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Reluctant Top revised

2022-09-02 00:00:04

Reluctant Top

I was asked to help move a boat to a town about 18hrs sail away. I loved sailing so I readily agreed. I was only 20 and very fit and tanned from many outings on boats.

My mate George and I enjoyed a great day's sailing and as the sun was heading for the horizon decided to overnight at a small county port. We anchored out in the harbour to avoid paying any jetty fees and once dinner was done we started making up the beds. Unfortunately the starboard bunk was soaked from a leak and anyone sleeping there would have a tough night.

We decided to share the double bunk as it was dry. Neither of us had brought PJs and were down to our boxers for sleeping. George setup the double blanket on the bottom of the bunk and setup both sleeping bags on top then got into the bunk. I turned off the lights and slipped into the other side.

It was cold and the boat was moving enough that both our bodies were moving too. The double bunk was very small so occasionally George would brush against me. I noticed his hands touched my ass a few times, but I didn't think much of it.

It was getting cold so when George moved a little closer I pushed back a little closer to him. The warmth was nice.

Neither of us spoke, but we were both very aware of the others warmth and our muscular fit bodies. George rolled towards me a little and I could feel a bulge in his boxers barely touching my firm butt cheeks. As the boat rolled he would roll a little closer to me and his hard cock would rub firmly against my ass cheeks. I was wondering if this was an accident, when he started to move slowly but purposely against my ass. He was rubbing his cock along the outer part of my ass crack. I had never had this happen, and although I had thought about guys bodies I had never touched one, or been touched by a guy.

Georges cock was swelling and soon it was huge, laying the full length of my ass crack. George just casually humped up against my ass for ages, at least 45 minutes and his cock was straight up towards his belly button and rock hard.

I could feel him wiggling then he was back in the same place. He had taken his boxers off and was naked. His huge 9" cock was lying snugly between my butt cheeks. My breath was catching in my throat and my breathing was very shallow. I could feel every contour of his fat proud cock, and thought that his cock head might be wet. This was very exciting to me as I had never dared explore my guy sexual fantasies. George was very much a mans man and also never short of a good looking girl to fuck.

He continued to rub against me for another 10 minutes or so. My back was feeling quite warm n sticky where the head of his cock was rubbing. I pushed my hand back there and felt his rock hard cock. It was so warm, it felt hot and was encased in such soft skin that felt like velvet. The head was oozing so much pre-cum that my boxers were wet at the top along the elastic.

I gave his cock a squeeze and massaged his balls for 3 or 4 minutes. I had never felt a cock before so was interested in how it felt. When I brought my hand back from his cock, my wrist had slimy wet pre-cum on it. I brought my wrist to my nose and sniffed at it. The pre-cum smelt fresh, salty and very manly. I wasn't put off by the smell at all. I was very tired as I must have started to doze off from the warm and the boat rocking.

It seemed like a few minutes later that I felt George moving my boxers down a little. He edged the boxers down a few cm each side until he had my boxers at my knees. Then he moved his hot hard cock closer to me and was rubbing it along my ass crack, in lovely long strokes that wiped his heavily leaking pre-cum all up n down my ass crack. I was enjoying the touch and as his cock head slid over my anus I would get little shots of electricity up my spine. Georges breathing increased with each stroke and he kept leaking so heavily my ass was soon very wet the full length of my ass crack. He held my hips and kept stroking his cock hard up the length of my ass. I was loving the feel and pushing my ass back to his cock, getting as much sensation out of him stroking his cock along my crack. His cock pre-cum had lubed my entire ass crack so it was as wet as any pussy. The goo from his cock head made his cock so lubricated he was able to slide his cock hard and fast up between my ass cheeks.

I was loving the sensations and was getting really turned on by Georges heavy breathing and gasping. Suddenly I felt his hard cock pulsing and I became sure he was shooting his hot wet cum all up my back and in between my ass crack. I was not repulsed by this. If anything it turned me on even more. As soon as Georges cock stopped pulsing his cum out onto me, George pulled back a little and moved his leg so the boat roll would not push him into me. I could feel my ass and back was covered in sticky hot cum. I moved my hand back to my ass and revelled in how hot and slimy his cum was, coating my firm ass cheeks. I scooped as much of his cum as I could from my lower back onto my hand. After a few minutes I brought my hand back to my face and sniffed his jizz. It had a strong manly smell and turned me on. I coated my cock in his jizz and moved my left hand to stroke my cock while I put my right hand back onto my ass to get more of his cum. I could feel little drips of his cum running from my spine down to my side,, I coated my hand with as much as I could as my other hand stroked my cock.

I imagined sucking my fingers clean of his cum and that dirty thought and my stroking was enough to make my cock start pulsing its way to a cum. I brought my right hand to my face and started sucking Georges sweet salty cum off my palms. Id never tasted another guys cum before, but the sheer dirtyness of sucking on his cum made my cock shoot cum hard up my tummy to my chest. I kept licking my hand and his cum as I ground a huge cum into my left hand and shot rope after rope of cum all over my bed and body.

I must have dozed off as a little while later I noticed that George was no longer holding himself back from me. He was back pressing his naked cock between my naked and still slimy pre-cum and cum lathered ass cheeks. He was holding me firmly and making no pretence about rubbing his cock firmly between my ass cheeks. He was pulsing and breathig hard and obviously stroking his hard cock on me for his own pleasure. He took his hand off my hip and soon his cock stopped laying flat in my ass crack, and I started feeling just the head sliding from my ball bag past my ass hole to the top of my ass crack and back again. The pre-cum was building up in my ass. I could feel how warm and silky his pre-cum was and my anus was throbbing from the touch of his cock. He kept aiming his cock head at my anus, but I was very tight and had never been fucked.

It was warm and so relaxing laying in bed with a nice fat hard cock rubbing my back and ass crack. I was enjoying it and just snoozing. I was rubbing my own cock from time to time, and sometimes I would hold both my balls in my hand and squeeze. I don't think I had really thought the situation through. George was concentrating his focus on my ass hole more n more. He was rubbing the fat cock head of his cock for longer and longer on my anus. It felt really good, sometimes he would push a little too hard, and it would hurt and I would tilt my hips forward moving away from his rock hard cock. I guess I must have been sleepy as he seemed to be hurting my ass less n less and sometimes I thought I was pushing back a little as well.

At some point his cock head just stayed on my ass hole. I could feel him throbbing and feel the wet of his pre-cum sliding around my tight virgin anus. Soon I thought I could feel the head of his cock in me. I was wondering if maybe he had got smaller because his cock was way too big to fit in my ass.

He had given up any pretence of sliding his cock along my ass crack now. He was just pushing into my ass an inch then pulling out the inch. His cock was very big and on the in strokes it hurt a little so I might pull away a little. I found myself pushing back as he tried to pull back out. He grabbed my hips again to keep me still and I felt him pulling me back to him as he forced his cock into me on the in stroke.

We lay sliding his cock into me deeper and deeper for at least 20 minutes. I had long since gotten used to the feel of his big cock head helmut pushing past my tight sphincter and deeper into my ass. I was actively pushing back now on every in stroke, and he was holding me on the out strokes so his cock could pull all the way out to my anus entry.

I started to realize that this was more than just rubbing. I had a cock half way or more up my ass. I was loving that cock in my ass. I started moaning to let George know I liked his cock, and liked being fucked. My moaning got George going with more confidence and he started to push harder on the in stroke and pull out firmer. The boat rocked a little more than usual on one in stroke and I was rolled forward onto my face , with my ass in the air, and George on top of me. He balanced himself a little then started to really fuck me hard. His cock in my ass felt fantastic so I pushed back up to meet his cock and soon I felt his pubic bone hitting the back of my ass cheeks. He was fully impaled in my ass. His cock felt huge, but I wanted more, so I started squeezing my ass to make it all feel tighter and sexier.

George was pulling his cock out all the way then slamming it back into my ass with as much force as he could manage. His cock was sending electric thrills all the way through my body and I realised I loved having my ass fucked. I decided then and there it would not be my last fucking with his wonderful cock.

I reached between my legs and grabbed my cock , squeezing it to add pleasure. George was fucking me fast and furious and he was starting to gasp and growl with the force of fucking me. I was pushing back really hard onto his cock and then my cock started spasming and my hand was covered in my own cum. My ass started clenching and contracting on George's cock and soon he bellowed out a huge cum and shot his cum deep into my ass.

I didn't feel bad or like I'd done something wrong. I looked at my watch. It had taken nearly 3 hours to go from getting into bed to having cum pumped in my ass, so I knew I had wanted it as much as George had. He rolled to the side but stayed close. His cock was now soft and pulled clear of my ass. I soon rolled back pushing my ass back onto his semi hard cock and was soon asleep.

Some 10 minutes later I woke feeling his cock was hard again and sliding along between my butt cheeks. I just laid waiting for what I hoped would happen. Perhaps 10 minutes later George used his hand to direct his cock at my anus and I just pushed back a little to help him in. My ass was still soft from the hour or more of great fucking I had just received and I still had his cum leaking from my no longer virgin hole. His cock was rock hard again and slipped easily into my willing ass hole. I pushed back to ease his big cock head past my tight anal ring and he was soon halfway into my ass. The feeling was unreal. The pleasure surged through my body. I just gave myself up totally to be fucked and enjoy it.

George hammered my ass with his nice fat long cock and was soon making those same noises he had made just before he came. He forced me over face down and was on top of me again, riding me hard for the the full enjoyment of fucking me. I grabbed my cock again and was stroking it as I came. My cock spasming made my ass contract on George's cock and he soon pumped another big load into my ass.

I felt George pull his cock out of my ass and roll back. He was asleep in no time. I soon drifted off hoping I'd wake again with his cock rubbing me.

The rubbing feeling melded into my last thoughts and I took a while to realise it was real and not a dream. I woke to feel my ass being stretched by the head of George's cock. It was light outside, so many hours had passed since he fucked me the second time last night. My ass was hard and tight again and his cock head was not penetrating me. I could feel the wet head of his cock rubbing my anus, and each press made him squeeze a little more pre-cum out of that wonderful cock into my ass hole.

He grabbed my hip and started pressing harder into my ass, finally getting my anus to open a little for him and allowing his fat cock head to press into my ass. He pulled back an inch or so and kept pushing in then pulling out. Thank god he made a lot of pre-cum. I could not imagine how painful it would be without all his lovely natural lubricant. Soon George's cock was well up my ass and past the hard outside ring. I started to feel really good and pressed back taking his whole fat long cock deep into my ass until he pressed hard up against my ass cheeks.

George started fucking me really hard. If anything his cock was harder fatter and longer than the night before, maybe it was morning wood but it felt great, and I loved being fucked by George. He quickly built to a cum and started gasping and pulsing as he pumped his cum deep in my ass. I jacked my cock as hard as I could to try n cum but couldn't quite get there. Soon George pulled his cock out of my ass n I kept trying to wank off to relieve myself. I still couldn't cum so I grabbed George's cock to wank him back to hard. He just rolled away from me and ignored me.

I rolled back the other way and soon went back to sleep.

Searing pain woke me. George had rammed his rock hard cock up my ass. It hurt like hell. I tried to pull off his cock but he rolled me face down and just fucked me. 5 strokes in the pain was easing and his now lubricated cock felt great. I grabbed my cock and started jacking off to make sure I got done before he finished and rolled over.

George soon built to a cum and squirted his seed deep in my ass. Damn I hadn't finished a second time.

George got up and we started making ready to sail. I was still very horny as George had fucked me twice in a row and not let me cum. The day before I had sailed in heavy baggy wet weather gear. Today I wore tight grey shorts n T-shirt and made sure I bent over every chance I got in front of George. About an hour into the sail I was looking downstairs with my ass in the air for Georges viewing pleasure, and I felt his hand on my shorts. Soon he pulled the shorts and boxers down in one go and my ass was exposed in the air for his personal viewing.

George stepped forward and I felt his hard cock rubbing at the entrance to my ass. He pushed forward but I anticipated and moved forward with him. He smeared nice re-cum over my anus but didn't get his cock inside my ass. He kept pushing and I kept moving so my ass was getting a nice massage and well covered in his pre-cum. After a few minutes I let him start pushing into my ass. Each thrust could go in another half inch, but I wouldn't let him just shove it in deep. Once his cock head was in past my anal ring I let him grab me with both hands and start feeding his fat hard cock into me.

I used my own pre-cum to lubricate my cock and was wanking myself fast and hard as he fucked me. George was pulling his fat 9" cock all the way out of me and using two hands shoving it all back into my ass with as much force as he could manage. His hips were making big slapping sounds against my ass. It all felt fantastic and as George started to gasp and grunt, telling me his cum was near I managed to tip myself over the edge to a fabulous cum, that sprayed my semen all over the cockpit floor. George held my hips and fucked me mercilessly and hard until he grunted out a massive cum. I could feel his fat cock pumping hard into my ass, and all his lovely hot jizz warminging my insides.

A few hours later I could see the townsite we were heading to on the horizon and thought well it's now or never, so I started with the leaning over trick and made sure my ass covered in tight shorts was visible in his line of vision. He didn't seem interested, so I sat back near him and slowly moved my hand over and touched his cock. George said "stop that, I'm not gay", Sadly I took my hand away.

It was warm so I took my shirt off and started rubbing coconut tanning oil on my shoulders. After a few minutes I dropped my shorts and boxers off as well and stood side on to George rubbing oil down my thighs and gave my cock a nice oiling. I then put my knees on the side of the boat and rubbed oil as far on my lower back as I could reach and down to my firm fit tight buns. I could tell George was watching me rub oil over myself. I got a lot of oil on my finger and rubbed it into my anus, lubing it up nicely and pushing one then two fingers into my ass up to the first knuckle. It felt good but I knew George's cock would feel better.

After a few minutes he stood and I could hear rustling as he took his shorts down. Soon I felt the head of his cock pushing against my anus. I held still for his advance and he took my hips with both of his strong hands and started to feed his hard 9" cock into my tight willing ass. This time he did not pull out and push back in. He just kept a very strong firm pressure on the head of his cock to penetrate my ass. My eyes were rolling up into my head with the excruciating pleasure pain that his method was creating. I pushed back as much as his hands would allow me and felt the wonderful hard cock slowly forcing its way up my tight anal sphincter.

As George's hips pressed against my ass cheeks he let out a growl like a primal animal then started fucking me really hard. His fat 9" cock was pulled viciously out of my ass then rammed hard back into me, driving my breath from my body. He fucked me hard maybe 10 times causing pain and fear before the pleasure returned to my body. His assault on my ass continued for over 20 minutes at a pace that would have stopped most young guys. He was super fit from the sailing and able to cope. As his cock started pulsing in my ass, and Georges breathing turned to gasps, I rubbed my cock harder searching for every last drop of pleasure, until he started slamming my ass hard with each big cock pulse. I knew he was cumming in me, and the feelings overwhelmed me, until my own cock came to life and I sprayed the last of my cum and semen all over the seat I was kneeling on.

As George slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, I turned to look at his rapidly softening cock and lent down to suck it. He hit the side of my face very hard with his half fist and yelled "Don't". I was shocked but knew my place, he was the master in this relationship, I was just his fuck toy. It was all his rules and I was to take what I was offered and no more. I was surprised I had tried to suck him. I’d never had a cock in my mouth. I suppose I thought well I’ve been fucked 6 or more times, might as well try it all. George obviously felt different.

I looked off towards the destination port and saw a large prawn trawler boat only a mile away. I wondered if anyone on board had seen what we were up to?

Comments would be appreciated, does anyone want me to write a part 2?