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Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 21 - First Anal with Rukhsana

2022-09-26 00:42:24

The story is by one of his friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi and Rupali started to give him food every alternate month as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and Montu Kumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and he fucked there all night including Maanvi’s first anal. and then he fucked a russian blonde virgin in hotel swimming pool.

Then he enjoyed a accidental oral sex with his other neighbour lady Rupali and while answering my query on his introduction to the world of sexual pleasures he narrated his first sexual encounters and how he fucked Rani for the first time and then he fucked fat maid Shanu. After they left a new maid Rinku arrived there and he fucked her for the first time and experienxed his first climax. Then his parents went to another place for a week to attend a wedding and he was left alone with maid Rinku in his house. He fucked rinku on the first night and on second night he fucked Virgin Rukhsana his first virgin in lieu of fucking the ass of his friend Asghar.

In the last part 20 you have read about first time Fucking of Virgin Rukhsana .

After around 10 minutes her pain reduced and she started maoning , He took his cock half out and pushed it inside. He slowly fucked her initially and then increased his pace. Then suddenly Rukhsana held him tightly in his arms and climaxed and his cock was immersed in her juices. She started kissing him then He smacked her hard and smacked her 3 more times and put his juice in her pussy. And both slept foe some time

After some time, when he woke up at 4 o'clock, she was sleeping on his chest. Sleeping she looked very sweet. When he tried to move she woke up. He caressed her pussy and asked how she is feeling now, she just hugged him . His cock was erect .. He once again fucked her. In the morning Traces of love bites were visible on Rukasana's body and face. Her lips were swollen and she was unable to walk properly because of vigorous fucking all night.


Now Further

In the morning when he got up for using toilet Montu Kumar found that Rinku slept unnoticed near his bed, in such a way that her thighs were uncovered and were visible. He made up his mind to fuck her and started kissing and licking her. She acted as if she was in deep sleep and he completely undressed her.

Then she opened her eyes kissed him, smiled and seeing his intents told him Quickly fuck her and go to Rukhsana. She said I am here only, always available for you while Rukhsana is here for few days only. saying that she got up and started licking his lips and tongue. Montu kumar in a flash entered his cock into her pussy, It went in as easily as the knife goes in the cake of Butter. Rinku said Master ruthlessly fuck me and enjoy. And He fucked her fast hard and ruthlessly and she also enjoyed the fucking by lifting her bum in tendem with thrusts of Montu Kumar and very soon Rinku climaxed.

Montu kumar then got up and reached Rikhsana, the virgin he has deflowered last night and saw that she was sleeping with a smile of content on her face. Seeing her sleeping like that, he felt lot of love for her and slowly kissed her fair-skinned cheeks. She woke up with his touch and said with great love, I love You Montu and kissed him on his lips softly.

He asked Rukhsana how are you now, In the night when you were going to toilet, He has observed that she was not able to walk properly. He lovingly asked her kissing her pink lips, did you not like it? She said softly, It felt good and she also had a lot of fun and enjoyed it but there was lot of pain and kissed his lips passionately in return. She added now I am completely yours. Blushing, She said last night you troubled me a lot, today I will not let you do anything. Look how my Pussy has swollen. And holding his hand she put it on her pussy. She was not even wearing panties. The pussy was really swollen.

He also saw that the bed sheet has stains of virgin blood of rukhsana and their Cum. Montu kumar took Rukhsana to toilet and washed her and applied some cream on her pussy . After freshening up they came back on bed by that time Rinku has changed the bed sheet.

He caressed the pussy slowly with love, by his touch she moaned. then He started kissing her lips and she also started kissing him. Then he put his tongue in her mouth and she sucked his tongue.

When their tongues met, her body began to tremble and pussy juices started to leak and Montu kumar hands started to feel wet. He kissed her pussy from above and said lets give it a little rest.

Then he started to caress Rukhsana ass and tease her ass with his fore-finger and said Rukhsana you know I got you in bargain of fucking the ass of your brother, But I have never fucked a Ass before, So I want to practise Anal Sex with you first. So this way your pussy will also get rest and I will be able to get some practise of Anal Sex.

By that time Rinku brought some tea and snacks. And said you both love birds can continue now only after the morning tea.

After Morning tea Montu kumar started kissing her and fingering her Ass. Her Ass was very tight. His Cock was fully errect and hard and was raring to go and explore her virgin Ass. He asked her to lie on her stomach and tried to put his cock into her Anus. But it was very tight and he was unable to put his cock therein. Seeing this Rinku intervened.. Master Fucking anus is bit more difficult than fucking pussy.

Where as the Pussy makes it self wet on arousal there no phenomena like that which occurs in pussy. And then the Anus has to be loossened and prepared for penetration. If You penetrate without loosening and preperation it will not be easy for both of you rather it could be very painful and uncomfortable.

So you need to take time to do it anally and she explained to both of them the art of Anal Sex.

She got up and gave him a bottle of Oil and told him to use it freely as lot of lubrication will be needed. Rinku said a lot of trust is also needed in partners to understand that they want to enjoy Sex anally and will not hurt the other

He got up and kissed back of Rukhsana and poured oil on her anus and started smoothing it with a finger rinsed in Oil and he repeated poured a lot of oil in her anus.

Initially, he fingered her anus from outside and greased it with a lot of oil when he tried to insert it there was a bit of pain felt by Rukhsana. He kept on asking Rukhsana when ever you feel more pain she should tell him so he will stop. but slowly and slowly he kept on working on her anus and applying pressure of his finger and then he slowly inserted his finger millimetre by millimetre. And then when his one finger was inside her Anus he inserted slowly his second finger along with his first finger . When both his fingers went inside he poured some more Oil and slowly kept pushing them forward and kept on applying oil on the fingers and her anus and then started moving them in circular motion and then forward and backward.. thus finger fucking her anus

He kept on asking her are you enjoying . and in reply she Moaned or cried Yes yes please ohh aah .. Which were signals to him to keep on moving. . and he also smoothed his cock with lot of oil and came in the position of fucking.

He did it with lot of patience love and care. Kissing and fondling and caressing her in between and making her comfortable after movement. And kept on slowly working on her virgin Anus and prepared her for Anal fucking. He kept on asking her are you enjoying it.. Do you want me to stop. Rukhsana also braved the pain and cooperated with her lover.

And after about half an hour she was ready to take his cock on her ass hole.

Then he put a lot of oil on the cock and used his both hand to open her ass cheeks and stuck his cock in her anal opening. Then he made a fast and hard push forward and his cock entered her anus by 1 inch. He has loosened her Anus then Rinku came near him and kissed Rukhsana and put lot of oil on the anal hole as well as cock and asked him to slowly increase his pressure forward as he moved his finger earlier in her anus. And asked Rukhsana to relax her anal muscles to allow penetration of the cock forward. Slowly he kept on increasing his pressure on her anus and it began to move ahead millimetre by millimetre then by centimetres and then by inches.

Soon it was inside her by 3 inches. Then Rinku asked Montu kumar to move slightly backward and forward so that the cock also get a feel of tightness of the Anus. Montu Kumar said to Rinku It is indeed very tight. Rukhsana anus has made a tight grip on the cock and Montu kumar was enjoying it. When the cock was taken out by almost 2 inches Rinku Again applied more oil on the cock and anus. . Slowly Montu Kumar began to move his cock backward and forward into the anus of Rukhsana.

Slowly Montu kumar kept on increasing the pressure on each lunge forward . and soon his 6 inch load was in her ass and the poor Rukhsana was bearing the pain very bravely. But lubrication reduced it soon and she started to enjoy anal fucking. Then He kept banging his cock continuously and then after 30 minutes of continuous fucking of that delicate ass Montu Kumar climaxed and shot his load into her anus.

Continued …