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Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 2

2022-09-20 01:15:31

The next day Chelsea was really sore, her whole pussy was swollen, thankfully she hadn't seen any bleeding somehow. She read up on Google and got some cream to help recover, she couldn't carry on like this her body couldn't take it, but she had to protect her family too. Shit, she had forgot they were coming down today, she quickly tidied around and showered just as they arrived. Mum and Dad were there normal selves, Rob was quiet, Chelsea figured he didn't know how to react to her vid, but he didn't know that she knew he wanked to them, it made it awkward but they were able to get through the day and dinner, it got to late evening when Dad got a call, business as usual and he had to go, Mum suggested then that Rob stay with Chelsea for the weekend, they both tried to say no, but when mum says something it happens. She couldn't argue that they hadn't seen each other in ages and when she was at home, Rob had pretty much followed her around like a lost puppy, he was a bit geeky, really into computers, she couldn't remember a single girlfriend he had ever brough home, bless him.

Anyway mum and dad said their goodbyes and Chelsea made up the sofa bed in the front room for Rob, he hadnt planned on staying so had no overnight stuff to wear and had been given some money for new clothes tomorrow to see him through. Soon enough they were sitting down making awkward small talk, sensing the awkwardness Chelsea made excuse that needed early night and was going to shower and change. She thought she better just quickly check the laptop to make sure she could tell her blackmailer she had company tonight. She logged on, nothing there. Oh maybe its over, she decided to jump into shower. Rob was still on the sofa, trying to decide whether full commando was appropriate in the house with no blinds considering he had no clean underwear till he went shopping. In the end he went for it got under covers and played on his phone a bit waiting for Chelsea to no doubt come back and say goodnight.

Chelsea had a nice long shower her swelling had gone down now thankfully but she was still horny as hell, she couldn't believe what she had done and seen these last 2 days but hopefully it was now over. She jumped out the shower wrapped the towel around herself and went into bedroom shouting night to Rob on way past.

It was then she saw the instant message on her laptop.

"Hi Slut, ready for tonights action"

There was no cam this time just text from their side but Chelsea could see herself on the screen again. What could he possibly want now, there's surely only so much of one girl a man needs to see right?

She messaged back,

"Sorry I have company tonight and can't possibly do anything will have to wait till next week."

The reply was fast,

"Not part of the deal slut, we make the rules"

Chelsea pleaded further explaining her brother was in the next room and the walls are thin she can't do anything loud and too please give her the night off.

It fell on deaf ears, the fact her brother was next door only seemed to excite them further.

"Firstly drop the towel, you won't be needing clothes tonight"

Chelsea complied.

"Hmm ok, now walk to your laundry area and get 3 clothes pegs, place 1 on each nipple and 1 on your clit"

Chelsea immediately objected,

"I can't do that they are in the kitchen, I have to walk through where my brother is to get there!"

"Good, take the laptop set it down in the kitchen with the lights on so he can see and do it there in front of him..... or does daddy need to see what slut you are, your choice you have 5 mins to decide."

Chelsea could feel herself welling up, but at the same time her brother would understand, surely he must know I'm been blackmailed after all. Seeing her on video though and seeing in real life were 2 different things.

"1 minute left guess I'll send then"

"Wait," Chelsea picked up the laptop her wet hair from the shower flowing down her back, she gave the camera a great shot of her tits, but she was Trying to use it to cover herself before she went out.

"Woah, not so fast, carry the laptop in one hand out to side give him the full view SLUT"

Chelsea obeyed, she opened her bedroom door, as she feared, Rob was still awake watching a film and playing on his phone, maybe she could sneak past.

No such luck, as soon as she stepped out into the room around looked up, then like a rabbit in the headlights he followed her with his eyes as she paraded to the kitchen, remembering to turn on the light, bent down to the laundry basket to retrieve 3 pegs, she set the laptop down as instructed and looked directly back at Robs stare, he was mesmerised, his sister was stood not more than 10 feet away from him completely naked, her hair wet and falling down her back, her face flush with heat or embarrassment, her skin glistening where the damp spots were hit by the light. Her perfect breasts moving up and down with each of her rapid breaths, and then her pussy, the perfect landing strip, the tattoo down her side seemed to join one part of heaven to another, his cock was stood at attention under the thin duvet cover, he was too fascinated to try and hide it, although the darkness of the front room helped.

Chelsea ran her thumb across her left nipple, it instantly hardened, she applied the 1st peg pinching behind her nipple so the blood stayed in it, it would bruise she was sure, next she repeated on the right, she wasnt sure but it looked like Robs cock was even harder than on the video, she was sure the duvet was moving slowly, could he be jerking again to her, in front of her! Surely not. Finally she reached down to apply the last peg, this was the one she was most worried about, she raised her leg onto counter and dropped her right hand down rubbing upwards to her clit, she was surprised, she was soaking too, she was turning into quite the exhibitionist, she glanced to the window, thankfully no lights were in the block of apartments opposite, it didn't mean they couldn't see her but at least she couldn't see them if they were looking. Right now it was her brother who was definitely watching, she pulled her clit as far out as she could and with the left hand applied the final peg, she let out a whimper of pain, she could feel all 3 pulsating but her clit was the worst. She picked up the laptop and went to hurry back to the room, but speed was out of the question, the peg on her pussy meant she had to almost take baby steps to avoid the discomfort growing. All the while Rob was watching mouth open. Finally she got back to her room and sat down, it took a while but a message popped up,

"Good slut, now stop being prim and proper and show me how wet you are"

Chelsea couldn't deny it, she lifted her legs she could already feel the wetness on her thighs she was gagging for a release, the pressure on her clit was too much, she couldn't believe it but she typed

"Please let me cum" she was their slut now she knew it.

"Hmmm, we will let you cum as long as its not by your own hand"

Chelsea reached for her rabbit,

"Oh no, your final task, message your brother who you have teased ask him to come take those pegs off you, in fact send him a pic of it on your clit and beg, if he comes in you can cum if he does it, you will obey all his requests though if he does come in, oh and leave the laptop logged in."

No way would she do that, she thought, in her final act of defiance.

"If I don't ask him, then what"

"You leave the pegs on, your choice, remember your just a slut"

With that the message screen went blank, the pulsating was getting worse though and her pussy was leaking more and more juices, how much more could she take, this was the last action they said. Plus Rob isn't gonna do anything that bad, taking these pegs off would be enough she was sure to tip her over the edge. She realised she was justifying what she already knew she was going to do.

Her legs still spread and peg squeezing she took the picture of her soaking wet pussy and messaged Rob.

'Please will u be a darling and take this off ill do anything you want.'

She waited for what felt like an eternity it was probably 5 mins, Rob hadn't wanted to sound to eager, there was knock on the door,

"Come in, Rob" Chelsea called.

He entered his phone in his hand, naked, his hard cock fully on show.

"Anything you say?" He said as he walked in.

Chelsea could only nod. She wanted her 16 year old brother to make her cum. However he wanted.

Rob approached Chelsea cautiously, he wasn't sure if she really meant what she said or if it was a test of some sort, he got along side his sister, her panting was heavy her chest rising and falling, her breasts so close to him right now, she really was beautiful. Chelsea sensed his nervousness, while he was lost staring at her body she somehow found the energy to lift her hand and reach out for his hard cock, she definitely rated it as the biggest she had seen, although her body ached to be released she also remembered she had to do what he wanted. She knew all of this was wrong now but lust had taken over. She pulled him closer and kissed the tip of his cock, already precum was lubing his shaft, as she stroked and kissed, Rob became more confident his hands explored her breasts, finally finding the peg on her right nipple, she craved the release but instead he pulled it tight, the pain shot through her body her moans muffled by the cock in her throat, then he released the clamp, the blood rushed back in to her nipple the pleasure and pain mix was overwhelming, her body rocked, could she cum from pain alone? She would soon find out as Robs inexperienced hands pinched further at her now released nipple, the pain was now outweighing the pleasure, Rob thankfully noticed and stopped, at least he wasn't sadistic she thought, not yet anyway. She started to stir again when Robs mouth gently sacked on her nipple, it meant she couldn't get his cock in her mouth which disappointed her slightly but she continued to stroke him as his tongue switched to the other beast, the release on this nipple was just as intense the blood rushing back in triggered another mini orgasm, the pain in her clit intensified each time she jolted she needed that peg off to allow her to cum hard. Rob had other ideas it seemed, he straddled her chest pinning her arms under his legs, then with his hands behind her head offered his hard cock back into her mouth. Having no hands available to control the thrusts scared Chelsea, Robs cock was huge a face fucking off him could easily choke her! But it was too late it was already half way down her throat when she went to protest, he was gentle at first, the rocking motion was still not helping her clit situation, his hips thrusting was adding friction to her now red hot and bruising nipples yet her groans of pain were been met with longer and harder thrusts, her throat was been coated with his precum, he tensed up, oh god she thought im gonna choke, but instinctively she swallowed again and again as what felt like a litre of cum shot down her throat. She looked up at Rob he looked spent, the disappointment in her eyes must have been apparent, she thought she would never get to cum tonight now. Rob had other ideas though.

He slid down his sisters body, stepping over her legs, so her legs were now either side of his slender frame and freeing her hands, his face soon level with hers, he parted her lips with his, and allowed his tongue to explore hers, noone had ever kissed her after giving a bj before but Rob didn't seem to mind, his kiss intensified and his hands began to fall lower, recupping her breasts, his still semi hard cock caught the peg on her most intimate and sensitive part, as his kiss lowered to her neck and then her breast, his stomach and then chest also applied pressure pulling her clit further and further, it was so swollen now it was painful but also the tingling sensation was immense, Rob kissed down across her tattoo and down her stomach, god she wanted his tongue on her pussy so bad, as he dropped to his knees the peg released back to its original positions, his kissing got to the top of her trimmed landing strip, he moved lower, she could feel his breath now on her soaking pussy, she bucked her hips automatically. Rob moved away smiling at her, he was teasing her now, he skipped down to her right knee and started nibbling upwards on her thighs, his hands wrapped underneath her and resting on top of her mound, her legs spread wide, he could smell her sweet nectar and saw it running down her slit and disappearing towards her ass. As he got closer to her sex she moaned. Suddenly, he pushed her legs right back, exposing her pussy and also her ass, then for the first time in her life she felt his tongue extend tickling her tight little ass which was collecting her juices, his tongue went straight up across her pussy slit, she tasted so sweet, his teeth found the top of the peg and he bit hard, releasing her pulsating bud, the peg dropped, the blood poured back into her swollen joy button, it was already sending shocks through her body before Robs mouth covered it and sucked her swollen bud harder, the feeling erupted inside of her, she screamed in pleasure and pain as the orgasm took control of her, Robs tongue eagerly lapping away at her juices that were free flowing from her sex, it was to much she begged him to stop but he continued through 5 or 6 further orgasms, she started to go numb, her clit couldn't take any more but her pussy was wide open, her bright pink lips open, Rob stood up, before she realised what was happening it was too late, his cock had returned to full hardness, he pushed forwards, missing the target on any normal day but her wetness just slid his cock to its required position and her lips swallowed his full shaft in one, only stopping when his pelvic bone rested on her clit. The air was sucked from her lungs, she managed to scream out

"No, im a Virgiiiiii" her words cut out as the cock explored her hidden depths, Rob picked his sister up and positioned her on the bed, never letting his cock withdraw,

He whispered "its ok, so was i"

With that he leaned forwards and kissed her again, picking up the pace of his thrusts, the sensations were so different from the rabbit or the bed post that had occupied her body already this week. Instead she felt the warmth of Rob's body and the almost gentleness as he thrust deep inside her, he wasn't just fucking her like a jack hammer he was taking his time, exploring her, he was making love to her.

That realisation sent a warm sensation across her body, she looked deep into his eyes and matched his thrusts with her hip movements, smiling at him between their groans, she rolled him onto his back, and repositioned herself back over his cock, it looked huge when he was laid back, his cock covered in her own juices, she placed her hands on his chest for support and lowered herself down, she felt his cock bottom out inside her, she let out a loud groan as she rocked back and forth, now stimulating her G spot, just like the bed post had. Rob had a great view of Chelsea's breasts rocking above him, covered now in both their sweat, his hands reached up and pinched her nipples, his body trying to push even further into her already full pussy. Chelsea was getting close, her body was on fire, she leant back and rode her lover like a bucking bronco,  the speed was surreal,  all Rob could do was hold on to her hips as his cock was gripped and rubbed against the inside of his sister's pussy, she let out an almighty scream as her body came, her body falling forwards unable to now support her weight, Rob was close too, he quickly span her onto her back lifting her legs above his shoulders, he drove his hard cock deep into her and repeatedly hammered at her cervix, the sensation started another orgasm inside Chelsea, her eyes shot open, her mouth too at the same but nothing was coming out, the air was sucked from her lungs, her whole body tensed and then for the second time in as many nights her pussy erupted, she squirted long shots of her juices directly into Robs chest as he continued to pound her, the jucies bouncing of his abs and back onto her own chest and stomach, it was like a tap that wouldn't switch off, suddenly her lungs filled with air and sound released from her mouth a loud shriek as she came down from her high, she could hear Rob grunting getting close. She needed to tell him to pull out but nothing was coming out of her mouth. Rob looked at his sister as his orgasm broke, the first shot filled her pussy, she could feel the warmth of it fill her, it felt amazing but also she was horrified, she wasnt on the pill, the look of horror must have shown as she suddenly felt very empty, looking down just in time to see the head of Robs cock shoot his 2nd stream from resting on her landing strip all up her chest and catching her face, the 3rd shot less powerful but hitting her nipple, he groaned as he rubbed his cock across the top of her clit while the 4th 5th and 6th loads covered her body. Rob lent over her, his body weight supported by his arms, releasing her legs to drop down, now he was over the top of her, faces level. Chelsea was spent, covered in cum all she could manage was to lick her lips of the cum that was in reach of her tongue. Rob collapsed to the side of her looking adorably at his sister covered in his cum.

"I love you sis" he whispered before they both fell asleep.

Friday morning was soon upon them, Chelsea woke up, her head fuzzy, was it all a terrible dream. She glanced to the side Rob wasn't there, maybe it was. She pulled back the covers, there it was, it definitely was not a dream, the now dried cum had left a white paste all over her chest, congregating in a wider sticky patch across her stomach. Not for the first time she felt truly disgusted with herself, what had she turned into. Her eyes caught sight of the laptop. She dreaded to think what they had captured last night, it dawned on her, her reputation was not the only risk, now her freedom was too. How could she be so stupid. She looked at her phone a message from Rob saying he had gone to get them some breakfast, she knew she had to have a sit down and talk with him later. Now though, she was going to get in the shower and work through the many problems she faced, not least her 3pm meeting with Micheal.

The hot water hit her body, mixing with the dry deposit on her body, a paste like film formed which she applied copious amounts of shower cream to, her hands scrubbed every part of her body, her hair washed and rewashed, she must have been in there for a good 30 mins, the room had fully steamed up but finally she felt clean again. She stepped out of the shower, ready to face her many issues. First she would deal with her brother, explain why what happened, happened and that it could never happen again. Then she would get him out of the apartment while Micheal came round, all this had to be for something now, been a slut one more time would make no difference now. Then she would tackle the blackmailer, they promised it was over but she doubted it really was. Maybe if she got the role she could hire someone she trusted to track them down.

She returned to the bedroom stripping her bed while she dried off, it wasn't long before she heard the door open, Rob returning. She quickly threw on a set of baggy shorts and the oversize hoody that covered her ass, she would normally have just had her panties on under this but she didn't want Rob getting the wrong idea. A quick pony tail in her hair to let it dry naturally and one last check in the mirror to make sure she was decent. Even with minimal effort she looked gorgeous but at least her outfit didn't show off her curves, yes her tanned legs were out but it was too hot to wear anything thicker. She went out to face her brother.

She walked in, bless him she thought he'd brought her back a coffee and a breakfast bun,

"Listen," she started, "We need to talk about last night, sit down a sec."

Rob sat down next her, Chelsea instinctively moved further away, she could see the rejected look in his eyes. She didn't want to hurt him but she had to be firm. She took his hand,

"Last night, should never have happened, im sorry. The truth is I am been blackmailed and over the last couple of days I have done things completely out of character out of fear for myself and you."

Rob looked at her inquisitively, "What do u mean fear for me? And who is blackmailing you?"

Chelsea decided to open up truthfully to Rob, he deserved that at least. She explained how the instant message had appeared after catching her giving a guy she knew a BJ, she bent the truth to some degree, she didn't want Rob to know she was sucking for a job. Next she explained how she was going to stand up to them but was then shown a video of Rob watching the video and masturbating to it. She half expected Rob to be embarrassed by this but he just sat there listening, questioning more about who and what they had made her do. She went on to explain that in order to stop their parents seeing the video of him getting off to his sister she had masturbated on camera for whoever it was. She explained she couldn't tell as they were in the dark and the fake background was on their computer camera. She left out the details of what she did of course. She tried to wrap up the tale by explaining last night.

"So last night in order to humiliate me once they had me parade naked in front of you and apply those pegs,"

She thought that would explain enough of the story, she was wrong.

Rob looked at her confused,

"So once they embarrassed you, did they make you send me a pic and to fuck me. They must have thought you would never go through with that, obviously me jerking off is embarrassing on video but actually giving them footage of me and you fucking must be worst?"

Chelsea couldn't fault his logic, she knew deep down that all they had told her was that if she wanted to cum her brother had to be the one to do it, she could have got into bed and left the pegs on till they got bored, it had been her own horniness that had persuaded herself to go through with asking Rob into the room, and at no point after he removed the pegs did she try and stop him. Wow she really was a slut. She didn't know how to answer Rob's question without admitting she wanted it last night, she couldn't do that to him. Instead she white lied,

"Yes, I was told I had to let you do whatever you wanted or they would release the footage all over the net, I did this for you, because I love you."

As an actress she knew this was the most unconvincing line she had ever delivered, fortunately as Rob was about to interject, her phone rang, she hastily picked up. It was her Dad.

"Hi love, are you both ok" he asked in his usual upbeat manner.

"Just a quick one really, I have broken my bloody laptop again and have one of these zoom nonsense calls in 10 minutes but I can't get the bloody thing working on your brothers computer and he's not picking up"

Dad was useless with computers, he actually hated the things but lockdown had driven many of his client meetings to online platforms.

"Sure dad, ill log on mine now and talk you through it." Chelsea sensed the opportunity to get away from the awkward conversation she was in, she could have no doubt fixed dads problem without moving but she was happy to accept the diversion.

She logged onto the computer and gave her details across the phone for dad to connect too. The screen opened, Chelsea dropped her phone in shock.

"Hiya love her dad continued, yeah the problem im having is I can see you but my screen has this ridiculous background to it and I seem to be really dark, I have no idea how your brother talks to people on this thing" Dad had continued to rant oblivious to Chelsea sitting in her chair shocked not talking. When he realised she wasnt talking back he continued,

"Chels, are you listening to me, do you know how to fix this or not? Is your brother there I need this now, my meetings soon, hello!"

Rob had heard the conversation, he entered her bedroom, the blood drained from his face, he looked terrified all of a sudden, he picked up the laptop and quickly told his dad how to increase the brightness and how to remove the background he had added, a marvel Avengers with a large breasted black widow, his dad happy left the conversation.

Chelsea still sat there staring blankly at the wall, her stomach in knots she felt sick. Eventually the silence was broken,

" I can explain," a sheepishly quiet Rob muttered.

Chelsea suddenly leaped from her chair, she had seen red,

"EXPLAIN!" She marched towards him


She reached Rob swinging with all her strength hitting the young lad countless times while her tried to defend himself he backed out of the room, she slammed the door behind him. The sick bastard she thought, tears welled up and she collapsed onto the bed, her own brother had done this, her own brother who she wanted to protect had used this against her and what more she had let him take her virginity. She lay there for what felt like an eternity tears still rolling down her face.

Rob knocked on her door,

"Go away you make me sick" she screamed.

In reality Rob had nowhere to go, he knew he had done wrong, at the same time he knew it wasnt all him that caused last nights events,

He opened the door anyway prepared for her wrath,

"Look, hear me out please sis"

Chelsea didn't respond, she kept her head in the pillow refusing to look at him. Rob decided to just go for it and explain himself,

Rob started, going right back to when he was hitting puberty and how he would over hear Chelsea and Hannahs conversations which almost always were rude, Hannah had always been open about her sexual adventures, the girls would be giggling in Chelseas room talking of Hannahs latest experiences, forgetting Rob was in the next bedroom, he would find himself googling as a horny 12 year old what 'been fingered' was and 'wanking him off' meant, most of his first masturabtion experiences had been at this point, listening to the girls and imagining Hannah and Chelsea doing these things.

Chelsea was listening to his tale, still her head in the pillow, as far as she cares nothing could explain why he blackmailed her and his attempt to explain was pointless, however honest and heartfelt his confession was being.

Rob continued to explain that his listening turned into a more voyuer role after hearing one of Hannahs stories about her deliberately changing in her bedroom window with the light on giving the 'hot bloke' across the road an eye full of her body and how wet it had made her, he explained she must have been just turning 17 he recalled, she had been very detailed in how she knew he was watching her as she knelt on her bed rubbing her clit. Rob told Chelsea how he had been outside her door, stroking his cock as the story was told, from then on he had tried to catch his sister changing or exiting the shower, he had managed to once catch sight of Chelsea's body for a moment one day when she left her room door ajar after a shower, he was 13 and the first set of tits he had ever seen, he had kept that mental image for many months wanking every night to the image. He went on to explain that no girl at school could live up to his big sis and his obsession, as wrong as it was took over his life, he began watching porn around incest and spying, he became the computer nerd he was today.

Chelsea was still mad but hearing Robs perverse story was making her feel a little sorry for him, she had never realised the effect her and hannah had had on him as a young boy and the innocence they removed from him so young. It didn't justify his actions but she was willing to listen now to how he got to today.

When Rob got his new computer and his parents told him to give his old one to Chelsea his immediate thought had been to wipe all his history and format the computer, which he did but at 14 he was already ahead of his time with computers and the porn he had watched with spy cameras had given him the idea, he installed the programme allowing him to remotely access the cam, hid the file so it would never be seen. He had hoped he might catch his sister changing or of lucky a bit of masturbation, it was only ever going to be for his wanking material but at 14 he still hadnt got close with any girl his own age and this was harmless he thought. He looked down at floor clearly ashamed, he even apologised. For 2 years he had been recording Chelsea and searching the footage catching the odd bit of her changing or coming out of the shower, she had closed her laptop almost religiously until lockdown started. He momentarily paused, Chelsea turned her head and sat up facing him the anger still clear in her face.

"To be honest," he said. " I was about to give up on the whole thing and find an excuse to log on to your laptop when I saw you to delete the programme, I mean you were like a nun," his attempt to lighten the mood with humour only enraged Chelsea further. He quickly moved on.

"Then all of a sudden Tuesday, I thought I had hit the jackpot, there you were giving that old guy a BJ, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and it turned me on so much, I switched to the live cam and there you were on the bed, you know, playing."


"Ssssorrry," he whimpered, " I just got so excited with what I had got, I just wanted to see if I could get a better video, one made for me that would do forever, that when I thought I could pretend to blackmail you, im sorry, I got so scared when you refused that I tried to cover it up by showing you an embarrassing video of me getting off to you, with an idle threat of releasing that too. I didnt expect your reaction."

She looked at him almost sympathetically,

"Rob, you're my brother, you let me think someone would use material of you to hurt me, I would never of let that happen, I could take whatever came of me but I'd never let anything happen to my family. What you did made it ten times worse for me" she had calmed down, in her head she was beginning to feel some relief that that only person who had seen this footage was Rob, it was never going to get out and she was no longer facing prison. She was not however going to forgive Rob for this, she would continue to show how angry she was.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tell mum and dad what you did! It would kill them to think of what you did to me, how you humiliated me and took advantage of ME!, you're own sister!"

Chelsea, continued to rant at Rob, cussing and telling him how perverse he was. Growing tired of her abuse, which he knew he deserved, something clicked in his mind.

"Yes, sis, I know what I did was wrong, and I was so scared everytime I spoke to you that you would find out, I honestly didn't want to stay here cos I wanted to be on my computer again last night getting you to do things again. When you went bed early I was sure you would wonder why the person blackmailing you was not on the camera that day, but you just did what you was told. I saw the opportunity to see you naked in the flesh and I took a chance! I'm sorry I did that but I am also glad, I loved seeing you last night and everything that happened. As for the reason why you can't tell mum and dad, its simple. I blackmailed you to walk into the kitchen naked, all I told you after was if you wanted to cum you were to ask me, your brother, to come and give you a hand. I never forced you to do that, I never asked you to invite me in, you did that, you wanted me to make you cum as much as I wanted to touch you!"

He fell silent with his last bit of justification, Chelsea wanted to be angry, her face was red, only this time it was more embarrassment, afterall he was right, she had asked him in, she had let him fuck her, she was never forced into it, she had become a little slut inside 3 days and if she was honest with herself, she had enjoyed every situation she was put in. They both starred at each other both not knowing what to say. The silence was deafening.

Chelsea's phone beeped, ending the silence, fuck, it was Micheal.

"What kind of place doesn't have a working lift FFS not a good start Chelsea."

Shit, shit, shit, she had completely forgotten about Micheal's arrival and the time, it was already nearly 3pm. This was what it was all for.

"Rob, this isn't over, but I need you out of here now. My potential director is here and I need you gone, now!" She hurried him

"Whatever, not like I haven't seen you suck cock before," the jealousy in his voice obvious.

Smack, she clipped him round the back of his head.

" get moving,now"

Rob slipped his shoes on and moved towards the he door but it was too late, voices outside were already cursing, they were almost at her door.

"Fuck, get out on the balcony and hide, do not ruin this for me Rob I need this." She guided him out applying some blusher with her other hand, quickly straightened herself up in the mirror just in time for the knock at the door.

Rob was less than impressed, standing on the rather long but thin balcony, it stretched beyond the sliding door and window pane of the front room, then continued slightly around a corner with some brick sticking out where some sort of piping must have been hidden, the balcony was probably about 3 foot in width, enough to stand on but you could never host guests on there, still it offered enough room for him to stay out of site, he wanted his sister to get the role afterall, he wouldn't deliberately jeopardise that, plus it might get him back in the good books he thought. Still he pulled out his phone and accessed the laptop cam, maybe he would get a show still he thought.

Chelsea opened the door, Micheal pushed past her like he owned the place his assistant in tow, carrying 2 cases with her. She closed the door and turned around, she recognised the assistant from the interview, the younger girl who was blushing in the front row, today she looked flustered, carrying the cases up the stairs had obviously been an effort, she put the cases on the table and turned around, straightening her blouse and skirt, her attire was very business like but certainly showed off more than you would expect a professional to, her blouse white in colour was very tight even on her small frame, it was see through,to the point her lace bra, a brighter white, could be seen and the rest of her olive skin clearly visible underneath, her black skirt quite short, so that as she had bent down the top of her sticking tights had been visible as well as the bare flesh running up the back of her legs towards her well formed ass, her high heels, clearly uncomfortable for walking enhanced her legs further. Facially she was very pretty in a plain Jane kind of way, her hair medium length, dark naturally but the bottom half died blonde, she had a few freckles on her cheeks and her makeup had been applied elegantly showing off her dark eyes.

"Keira, do a sweep please" Micheal instructed, as if it was his own home. She went off checking Chelseas room and the bathroom and finally the kitchen.

"All clear Sir" she signalled.

Chelsea for the first time looked up at Micheal, oh my god she thought, it was 'THAT' Micheal. He had directed some of the biggest blockbusters of the last 10 years. She couldn't believe he was in her apartment, the reasons for his being there had momentarily slipped her mind.

Micheal was pushing 70 now, white hair had no longer required been covered up, he was slender build, his muscles from his younger days now starting to abandon him, along with his eyesight, he sported a designer pair of glasses now days rather than the shades he had always favoured. He wasn't in bad shape but his look was now starting to move more towards the frail grandad, than the beach bod dad he had once had. That said his confidence and power emanated from his soul, he controlled the room, there was no doubt who was in control.

"Chelsea, Jim was right you are quite the looker," he complimented her, "I'm not one to beat around the bush," Chelsea thought this was her signal to suck his cock, but surely not in front of his assistant, he wouldn't be that bold surely, her eyes moved to Keira then back to Micheal. As if he knew her thought pattern he continued.

"No, not yet my love but I like your eagerness. Kiera, please place the contracts on the table."

Keira picked up and opened the first case shuffling through papers and sorting onto the table.

"Now its quite simple darling, im willing to make you very famous, on the table will be 2 contracts, both offer you the role that you so brilliantly portrayed in your audition, both however, come with different stipulations. The first offer on the left is for a tenth of the going rate for this role, you will still submit to my will while we are here today and you will be able to kick start your career off the back of my movie, in the run up you will recieve little mention as all the focus will be on the lead actor."

Chelsea was in a bit of a whirl, this offer was quite derisory and she would still have to 'submit to his will' whatever that meant, she thought a quick BJ and this job would really push her career to new highs, she would be able to live off the publicity alone until release date, at which point royalties and new roles would emerge, it sounded like this offer would mean very little money until release, which could be 2 years out based on her knowledge of the industry, by then all her savings would be well gone. Her heart sank.

Micheal let this run through in her head, he knew it was not really a financially viable option, one that a strong minded woman may have taken but either way he would still get some fun with her no matter what, there was noway she would turn down the job now, no matter what. In all his years only one woman ever refused, and that was only until he went to leave her hotel room.

"The second option darling, which I'm sure you will find more agreeable is for 2 times the going rate for an actress of your experience, an initial 100k signing on bonus, payable today,"

he turned "Keira show her the cheque"

"And finally your face will be on the launch along side our lead role, publicity will be sent your way, id expect you to rise to Hollywood A List status within 12 months. 18 max. I have been doing this along time so trust me I know what I'm talking about. Of course this deal comes with a second caveat"

Micheal paused, he loved it when his prey asked what he wanted, it just solidified his position as the one holding the power.

"What do I need to do" Chelsea asked, expecting he might want to fuck her aswell.

"Quite simple really, he replied, you will be obey my commands today either way but this 2nd offer asks you to agree that after filming is complete you will take part in a second session with those present here today, which will be filmed, the film will be ***********ed and show you as a willing participant should you ever decide to get caught up in this 'ME TOO' or similar charade. There is of course the standard NDAs in here which go without saying. So your choice, im not as young as I once was so I'm going to pop this little blue pill, ill give you 5 minutes to think it through, once you decide simply sign the contract you wish to take. Then take off that God awful hoody, if you don't sign any ill take it you don't want the role and you'll never see me again"

He turned to Keira once more, "Drink please darling"

Keira hurried into Chelsea's kitchen helping herself to the glasses and pouring Micheal a drink. He popped the pill then took a seat on her sofa looking at his phone.