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Siblings and Back Again

2022-09-21 00:01:30

Themes: Incest, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Teen male/teen female, Teen female/teen female, Fisting, Masturbation, Written by Women, Young

-- Siblings and Back Again --

This is a story resulting from my last visit to my brother’s house. I had been recently divorced and since my sister and I hadn’t talked in many years, he was all I had to turn to. To be honest, it was his wife, really, that talked me into visiting for a few weeks as a change of scenery. On the rare occasions I called my brother, I’d usually spent more time talking to Clara, even if he was home. They had a small family and it would be a nice distraction. Turned out it was exactly what I needed.

A quick bit about my sister and I: we get along, or got along, as in we really got along very well. We’d both been sexually active since our mid-teens. Well, she was anyway, if you can count sucking my brother’s cock. It sounds shocking to say it like that now, but at the time and in the light of what I haven’t said yet it seemed innocent and natural enough.

Now you may have read between the lines when I said “got along”, I meant as in sexually. I don’t consider myself a full lesbian, but in our teens it was less a matter of desire than of curiosity, experimentation and proximity - at least at first.

It may have been an offshoot of that phase where my sister, her name is Bethany by the way – we call her Bet, would occasionally let my brother Ben cum in her mouth. Occasionally… only if I mean that birds occasionally sing, or bees occasionally buzz. I think that was where the whole concept of siblings being able to conveniently please each other sexually came from.

The first time she let me watch, I had to do from inside the bedroom closet, peeking out between the wooden slats of the door. She had prepared me for the show, especially about how boys did orgasms – it sounded very messy at the time (and I guess it still is).

He had shown her how to grip his penis with both hands and pump it back and forth while squeezing, and put her mouth over the tip of it, which she seemed barely able to do. From what I could see she had the stroking down pretty good though. The idea being that when the orgasm happened it would fill her mouth and she would basically drink it (I can still hear her explaining it to me). And she had taken her shirt off – she told me one time when the cum came out she started to gag, pulled away, and a lot of it got on her shirt – and we were smart enough to consider that our mom might notice semen on her daughter’s clothes and wonder what in Sam Hill was going on, so ever since then she took her shirt off first and always kept a little facecloth handy. Her breasts were smaller at that time, but her areolas were wide and puffy. Her little nipples were prominent and stiff like pencil erasers, I noticed – and they weren’t like that all the time.

My brother was rubbing her hair gently at first and whispering nice things like, “Pretty Bet, pretty, pretty Bet…”

She was smiling and making little licks all around the head of his penis, he liked to be licked there, “You’re just saying that because I’m your favorite sister.” She said, and she flashed her green eyes in my direction. I wasn’t the least bit jealous, really.

She kept stroking and licking and he was saying more nice things, but soon he was holding onto the red pigtails she often wore, saying, still quiet but with a measured firmness, “Suck it, suck it you little slut…” and pushing his penis so she would put it further into her mouth. A few times it slid out, all wet and covered in spit, and Bet would have to get the tip back in between her lips while he was moving it all around, sliding it against her cheeks. Finally he got his rhythm back, and the head of his penis slid in and out in time with Bet’s stroking. He moaned, “Fuuck, fuuuck -” then his body got all jerky - Bet’s eyes got wide as he must have been coming into her small mouth, but she kept pumping. And this time, it was good that she had taken off her shirt because she had to pull her head back, sputtering. The thick liquid poured from her mouth in a big gush down her chin and neck – just as another spurt of cum came out of my brother’s penis and splattered onto her neck. I remember the feeling of wetness and excitement between my legs to this day. Her stiff nipples were already dripping with cum - and he spurted again! It all dripped down her belly and started to soak her panties. How she ever was able to swallow any of it before I have no idea, because that’s how she says it usually happened.

Later she told me that it had been almost two days since he had done it, and that’s why there was more than usual, and also “I told him you were going to watch – and I think that made him want to cum more. It was my idea to make you hide though.”

Normally, my brother was insatiable, using Bethany at least once a day – twice if he could. And for her part, she was always willing. I have learned that our family has quite an appetite for sex.

I remember many times watching her suck my brother off; hiding in a closet or pretending I was asleep on the couch or the bed. After that time when her panties got soaked by my brother’s cum (my brother had to clean them by hand) she’d figured out that she had to do it completely naked (socks were pretty safe). The other change was that she began using her fingers to play with her pussy while she had his cock in her mouth, and sometimes she’d cum, too.

He never did anything with me, or anything else with Bet (as in, no fucking and he never touched her - well except for his hands on her hair – or his penis in her mouth). She told me that one time he asked her to do it for the third time in one day - she told him to go ask Gloria (that’s my name, by the way – I don’t have a nickname like Bet, even though I tried for a while to get people to call me “Glow”). He said something like “One sister blackmailing me is enough.” – meaning Bet would make him do the dishes when it was her night, or like even make her bed sometimes, or paint her nails and worse. And I think it’s also because during those six or eight months where Bet was willing, he hadn’t yet been dating girls for real. He must have been 18 or 19 at the time, but all of sudden he had a car and it seemed he had one girlfriend right after another – no time for his little bratty sisters, even if one had become his personal “little blow-job slut”. Then in an eye blink he was off to college, and it was just my sister and I.


As I said, I think she and I really got started as an extension of the experiences with my brother and the private exploration of our own bodies. As soon as Bet figured out that if she touched herself the right ways she would cum like our brother did (less messily, of course, because girls are better at everything) – we both spent a lot of time touching our own bodies, if shyly and in private at first.

Thinking back at everything we did, I have to come to the conclusion that our parents were completely oblivious. At least as oblivious to us as we were to them – because I have no idea what they were doing. That is a completely separate topic – suffice to say that they were not, and are not, a significant part of our lives.

Anyway, as much as we tried to keep our masturbating to ourselves we pretty much always knew when the other one was doing it. We shared the same room and our twin beds were only a foot and a half apart. We weren’t overt about it even, usually waiting until a little while after bedtime, under the covers and by the dim moonlight. She or I would pretend not to notice when the other one was doing it, but for me, even if I hadn’t planned on it, as soon as I heard her gentle mewing, and the sound of wetness being explored, I’d be filled with lust and had to, as quietly as I could, bring myself off too.

Eventually when one of us would start then the other would just unceremoniously start too. I remember one night looking over at Bet, and she was looking right back at me, her eyes smoky with her efforts. As we kept that eye-contact, we were soon both stifling our moans and eventual orgasms. I came quicker and harder than ever before that night.

When we would masturbate in separate beds, I would wonder about what it would feel like to have my brother “fuck” my mouth; if he would call me pretty when he did it. And what I would do when all that cum came spurting out - I kept picturing Bet’s fingers slide inside her vagina, too. Why was Bethany getting all the attention?

I’m not sure when it became more, but we eventually dispensed with hiding our bodies or what we were doing to them. Our parents’ bedroom was fully on the other side of the house and the creaky stairs gave us plenty of time to cover up. We must have been a sight, two slight-framed teenage girls with wandering hands, stark naked in the dimly lit room.

We would regularly masturbate together, each in our own bed, each trying some position or technique, the other copying it: on our stomachs diddling our clits (my favorite to this day), on our back with legs spread wide, fingers in our vaginas – when I pressed one moist fingertip into my asshole, my almost immediate shuddering orgasm led Bet to try the whole finger – she always had to be a little bit better, do a little bit more. On other nights, we would see who could cum first, or who could last the longest doing the same technique.

And then one night, as I lay on my back with my eyes closed, squeezing and pinching my nipples; seeing how far just that would get me - I felt her press her body onto the edge of my mattress. It made me freeze; covering my (then) small breasts with my hands in surprise, but I kept my eyes tightly shut, for fear of losing the moment. Part of me had wanted her to touch me like I always touched myself.

Soon I felt her warm hand against my thigh, rubbing gently up and down - the hand crept toward my tummy, pulling electric tingles along with it. Then both hands were rubbing all over the skin below my belly-button, skirting the edges of my already throbbing young pussy. When one small hand covered my moist mound, I couldn’t help sucking in a breath of anticipation. I heard her say, “Okay?” and I quickly nodded, “Please...”

And then her finger was gently probing my moist folds, stroking and pressing. I was a little embarrassed at first, but I continued to play with my nipples while she became bolder, sliding a finger into me and moving it around. Soon the embarrassment was forgotten and I spread my legs wider for her – my pussy was so wet and slippery! I can remember it like it was last night – the way she used her other hand to press against my clit with her thumb, faster and faster – then it was two dripping fingers inside me. I must have been dripping wet because I could hear her fingers as she played with my sopping hole – it sounded like my brother’s cock sliding in and out of Bet’s messy mouth. I could feel the wave building inside me, taking me over, stealing my brain. And I remember crying out loudly, way too loudly as I came – hard, then her hands pressing over my mouth. My heart was pounding in the silence that followed, then it skipped a beat when we heard footsteps, my Daddy’s - pounding up the stairs.

Bet skittered into her own bed as I hastily slid under my covers. Hallway light poured into the room as my father opened the door, “Are you girls all right in here?” he asked.

I answered, “Yes Daddy, I just almost fell out my bed and it scared me.” - surprising myself at the quick lie.

“Okay Honey.” he said, “Try and stay in the middle of the bed.” As he tucked the blankets tightly around my sides, his big hands along my waist and hips, I remembered that I was completely nude, but before I could really worry, he was kissing me on the cheek and wishing me good night. He paused for a moment on the way to standing back up though, for a few heartbeats - then shrugged his shoulders in a gesture I took to mean he was dismissing a puzzle of some kind, and then he kissed Bet as well.

As I heard him return downstairs I realized that all around my lips were wet and fragrant with the juice from my own pussy! Bet had unthinkingly slathered it on me when she tried to cover my mouth. My father must have smelled it when he kissed my cheek but couldn’t make the improbable connection! I whispered what I was thinking to Bet as quietly as I could, and she got up to smell for herself.

“Yep,” she said, “definitely smells like you.” and then she gave me a little lick on the side of my mouth, “Hm – ” she giggled, repeating the act on the other side, “Not bad...”

“That tickles!” I told her in a whisper, but I liked it so I told her to clean me up – well, in case he came back.

Soon she was making little licks all around my mouth, and before I knew it we were kissing just like the grownups we saw on TV.

“You taste good…” she told me as our lips and tongues fumbled against each other. And I agreed; I could taste my own juices on her mouth and tongue. When she stopped and looked into my eyes I knew immediately what she was thinking, but she surprised me by saying, “You do it to me first – move over, I’ve been doing all the work!”

She plopped herself down flat next to me, shoving me aside and then spread her pale legs far apart expectantly. I had all I could do not to fall off the bed for reals and ended up kneeling between her legs.

“You want me to put my mouth on you? Like here?” I asked, boldly putting my fingers against her pussy – it was warm and very, very wet – like mine. Keep in mind I hadn’t even touched her there yet, and it was only that night that she touched me.

“Just to taste it.” She said, quickly pulling my now wet hand up to her mouth – and she licked my finger. “Same.” She said, “Good. I taste good!” She was grinning.

Since she had pulled my arm, it basically made me lean way over and I was surprised when I looked back down that my face was pretty much right over her mound as it was, so the little lick I made was an easy reach and I did it without really thinking. And it made her stop pulling my arm out of its socket, which was good.

She was right. She was sweet, and when she made a little sighing noise I felt my own pussy tingle, so I licked again. And again. The sweetness and taste was fantastic, after all these years, sometimes I bouquet of flowers will remind me of her and I am instantly wet. I have heard that usually siblings are repulsed by their smells – this was absolutely not the case with us. This was candy, pure and simple.

My tongue was licking all over her now dripping slit, and the fingers of both of my hands were exploring her like she was doing to me earlier - soon she was breathing heavier and heavier. I was drinking her wetness and it reminded me of how Bet swallowed our brother’s cum – it made me lick and suck more deeply. Suddenly she pushed up her hips toward my mouth and I knew what was coming – or who!

I quickly moved my hands to cover her mouth just in time to muffle her scream as she convulsed in a shuddering orgasm.

I kept my hands there, loose but ready, until she relaxed, then I crawled on top of her until our faces were close together. “That was close.” I told her, “You almost made Daddy come back up!”

She just panted for half a minute, silently searching my eyes with something like wonder. Then she whispered, “That was – just. Amazing…” and she kissed me again on the lips, but deeper than earlier – more real. I think even to this day, it remains the most loving and passionate kiss anyone has ever given me. I can still feel her hands in my hair, her warm, writhing and naked body under me, and the hungry, delicious and thankful mouth on mine. We spent a lot of time giggling about what we had done that night, especially when Bet said, “You know what I just realized?”

“That I am much prettier that you?” I suggested.

“Sha, right – No. I just realized that Daddy is downstairs right now with your pussy cum on his lips.” She said, immediately busting us both into giggles.


As you may well imagine, things progressed from there. We stole into each other’s’ beds nearly every night. And you have to remember that this was before the Internet, or at least before there was internet in our house, and our father didn’t have any magazines or movies for us to stumble upon (none that we knew of, anyway) so we had only trial and error. Fortunately when it comes to sex, there aren’t many real “errors”. To us, we basically invented the “sixty-nine”, and what I now know is called “tribbing” (rubbing or grinding pussies together). Over the months and then years, anything even remotely penis-shaped was shoved into one orifice or the other – in my sister’s case, often AND “the other”.

We shared intimate showers together when we could get away with it, slowly and teasingly finger-fucked each other on the sofa under the blankets while family and friends watched TV in the same room (or even the same couch) – we found this kind of dangerousness extremely exciting. I once quietly pushed Bet down in the hallway and ate her pussy out - until she came in a silent fury – with our parents and the neighbors sitting in the kitchen not five feet away, on the other side of the wall. If anyone had stepped out to use the bathroom they would have seen Bet panting and writhing with her shorts and panties looped around one ankle and her legs spread wide - with me between them lapping at her little cunt, balancing on my elbows while three fingers fucked her pussy and one was buried in her ass.

Her revenge, by the way, was to do the same to me the next Saturday when our father took us to work with him – except I was sitting on the edge of his office chair, skirt up and no panties, she sucking my clit while her entire hand was buried in my pussy. The door was wide open and he was just down the hall talking to the only other person allowed in the building. I don’t know if you’ve ever had an entire hand in your pussy, even a small and delicate hand - but I can tell you that it isn’t something you can pull away from quickly. Not that we really needed much time since the risk, the taboo (yes, we knew what we were doing was forbidden) and the dirtiness of it all excited the hell out of us both. The orgasmic payoffs were huge – we did learn, by the way, that a pair of panties, once removed and placed into a willing mouth, made an excellent noise reducer. We did things like this frequently, and more – right up until we went our separate ways to college.

Another thing I discovered through this time, and it’s been proven over the years, is that sexual acts are extremely powerful to me. I have met very few people, other than my own family, who share this drive – when we cum; we cum hard, and we cum often. I don’t think I’m a nymphomaniac, if that’s a real thing, but I fucking love fucking.

But, back to Bet and me. We purposefully chose different schools because we knew we had to. And even under the very strong layer of sexual love, of intimate connection, I don’t think I ever came to terms with how she and my brother excluded me.

Both of us were very interested in boys, too, and yes, there were a few interspersed along the way, but we were never really able to think of anything, let alone commit to anything, other than each other. We were just sexually better at – everything. And sex was a big deal – too big of a deal. I know that’s how it was for me, and I’m pretty sure it was the same for Bet. As we neared full adulthood we could feel we, and the sex, were somehow in each other’s way, and the split was ultimately as natural as the original binding. I realize now that my brother had felt the same, but at least he’s sent the occasional Christmas card – to me, anyway.

Once we were apart, it became harder and harder to reconnect; each of us having, seemingly, perfectly valid excuses for not meeting up over the years. I, and probably she too, eventually came to the conclusion that to be together again just wasn’t going to happen and that for some reason we didn’t want it to happen. And, as they say; “Life happens”.

I give you all this history only as a backdrop to that visit at my brother's house, which I will take up in the next installment. I hope I haven’t wasted time on too much detail in this one, but it is part of my journey to get it out there. Thank you.