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Twisted Brotherly Love chapter 1 - 3

2022-09-01 00:00:04

This is the first Story I have ever written, Genre involve incest, rape, young, violence, bdsm, cruelty, male domination, exhibition and Stockholm syndrome.

Chapter one
The prologue

I lived a relatively normal life, my parents were (and are) nice Christian parents. We had a normal life in 5 bedroom house in the middle lived there all my life. When I was twelve my parents somehow got pregnant again and had a beautiful little girl named Sarah. She is a blonde haired blue eye beauty. However I didn’t realize this till she was eight when she was bending over playing with some dolls and I was visiting from college, it was like magic, instant-hard on. Before such I was contemplating gay because no other girl had ever sparked my sexual interest till I saw my little eight your old sister playing with her dolls and I saw her ass. Now at the time she was not even really developed and this confused me greatly because I was brought up with a Christian family and was told that having sex with a minor was wrong and against our beliefs.

So after a few months of confusion I asked my dad in private if I were an evil person for desiring the flesh of someone who was a minor and he raged at me, told me I WAS evil and that I was never welcome at home again. In my personal opinion this was a little severe but my dad was very traditional person and my mom was extremely submissive to him and she submitted to his judgment on me without question.

If only they knew that in two years time I would hit the lotto for its all time high of one billion dollars, a record since the lottery opened, of course after taxes that amounted to a measly *cough* six hundred million dollars over twenty years, which was delivered in nice installments of two and a half million each month. I decided to still get my PHD in mechanical engineering though considering that I only had three more months to go duked it out and got it.

I found that I had a lot of time on my hands and nothing to do with it because I didn’t really need a job anymore, I mean I pretty good with my money management having taken accounting and legal for my minors. It was during this time that I started thinking about my sister who was ten years old now. I decided to spy on my own family and find out if she still sparked my second brain. Being two years it took me some time to find out where my family lived now because they moved, but after some research I found out they moved to a location near an all girl’s catholic school. It took a couple of days but I found finally got to see her as she was exiting the school. She was breath taking developing a little bit more in the famine charms department she was an a cup hour glass figure had still blue eyes and blond hair and she was around four ft three inches tall. Being brave I decided to say hi and introduce myself but it turns out she remembered me and when she saw me she smiled and called out to me. Being a partial gentleman I decided to take her out for lunch and she accepted I asked if our parents would mind and she told me that they both worked till five and that she usually went to her friend’s house after school to kill some time but spending some time with her long lost brother was more fun anyways.

After a pleasant lunch I dropped her off at home and she asked if I would visit her again I told her I might but It would be some times because I was a very busy person. Coming home four states away I knew that I had to have her and thus I started to plan things out. I visited quite a few porn sites in my time after discovering that my sister was a fucking hottie I knew that I didn’t want to have her willingly and that kidnapping might be something that would be fun and kill some time that I had. Also training my little sister to be my cock whore would be the most amazing thing. A lot of planning goes into kidnapping a person first off I needed to have the right supplies which meant that I needed a safe way to get them without alarming some suspicion from authorities so I went to rented a storage room that would accept packages without question and had no security camera’s that worked.

After securing a way to get supplies I need a house that was secluded and that had a basement. One might thing that with a crashing economy finding the perfect house would be easy but I soon found it was not as I had assumed. After looking for several months I found the perfect house, it wasn’t big by any means but the basement on the other hand was huge. Plenty of room to fit all the nice little toys and rooms I planned for my little loving sister. After another three months of remodel and supply gather I was finally ready to kick my plan up another notch.

Chapter two
The sister knapping

One can never be too careful when planning a sister napping. Time and patience are very important getting a daily routine down is the first priority. My sister had a very scheduled life. She would go to her school at five forty five in the morning and would get out a quarter to three from there she would wait for her friend and they would leave the school and walk to her friend’s house till a quarter to five then should would walk home. I timed the walk home from her friend’s house by dressing up as jogger and it took me around five minutes going at what I thought was my sister’s pace. I originally figured I would grab her on her jaunt home from her friend’s house when I learned something very interesting reading the mail for my parents. In three weeks they were going on a cruise to the Bahamas for a few weeks and that my sister was going too watched by a live in babysitter during that time.

It took a few days to acquire who was going to babysit my sister over my parents cruise but after finding the location I took a few pictures of the babysitter and her car and started planning out what I was going to do. I bought the same car as the baby sitter and then I got a fake license plate with the same number as hers, I sneaked into her apartment and got the number on her phone with its serial and then started looking for a program that would hijack her phone, I also got a voice mixer and after hijacking her phone a few times I got the voice mixer to be picture perfect for the baby sitter. After all that I bought a few clothes and a wig that matched the baby sitters hair. There was only one more thing I needed for my plan to be complete. I needed to know what plane service my parents were using to get to their destination after a few days of waiting in finally found which service they were using and I was delighted by their choice. My parents were always the very frugal in how they spent their money and it appears the years didn’t change their ideology. They happened to pick a service that you had to show up on time or you would lose your seat. From there my planning was complete.

Finally after the weeks were up it was time. My plan set everything going to full motion. I drove to the babysitter’s place with my computer in hand voice mixer attached and ready and waited. After a few hours the babysitter showed up and with a little bit of wrestling I managed to knock her out with the help of some handy dandy chloroform. After that I made a phone call and used the voice mixer from the babysitters phone and informed my parents that I was not going to make it at their place right away that I was going to be around thirty minutes later then their flight would leave. They said it was going to be all right and that Sarah was a smart girl and could make it on her own for a few hours and that she would be instructed to lock the doors until the babysitter arrived.

With that done I once again waited till I knew that my parents were at the airport and then I put on the wig and some more casual clothes and drove to my parent’s place where my prize was waiting. My disguise wasn’t what I would call super good but for a ten year old girl home alone it was enough so when I got to my parents house and rang the doorbell I heard the delightful clicking noise of the door unlocking and from there it was surprising easy. After the door opened my sister looked at my face and knew I wasn’t the babysitter but she smiled and asked what I was doing. Being a nice brother I decided that I would be truthfully honest with her and told her straight out. “I’m here to take you to my place and make you my slave” I said with a smile. Looking at me with a little bit of curiosity as I’m sure she thinks I’m joking she says “well what if I don’t wana go to your place?” I figure now is time to show her I’m serious and I take a pair of leather handcuffs made for midget porn bdsm and a small ball gag and say “I really hope you don’t” as I laugh evilly. Now looking at me with a little bit of a scared expression she says “I have a babysitter coming here shortly you should leave before she catches you’re here and calls mom and dad. Its then that I take out my phone and show her a picture of her unconscious babysitter, now she really is starting to look scared and I can’t help but notice that my cock makes diamonds look soft right now.

She attempts to run to her room but I easily catch up to her and I throw her face first on her bed roughly pulling her hands behind her back I put the leather cuffs on her and then force the ball gag in her mouth, it’s a little big for her mouth but after a little bit of effort I manage to get it in thinking that it must hurt her a little bit. By now I start to hear muffled cries from her as she fully realizes that I was being perfectly serious with her and I can’t help but notice her luscious but cheeks from under her school uniform. I decide to give them a good feel and then I shift my hand under her white panties and feel her cunt which surprising is starting to get a little moist. “You like the idea of getting kidnapped and raped by big brother don’t you, you little slut?” now she starts to ball out crying snot nosed and everything so I decided to see if I can get those muffled sobs to stop some and pull out a knife out of my duffel bag. “Shut up you little cunt or I cut you and if you’re really bad ill slit your throat!” now I’m not a monster or anything and I wouldn’t really slit my own little sisters throat or anything but I doubt she knows that =D.

After the threat she starts to shut up a little bit and I turn her over so she is on her back on her bed and start to feel up her breast through her shirt , nice firm and little A cup at best but nice little titties that also make diamonds look soft. I take the knife and start removing her clothing panties and all and look at her lying on her bed completely naked. O how much did I want to forcefully take her right then and there but I had better more humiliating way I wanted to take her for her first time so I instructed her to stand and I attached a collar to her when she was standing black leather with slivers square smooth studs and a tag which I showed her in bronze that said cum sucker and told her that her knew name was that. Then I made told her to walk to the living room and I followed behind her watching her ten year old ass swag left and right getting harder by the second. Reaching the living room I turned on the tv and told her to sit on my lap and positioned her pussy so that I was grinding my cock threw my pants. After getting her in position so that her knees were and legs were on the cough and her pussy was spread on my cock I told her to grind up and down my pole as I started to watch the tv. It didn’t take long for me to feel my balls start to boil and I told her to stop and to get on her knees on the floor. When she was there I told her to look up in my eyes I took out my cock and she flinched. I’m sure she never saw a cock before I pulled my out and what she was most likely very intimidating being that I was ten inches long with a three in girth I’ve been told that I was blessed. Of course what she saw was most likely the scariest thing in her life and I could see the fear radiating from her eyes when I started to unload on her face and hair. There is something to be said about looking at your own little sister who loved and adored you and seeing her filled with fear and cum splattered all over her face and hair.

I waited till dark and then told her we were leaving and I grabbed a few things from her house that I could see were things that she liked and told her to march outside naked to the van. After opening that back she started crying again when she saw that I had rigged a special cage for her that was completely dark inside and had her spread wide open for the world to see if the opened the back door. Telling her to get in and in position she looked at me one last time and then tried her luck and running. Once again I caught up to her and shoved her in the cage and latched the rings to hold her in place spread and told her “That wasn’t a very smart move now I’m going to have to punish you for trying to run away from me, I haven’t explained the rules but it should be a given that trying to run away or hurt me is going to merit some form of punishment.” After saying that I pulled some clamps out of my duffel and showed them to her they were gator clips and I told her I was going to attach three of them to her on one on each of her nipples and one on her clit. The nipple clamps were easy to attach but her clit one was a little harder being that she was so young it took me a couple of seconds to find it and then I attached it and I her scream as if I was killing her. What a marvelous sound after attaching a few strings I made sure that every time I hit a bump she would feel it on her clamps and I closed the cage door which left her in compete darkness and proceeded to make the two day trip home.
I stopped a few times to go to the bathroom and pick up some snack food and I had staked a few gas stations that had outdoor bathrooms in secluded areas of various towns I had to pass through and got my naked ten year old sister to go the bathroom a few times at those locations while keeping the clips on so she would know that breaking my rules meant serious consequences. I didn’t feed her though because I wanted her first form of food from me to be a direct deposit from second brain and what can I say when two great minds thing alike. After two long days of travel I finally made it to my small house in the middle of the woods and at last it was time to have some fun with my new little sister toy.

Chapter three
Breaking in the cunt

Opening the back of van and the cage I saw my beautiful ten year old sister spread eagle naked and sleeping like a baby with the clips still attached to her titties and clit. I admit I took a few minutes to just stare at her chest rise and fall with the clips attached and was ever exited about looking at her. But all good things must come to an end and I woke her up. She looked confused at first and then freighted as she realized we had stopped moving and we were not at a gas station, which could only mean we had made it too our destination. “Rise and shine sis were at our new home, isn’t it beautiful? Were in the middle of nowhere without a soul for miles we have all this space just for me to enjoy you and your luscious body.” She looks at me with fear in her eyes and then I start to see tears well up and instantly feel my cock get harder. “But first I need to get some sleep it was a long drive and I’m tired and for a young slut like yourself I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of energy so I can fuck your nonstop for days so I’m going to get some sleep and you should too cause when I wake it its going to be a nonstop fuck fest on your pussy slut…. Oh wait I almost forgot you still need to finish up the rest of your punishment there is only so much one can do in the public and I wana make sure that you don’t’ do anything that is stupid again.” I laugh evilly as I hear her whimper. I tell her to follow me as we walk to a tree near the road and she is still naked as the day she was born and then I pull out a few ropes pullies and a harness from my duffel bag and rig something up in the tree the I pull I small vibe egg and fit it in the harness where it will press right on her clit and tell her to lift her leg so I can get het harness on her. After a few minutes of maneuvering I finally get the harness on her and sling her up in the tree so that she is once again spread for the world to see and have the rope attach to a hook on her back so that her weight is spread amongst her pussy and her chest her titties clips still attached and her clit clip gone do to the fact that the harness wouldn’t fit others I look at my work. My beautiful ten year old sister slung in a tree wearing only my harness and the clips giving the ‘forgive me’ look on her face. “Your right I did forget something” I walk to my shed and pull out a extension cord that will go to the tree by the side of the road and attach it to her vibe which I haven’t turned on yet, then I pull out a red leather mask and cover her eyes. “almost time for some sleep, remember when I wake up ill come and get you for some fucking so make sure your wet when I get back, although it shouldn’t be a big deal considering its going to rain all day today” I hear her start to cry again and I turn on the vibe and walk away.

After sleeping for a ten hours straight I decided it’s time to start feeding my cock whore sister her first dose of cum. Considering I’m hard as a rock from just waking up I don’t think it will be long before she gets fed. I get completely undressed and walk out to my new favorite tree and see my ten year old sister is dripping from her pussies as the vibe is doing a great job I also see she is still a little wet from the rain showers in the afternoon and decide to announce my presence. “hello my little slut its time to rape the shit out of your pussy” I hear her moan or cry I can’t really tell as I let her down from the tree. She is a little wobbly from having been up in a tree and in a cage for the past three days without only a little food and water so I carry her into the house and set her down on the kitchen floor. I remove the mask and see her eyes are a little puffy from crying and then she notices that I’m completely naked and starts to whine a little bit. “Stop that slut I’m going to tell you a few rules and regulations and these you should take to heart. First you will not speak unless spoken too. Second when addressing me your will call me daddy. Third when you ask for something you will say your name and what you want in the most vulgar terms possible, are you hungry?” looking at her I see that the mouth gag I still logged in her mouth and remove it she whines a little and then does some exercises to relieve some the strain in her mouth muscles “Yes” sniffle, I look at her sternly and she replies “Yes daddy I am very hungry” “Before you get any food you will need to eat the protein that comes from my cock first and to get it you will have to suck the protein out of it using your tongue and throat, after I give you a load I will prepare you some food to eat other than your favorite … CUM” now she looks at my cock and starts to tear up again making me harder and making my cock jump hitting her face, she flinches away from it and I slap her lightly making her look at my cock with the same motion. “You are going to have to ask permission to suck to get my protein bitch and if my cock hits your face you will enjoy the sensation of having daddies cock on your face now ask for it using your name!” “daddy can I please suck your cock in my mouth for your protein?” slap a little harder enough to leave a light mark on her face “Slut for you there is no I anymore when referring to yourself u will use your name the same one on your slut tag” crying now she says “daddy can this cum sucker please suck your cock in my mouth for your protein?” “Better bitch but don’t forget that it’s your favorite protein and it’s called cum!” still crying it comes out in sobs “daddy can this cum sucker use your mouth to get her favorite cum from your cock?” “I guess I’ll let you cum sucker but next time I better not need to correct you as much or you will not get any food or water for the day.”

She looks at my cock and get her face a little closer to it, her fear fading away being driven by her hunger she gives it a smell and pulls her face back. “it stinks” I slap her and tell her to put the tip of my cock, now spewing a little bit of precum from looking my naked sister, up to her nose and smell it with deep long breaths and I tell her to inhale the precum as well which she does coughing as it bocks her airways a little bit. I have her do this for a few minutes before I tell her to lick my shaft from the balls to the top and she does sticking her little tongue out of her mouth and slowly licking my shaft from balls to tip after she gets to the tip she pulls away a little bit “brother please I don’t like this I wana go home please take me home” she says crying now. I sigh a loudly “I don’t know what you’re talking about cum sucker but my proper name is daddy and you are home, for speaking without permission you leave me no choice but to punish u again.” Now she really starts to ball as I pull out a mouth ring used to hold open a mouth for giving blow jobs and put it in her mouth then I lift her to the table and place her on her back and secure her legs spread while her head is a little of the table so that I can deep throat her with ease. “Next time I expect you to be able to do this on your own but because I’m a good and loving brother ill do this for you so you can eat.” I position my ten inch hard cock at her mouth opening and slowly start to insert. Inch after inch I see my cock slowly get devoured by me ten year old sister at five inches she starts to gag a little. “Cum sucker don’t think because your gagging I’m going to stop, I’m going to teach you early that when you’re having a hard time breathing u need to breathe through your nose now prepare to be thought raped and take all ten inches of my cock.” With that said I pull out a inch then I thrust with my hips and watch all ten inches of my cock disappear in my sisters throat she starts gagging hard core as I’m logged all the way in her throat I can see her neck bulging where my dick is, and I feel and see my cock bulge a little in her throat. After around thirty seconds of feeling her young throat gripping and messaging my cock I decide to pull out and let her take a breath before forcing myself insider her again. This time I wait around five seconds before I just start to deep throat face fuck my little sister. After about five minutes of this I start to feel my balls start to boil in that all to familiar feeling just before you’re about to cum. “Yea slut your throat feels good I’m going to cum if you’re really hungry don’t let a drop fall and eat it all or it’s the only thing you’re going to eat today!” I pull out just so that the tip of my cock is in her mouth as I start to spurt, after a few spurts I do one hard thrust and fully lodge myself in her throat again as I spew the rest of my cum down my sister’s throat. When I’m done I pull out “Wait don’t swallow my cum in your mouth yet I wana see it on the top of your mouth” I look down and see my sisters face is a little red where my balls and hips slapped her face her mouth still open because of the ring and I see my cum in her little ten year old mouth, I take the ring out “Ok Swallow it” she closes her mouth crying and I hear an audible gulp “open up I wana double check” she does and there is nothing left. “Well Cum sucker even though I did all the work I guess I’ll make you something to eat and then it will be time for me to fuck that nice little pussy of yours ha ha ha ha ha….

To Be Continued... post good replies and comments my grammer and spelling could be horrible if so sorry