid cock sprung free. I wanted to feel that cock grow in my mouth. I wanted to take him in my mouth soft and feel him get harder and thicker until the full power of that magnificent black cock was back to full size.

He crawled between my legs, and continued up my body. He straddled my chest and with my head propped up on the pillows, it gave me the perfect angle to take his cock into my mouth. O hit play on the porn and angled it so I could watch.

"Show me what you've learned from this nasty girl." he said, referring to the hot brunette devouring that big black cock in the porn scene.

I sucked him in deep and held his firm ass cheeks, pulling him towards me so I can take him deeper in my throat. O retrieved the poppers and held them to my nose. He must've known the effect they'd have on me. I sniffed at that little blue bottle while he held one nostril closed, then the same with the other. I felt good. I exhaled with a moan and sucked that beautiful black cock harder. O hit the poppers too and began thrusting into my mouth, making me gag a little and gasp for breath.

When he was fully hard he pulled out his cock and slapped it onto my tongue. I still tried to catch it in my hungry mouth. It was heavy and actually felt like it could do some damage if he slapped me with it any harder.

He knelt up and rolled me onto my front, I didn't put up the slightest resistance. My panty covered ass on full display for him.

O positioned himself behind me and I felt his big, strong hands grabbing at my ass as he started kneading it. He paid lots of loving attention to my ass, massaging and caressing me. I felt his thumbs find their way between my ass cheeks and he spread them apart, letting his thumbs rub across my puckered hole. I felt O shift his weight behind me and pull my hips up so I was on all fours for him. He passed me the poppers and told me to keep myself high on them. I then felt his hot breath on my exposed ass. His lips and tongue found my hole and he started to kiss and tease me.

This was a first for me and it felt incredible. I took hit after hit on them poppers and kept that warm rush running through my body as O devoured my hungry hole. I could tell that this was something he was really into. I was treated to his warm wet tongue gliding up over me. If I wasn't horny and desperate for his huge cock before, I was practically panting and begging for it now. I pushed back against him, bucking and twerking against him. Letting him know I wanted it.

He repositioned and knelt behind me, i was backing up and rubbing myself on his shaft. Feeling the heat and the power of his enormous cock slip and slide up and down my slick ass crack. O squirted lube onto my ass and slapped his cock against me to spread it around. He nudged that thick head at my hole, it was trying to force its way inside me. He gripped his cock and held it in place whilst leaning in to nuzzle my neck and suck on my ear lobe, whispering to me how tight my ass felt as he poked and prodded at me. My hole ached for him and wanted stretching out.

I steadied my breathing and focused on relaxing. I hit the poppers once more and passed the bottle behind me to O who inhaled deeply. There was no stopping him now. His cock head slipped inside me and I was so horny that my body would not stop shaking. Like a million little electric shocks passing through me. I slowly relaxed and was able to accept more of his cock inside me.

O was gentle, not wanting to hurt me. Another two inches slipped into me and stretched me wider. He asked me if I liked his cock.

I could only reply with a muffled groan but managed to whisper, "yes."

O responded by shoving the rest of his mammoth cock into me until his balls pressed against my tender cheeks. I thought it might split me in two but the poppers and previous evening's fun had prepared me well. Every stroke of his long cock brought shivers and tingles and I was trying to think of a reason for these feelings.

The intense pleasure I was feeling led me to admitting at that moment that I was gay for this black cock. Nothing else could explain the feelings I was experiencing. I was in love with this hot black man and I didn't want this to ever end.

I moaned for him to fuck me harder and he did just that. He gave me long deep strokes making me let out deep groans as he filled me every time. He would pull nearly all the way out so just his cock head remained in me. He'd hold it there and wait for me to beg for him to push it back inside me.

He began fucking me so hard that I was forced down onto the bed with him on my back. He wrapped his arm around my throat and continued abusing my hot, hungry hole. Every bit of him was inside me and I had never been happier. I was moaning louder now whilst his cock hit everything. He gave me harder, downward thrusts and I knew he was close. I grunted loudly into my ear, whispering how tight my ass was, so I tensed my muscles harder to grip his hard cock. He reared up and cried out and then exploded into me, showering my insides. I kept milking his cock and it seemed like his orgasm would never end.

We lay there still, catching our breath. He was big and heavy on my back and there was nowhere I'd rather be than underneath his magnificent body with his beautiful black cock buried deep inside my ravenous, hungry ass.

He got up and led me to the shower, he had to steady me as I felt a little unstable on my feet. In the shower, I soaped my hands up and worked my hands on his big cock. I stroked it and wanked it. I was mesmerised by the beauty of it as the water made it look shiny and juicy. I gripped it tight and pulled my hand up and down the thick shaft and over the head. Soon his breathing became ragged and he warned me that he was going to cum.

I continued stroking him and as he inhaled deep, I sank my mouth down onto his delicious, shiny cock head. I wanted to taste him so bad. O's hand rested on the back of my head as he pumped his thick cum into my mouth. It did not disappoint. I savoured it, tasting his manliness and the power of his huge cock. I gulped it down, not wanting to waste any. I sucked every drop from his cock until he stopped shaking. I was so glad to please him and he commented on how good I can suck cock. His was the only cock I ever wanted. I was in love and looking forward to when I could next see him again.