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Teenage Dream

2022-05-16 00:00:03

Anyone who could see me driving down the road that day would have no idea what I was wearing below the steering wheel. With just a t-shirt and a pair of black tights on and no shoes I kept the speed limit headed towards the Super Mart with intentions in mind. I was yearning for pleasure of the most taboo and fantastical sort.

At the age of 32 I had only been with one woman and only for a short while. We had slept together many times, but my fantasies were never really fulfilled with her. I have an intense foot fetish and my attraction to nylons has caused me to cross dress to heighten my orgasms. I yearned for a heated romp with someone...anyone! On the passenger seat in my truck was a pair of track pants and slip-on sneakers. My window was open on this cool day and my erection stood strong as I continued the speed limit down the busy street. As I pulled into the parking lot of the busy Super Mart my heart began to race in anticipation of coming events.

I parked in the back of the parking lot to avoid any attention as I slipped on the track pants and sneakers. I turned my truck off, got out, and began walking to the store. My heart began pumping faster and faster, the butterfly's in my stomach were now flying around like a pack of crows in anticipation of feeding time. As I got to the entrance the sliding doors opened and I stepped in with the taboo sensations rushing through my body. To act somewhat normal I grabbed a hand basket from the entrance and as my track pants whooshed with every step I headed towards the women's clothing section.

This Super Mart was very large, so much so, that even though the parking lot looked packed when I had pulled in, the store itself was not. I was pleased with this because what I was about to do would be much better off without any viewers. I continued to walk down a long aisle where I saw the sign that noted my destination. I looked down and behind me to see that on my right leg the pants had ridden up just enough to see the heel of my foot dressed in the nylon tights. I looked around to see if anyone was close to me to notice, but it seemed that all the shoppers were in there own little worlds. I couldn't blame them though as I was in mine.

I came to the women's and girls clothing section on the right of me, to the left was the shoe section, and just up ahead of that was the lingerie and hosiery section. I was breathing deeply now. I noticed a few women looking at dresses and some trying on shoes. None of them paid me any mind. I went deeper into the lingerie section brushing the bits of silk clothing with my fingertips. I circled for a few moments and found what I was looking for...

She was beautiful! My eyes were fixed on a young girl roughly 16 years of age. Her blonde hair sat on her shoulders peacefully, her body was fit as could be. The appropriate clothing for employees here was khaki-like pants and green polo shirts. Her top was snug on her. I could see her perky blossoming breasts very contently hovering above her flat stomach. As I looked down her bottom was snug as well in her pants that drifted just little bit above the middle of her shoelaces on her all white sneakers.

I have seen this girl many, many times. I've intentionally passed by her before so I could catch her name on her name tag, Ellie. Soon enough a woman walked up to me and broke my gaze. She asked if she could assist me with something. I soon forgot that I was standing amidst the lingerie section surrounded by silky undergarments and panties of all varieties. I looked at the aging woman and told her I was fine. She gave me a disturbing look which I expected and walked off. At this point I looked up at the security cameras then I looked back at Ellie who had not seen me staring at her throughout this time. I began to work my way towards her thinking of the first thing I was going to do. Those taboo feelings came to head as I stood right in front of her with my basket in hand.

Ellie looked up at me and with her blue eyes and with natural cuteness in her face she said to me "Hello." I grinned politely in acknowledgement of her greeting and set the basket on the counter where she was working. She stood there waiting as if I was going to speak, but I simply reached down to the ties that held up my track pants and pulled until they fell to the floor. Her face became flush as I stood there in front of her with my black tights on. I slipped out of my sneakers and moved an inch or so towards her. She spoke no words, but I could sense her breathing heighten. I reached my hand out and caressed her soft cheek, I watched it blush. I then drew my hand down to the buttons on her polo shirt and undid the first one, then the second. I stepped behind her as she stood like a deer in headlights. My erection was full, I removed my shirt and then reached around her torso to cup her breasts. She gasped and I felt her heart racing as much as mine was. The smell of her hair was a subtle peach aroma, with my lips I kissed the back of her head, still cupping her breasts and squeezing ever so gently. I brought my pelvis to her lower back holding my encased erection against her. We stood there for a few seconds in waiting.

I dropped my hands from her breasts and reached for the bottom of her shirt. I lifted the shirt and caressed her stomach as it fell back down. I brought my hands up higher until I felt her bra and was now caressing her breasts with only that garment concealing her lovely young chest. Her hands were to her side the whole time until I felt a sensation on my right thigh. She had brought her right hand back and began to rub against the nylon on my leg, I looked down to witness this as we stood in repose. I removed my hands from her bra covered breasts and dropped them from beneath her shirt. With her right hand still on my thigh she was forced to remove it as I brought her shirt up above her head and tossed it to the floor.

She turned around and faced me. She looked at my erection, then down at her chest and removed her bra exposing the fittest breasts I had ever seen. She took her hand and cupped my hard-on gradually rubbing up and down over the nylon. I inched down enough to not make her pause from her pleasurable act towards me and laid my lips on her left breast. She rubbed harder as I began to go back and forth sucking and manipulating her nipples with my hands and mouth.

Neither of us spoke any words, only subtle moans left our mouths. We continued these acts as my eyes veered to my left. A man in his 40's or so stood a distance away, but in clear view of us rubbing his dick from the outside of his pants. I brought my eyes back to Ellie. I stopped her caress of my, close to spurting, erection. I took hold of her hand and walked her towards the chair where people would normally sit to try on shoes. I sat her down and went to my knees. I moved up the bottom of her pant leg and unlaced her left shoe, then I did the same with her right one. I looked up to admire her and notice that she had a firm grip on her luscious tits. I removed her sneakers one by one and then her sheer fabric socks to see that her feet looked as if they had been just manicured. The tips of her toenails were lined with a white strip of polish. Her toes curled a little as I took hold of her soles and in my kneeling position placed them on my lap and started to move them up and down my erection guiding her motion as I now held the tops of them. We did this for moments, her hands still caressing her breasts, my hands caressing her feet as they worked my dick to being fully loaded. I released my hands as she continued the motion of her feet and exploded in the tights. The white cum oozed through the nylon and as I moaned in beautiful glory.

Ellie stood up as I gained control of myself, still kneeling on the ground, she put her hands to her belt and started to unloosen it. I watched her as my dick shrunk some from the load emptying. I peered behind her for a moment and saw a woman of close to equal age as myself nearly nude except for bra and panties. She had one hand on her cart and the other down her underwear.

Ellie unleashed her belt and then grabbed my hands and guided me to stand up. As I did, she reached for the tights I had on and sexily began to remove them from my legs. When she had them completely off she took my hand and motioned me to follow her. As we walked hand in hand I could see her pants start to sag a bit from them not having a belt. I could see the top of the pink panties that she was wearing. We continued to walk down an aisle down the back of the store and then stopped at the bedding section. I was completely naked now and my dick hung, but anticipated the future.

We stopped in front of the bedding and released each others hands. I went to a shelf where I saw a comforter and prepared to drape it on the floor. As I turned to Ellie I saw her standing there and her young body was covered with nothing but the pink panties that I had seen on our walk. I noticed her pants tossed to the side and as quickly as I put the comforter on the floor, my dick sprung to attention. I sorted out the blanket as she stood above me. I watched her luscious feet make steps on the blanket. I bent down and kissed the top of her right one. I gradually worked my way up her leg until I came to her panties. My nose was graced with a sweet, sweet smell. I noticed the wetness that had accrued from our previous acts. Still on my knees I brought my hand to her and began to gently rub her panty covered pussy with my thumb. Up and down, up and down until I heard her moans of satisfaction. I stretched her panties to see them crease into her slit and then brought my tongue to her to covered lips and licked at the juices. Her legs shook as I continued this. Her hands were a hold of my head gripping at every pleasurable touch.

It was time. I reached with both hands to grab hold of her panties and gently drew them down to her ankles, she stepped out of them and I flung them behind me. I heard her giggle at this. I took her hand and guided her down to the comforter. I put my hand on her chest and laid her down. She lay in front of me in all her beautiful glory as I separated her legs to see her magnificent pussy glowing and tight. I drew my head in and kissed the side of her thigh as my hands sprawled out onto her chest she took hold of them with hers and began to guide there kneading. As I reached her pleasure spot I took one look up at her. She looked down at me and smiled. I planted my lips on her pussy, opened my mouth, and began to pleasure her immensely. My tongue swirled above, around, and then inside her precious hole. Her moans got louder and louder. Her pussy was so sweet and moist. My dick, anxious to relieve my tongue of it's duty, was as hard as it's ever been. I gave her one last kiss and rose to a position to finalize this adventure.

Our breathing was heavy as the tip of my erection was inches away from her pussy. My heart was pumping so fast and I could sense hers was doing the same. I peered to the left of me for a moment and saw down the aisle another young girl more along the lines of Ellie's age staring at us. She was completely naked and sitting on the floor of the Super Mart with one of her hands caressing her tiny breast and the other rapidly rubbing her clit. I looked back at Ellie and inserted my dick into her sweet hole. We moaned at the touch as I began to pump slowly into her and she began to timidly gyrate her hips. I continued on and as I positioned myself atop of her we locked lips and began kissing passionately. My thrust became quicker as she spread her arms out to grasp the comforter. Still inside her I came to my knees and took hold of her feet licking and sucking her toes as I pumped my hard erection into her tight little pussy. She swooned louder and louder, I released hold of her feet as I felt my load close to exploding. Ellie grabbed my arms and brought me down to her again, she wrapped her legs around me tightly as we both continued to push forth...closer...closer...closer...and within moments we had both came to orgasms that brought our bodies to shake and shiver to a blissful ecstasy.

I heard a vibrating sound. I put my hands to my eyes and rubbed them and when I opened them I saw my cell phone alarm going off. "Damn!" I said aloud as I reached to my dresser to quiet the alarm. I picked my head up from my pillow hating the fact that the dream ended. I sat up and felt a wet spot down by my dick. I was disappointed in myself, but then I noticed with curiosity that my large comforter was sticking up strangely. I removed it to find a girl sleeping...it a was Ellie.