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Gay Revenge Pt 2

2023-01-23 00:01:57

Gay Revenge Pt 2

“What the fuck, what the fuck…”, my head was reeling for days after Jake left, what the hell had I gotten myself involved in and how the fuck was I going to get out of it. Jake told me Terry and he were going to make sure I either do whatever the fuck they wanted to do to me OR I’d lose my cushy “free ride” with my wife. A few days later a temporary reprieve came when Carol needed to go to New York City for three weeks to manage the business and I could figure my way out of this mess, but they had the video of Jake and me and things couldn’t get any worse, or so I thought.

I took Carol to the airport and kissed her good-bye; I loved her, but I married her more for the money she and her family had, what’s more I knew it all along. Still, I didn’t want her or her bank account to get hurt by my behavior, but the thought of having gay sex again really did make me horny. I was surprised when I was halfway back through the terminal and my phone buzzed me with Terry’s caller ID. “Hi, did you get Carol off to the plane OK?”, which scared the hell out of me…was he watching me right now!?!? “Yeah, she’s outta the picture for a few.”. “Well, Jake and I will be waiting at your place with some friends; you better be ready to make us happy!” I couldn’t help but get hard and my pace quickened as my desire grew along with a growing fear of what I was getting into.

The drive home made me even more afraid and horny, and my heart was pounding in my chest when I drove up to the house and saw Terry’s car with a Woman in front, with Jake and two other people sitting in back. I pulled up into the long driveway and I could tell they were getting high on something because the car was filled with a thick haze, and through the back window I could see Jake exhale a huge puff of white smoke as I stopped directly behind them. It was so thick it wasn’t typical of weed so it must have been crystal, then I saw him pass the pipe to the woman in the front seat where she took a hit too then exhaled a huge miasma of cloudy white out the window. Fortunately there was no way the neighbors could see because of all the trees and the brick retaining wall around the property.

Terry got out of the car first, wearing a Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts, just like he always did summers ago, except his belly had gotten bigger and he had thinner hair but now sported a mustache and goatee. He walked towards me with a shiteating smarmy grin and raised his eyebrows. “Well, we meet again! I brought along some friends I knew you wouldn’t mind meeting and some you already know.” nodding towards the car. Then I recognized Lee in the passenger side front seat in a blonde wig, even though I remembered her in either a long brunette wig or her natural short Afro she was unforgettably beautiful.

Funny how when dressed as a man Lee wasn’t very attractive but once Leeah was done up in makeup and a dress she was as gorgeous as any biological woman could be, who also had the biggest thick schlong any man would envy. If it wasn’t for that damn megalomaniac ego I never would have left her. After a minute she opened the door, slid her tapered legs out and stood up and my heart raced; she had gotten a spectacularly large set of breast implants, set off by a low cut cleavage showing summer floral print dress cut mid-thigh high, wearing sheer white stockings and high heeled pumps that accentuated her long tapered legs. She grinned at me as she put something, probably the pipe in her strap handbag and wobbled slightly in her high heels as she walked towards me, which made her ample decolletage bobble enticingly.

Jake was last out, wearing very faded jeans and a leather vest that made him look even skinnier, and he moved slowly, looking as if he had been awake for a week at least. As he approached I noticed his white pallor, flaking skin and red blotches, and the dark circles around his eyes. As Terry grandly made a sweeping gesture with his arm towards my direction when I got out of the car,” Ladies (looking at Leeah) and Gentlemen, may I present our host, Ray Goodwin, whom some of you have had the sorry experience of knowing previously. Ray, I’d like you to meet Tony, and his partner Billy…” Both were very muscular and very tatted, they had very cruel rough beard stubble faces and they gave the air of having done a lot of hooking, probably in the rough trade since both were in new leather work boots and blue jeans and cut off tees and were buffed, intimidating, and scary looking. Neither smiled, and their pupils were dilated to the point of having no color.

Terry and Leeah had dilated red eyes and manic grins, but both Billy and Tony wore almost a sneer on their faces, as if I had done something horribly wrong to their mothers and sisters and they were out for revenge! The thought of taking these two guys into my home was way scarier than the thought of Terry, Leeah, and Jake having their sadistic way with me, but as they stood behind me and Terry grabbed my elbow it was obvious to me I had no choice. I led all of them to the entrance except Jake, who turned and went around to the trunk of the car and opened it and produced a large suitcase and a duffel bag, then ran over to catch up with us.

“You realize of course you are now our ‘Bitch’ don’t you?” I’m sure he could see the fear in my eyes looking at Tony and Billy,” Because if you don’t want your Old Lady to find out about the fun you had with Jake last week, you better be ready to say yes to every little thing we tell you to do”. My legs were wobbly as I opened the front door and led them in, my mind racing as to any way to get out of this, short of murder, while the fear of being hurt myself grew. “We’ll go downstairs, we won’t break anything there” I said, to which Tony laughed out loud and chortled, “Nothing will get hurt but you!”, which all five of them laughed at. We walked into the den, and Terry said as he grabbed me from behind “Off with the clothes, Bitch!”, roughly throwing me face down on the couch. I rolled and sat up quickly but was immediately pinned by my arms by Tony on one side and Billy on the other, then Billy hissed in my ear, “You just better be ready to take it ‘cause we will hurt you a LOT worse if you don’t!”

I looked in his black dead eyes and saw malice and cruelty in them, “Let me go…I’ll be good” He chuckled again, “OH you’ll be good!”. They let me go and I stood, dropped my trousers and removed my shirt, standing trembling in my skimpy stretch briefs, just as quickly as before Tony and Billy grabbed me by the arms and threw me back on the couch. Kneeling upright on the couch cushions on either side of me, the unzipping of their jeans was loud and in stereo in both of my ears, neither of them were wearing any underwear when they ‘fished’ inside their pants, pulling and flopping out both their massive cocks. I sank my head back in the seat to look at their monstrous organs that were still only semi-hard and they could have been twins; thick and gnarled flesh, their cockheads poking out of their meaty foreskins they rose to attention simultaneously and peeled back to reveal dark purple heads and huge gaping pissholes. The skin of their dicks was a dark brownish-red that flushed redder as they pulsed larger and larger. I could see they wore matching chunky steel cockrings that even as big as they were seemed too tight and small to fit either man, their boners grew and grew and the thick tissues were puffily constricted where their man-meat squeezed out of the chrome metal . “You’re gonna be a good Bitch for us, aren’t you?!?” Tony surprised me when pushed out his hips and he slapped my face hard with his now steely erection, making my face sting so much tears filled my eyes and I could feel my cheek turning red where his meaty rigid bar had struck me.

I looked up to see Terry and Leeah standing over me grinning, the tent in Lees dress blatantly apparent; I remembered Leeah was hung HUGE and now the outline of the G-String she was wearing showed it was barely contained. She flipped up her dress, saying” I bet you’ve missed this!” pulling up and out her black pecker sprung out over her panties, bobbing up and down. She giggled, dropping her dress back down over it. Her skirt lifted and fell sexily with each pulse and twitch of her pole, I couldn’t help but have a hard-on as I was mesmerized by the erotic beauty of her gloriously standing before me. Terry slid his arm around her slim waistline, reaching over to squeeze her penis through the hanging fabric, stroking it a few times through the print material, “You’d like some of this, wouldn’t you? Of course, who wouldn’t? But would your Wife approve?” he asked. “How much would you pay for her NOT to find out what’s happening today?” He was breathing hard and grinning like a Cheshire Cat the whole time. I could tell he wasn’t just getting off on humiliating me, but also on Lee’s mesmerizing sexuality and thinking of the orgy to come.

I was so focused on the four of them I failed to notice Jake setting up a camera on a tripod until I looked past them; I bolted upright and saw out of the corner of my eye another small camera clipped to the lamp on the nearby end table. Terry laughed and started to undress, “You don’t think I’m NOT filming this?!?! I’ve got you by the balls and WE are going to keep you there. This won’t cost you too much, but don’t worry, this won’t end up on the web as long as you co-operate. We won’t ask for much.” It was true when I said,” I don’t have access to much of her fortune, it’s handled by a board.”. “We know that dumbshit, here’s our proposition; we want you to go in on our bar with us. You foot the $10,000 it’s been costing us a month and claim you’re a businessman so your Wife and the Board are happy, we get half the profits off the bar so you can pay back the bill and have more than just a little left over to make it all look good.”

I had several businesses before, including a bar, and I knew this would have to be one hell of a bar to cover a $10,000 outlay each month, and I skeptically said so. “Well, it’s not just a Gay Bar, in the basement after hours we have a little bathhouse type sex club going on, patrons only, that we’d like to dress up and expand on. We charge $200 a month to join and the five of us ‘man’ the operation so to speak, it’s open weekends and two nights a week, and we already have 23 regular customers.” “Sounds like prostitution to me!” I indignantly stated, to which Terry laughed, “It would be, except we are all owners of the Bar and we take and share our profit from there. Plus we have a legitimate license for the basement, so the parties are all considered business, no matter what goes on there! So, are you going to be willing to help make this a success, or should we just fuck you now and screw you after we leave?” My mind was reeling but I wasn’t going to have time to think about it now, fearfully yet almost happily I said, “I guess I’m your Bitch…”

Everyone’s erections had subsided somewhat during this exchange, they wanted to get my co-operation as bad as anything else, and I felt extra naughty now knowing I was going to have sex with all of them now as well as having access to my own personal gay sex club! Billy wasted no time, pulling me backwards onto the couch and promptly pushing his semi-soft boner in my face, “Don’t think we’re letting you off easy, you’re still MY Bitch today, even if you’re my Boss next week!” I opened my mouth to take it in and I almost pushed it away as the smell of old sweat and cum filled my mouth and nose, and I suppressed my gag reflex as the metallic taste of dried on sex juices that covered him hit my tongue. There was the faint smell of feces in the hair of his lightly furred crotch, but that was the one thing I couldn’t taste on his beat-red and brown stained cockflesh and having no choice I began to work my mouth around his organ.

I felt a strong hand on the back of my head grab me by the hair, then cram my face down all the way to Billy’s metal cockring, crushing and bruising my lips against it which made me instinctively struggle to try to pull back. Billy quickly grabbed me firmly with both hands on the back of my skull and began to grind his now throbbing erection down my throat, making me gag hard and choke and thrash on his fuckstick. Tears covered my face and snot began to run out of my nose and I tried to jerk away but Terry’s voice filled my ears,” Suck him BITCH!”. It was his hand behind my head forcing me into place while Billys member throbbed even bigger inside my jaws, bumping slimy against the back of my throat and making me choke over and over.

I thought I was going to puke from gagging but fortunately I hadn’t eaten since the night before. I couldn’t see through my sweat and fluid covered eyelids but I felt rough hands lift my legs up off the floor, hoisting my ass into the air while someone else literally tore my undies off. I slid down in the couch cushions which made Billy wrap his right arm firmly around the back of my head to hold me in place while he remained pulling and pushing his meat in my mouth with the left. I could barely breathe as snot and tears and leaking jizz clogged my runny nose as he continued to hump my wet sloppy face. My pecker was semi-soft until I felt a delicate finger lubed with what felt like spit slide into my tight asshole and I grew instantly hard. I was a very tight fit because I only dildoed myself occasionally but the worming finger felt so delicious I reached around and rubbed the soft hand doing me. I wasn’t surprised it was definitely Leeahs. “You remember this, don’t you Ray?” she almost whispered then slid a second wet finger into me. Whoever was holding my legs up effortlessly lifted me higher to give her better access to my bottom, and I realized it must be Tony because Terry was yards away when he said to Jake “let’s get out some lube”.

I could see better now since Billy had pulled some of his enormous pecker out of my throat, allowing me to wipe my eyes while I continued to work my lips and tongue on his big cockhead. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Leeah sitting beside me on the right side of the couch as she moved her nimble fingers, her slim hand in up to the last joint, almost entirely inside me. Her dress was still on but I could feel her hot organ pressing against the side of my leg through the light fabric as hard as a steel bar. My left hand was massaging the loose skin on Billys shaft against my lips so I reached over and grabbed Leeahs pole through the fabric of her skirt and started to stroke her, the cloth barrier wrapped inside my hand held in place against her cockskin and moving them together up and down as a unit. “Mmmhm” she purred “Do that nice and slow…” as I did I could feel a wet spot forming on my thigh where her cockhead slid around my thigh and pre-cum oozed through her dress onto me.

Tony was kneeling upright between my legs as he held them up, his steel cockring squeezing the shaft of his hard-on, swollen dark reddish brown and standing high at attention in the air. “Here’s some grease for his ass, Baby” cooed Leeah as she slid out her fingers, my butthole squeezing tight afterwards. Tony dropped my right leg but continued to hold me up by my left leg without any strain, growling ”I’ll get him ready…”, I heard the sound of smucking and then he pushed his thick index finger covered with Vaseline up my bum without warning or diddling, straight up past his second knuckle. I grunted, the sound escaping around Billys thick shaft as Tony roughly twisted his knobbly rough digit around inside me. Pulling one finger out he slid in another bumpy finger, then he pushed another in beside it and twisted them both in a half circle over and over around in me, slowly and roughly. “He’s fucking tight, I can’t wait to bust his cherry!” “Don’t worry Tony, nothings’ ‘cherry’ on this one, you can bust him all you want!” Terry laughed, standing over and watching things as they proceeded like some naked Ringmaster of a Sex Circus. Tony chuckled, spreading my butthole apart with both fingers, twisting and grinding them slowly in me in half circles, making my prostate swell with the delicious pain of it.

“He’s ready enough Tony. Jake, get a close up on his hand in Ray’s ass!” Jake had been to the left of me all along, filming Billy fucking my face while I was unaware of it, and I saw him turn around and point the small camcorder down to face Tony, Leeah, and my crotch. I was expecting Tony to shove his gnarly hand up my hole and I started to get really scared again, as big as his two fingers were in me I’m sure I couldn’t take his whole fist in there, but Tony pulled them out saying “I don’t want to make him too loose…gimme that…”, then he took a palm full of petroleum jelly out of the big plastic jar Terry was holding and creamed it all over his gnarly, huge cock.

Billy let go of my head and allowed his prick to slop out of my mouth as he forced my head around to look down between my wide open thighs, “You better get ready for this one, I’ve seen guys who couldn’t take him!” My fear increased looking at his enormous dong he was greasing his fist back and forth over; I had taken even bigger dicks, but his cock looked brutal. It was kinked to the side halfway back from the head, had veins like ropes and huge bumps and I even thought I saw whitish scars over the thick red-brown skin. The head was huge, even bigger than Billys, with dark red streaks radiating back from around the gaping red pisshole, it’s edges all ragged and copiously leaking milky fluid in drips and drops from it.

Pressing firmly against my anus he slowly started to open me with it, his hand wrapped around the shaft, squeezing his girth bigger and harder. I could feel the wetness at the tip sliming me as my puckered ring spread apart to take him in, the heat and pressure felt so good at first as Tony took his time and pushed me open wider and wider with his spongy cockhead. I had taken lots of big cocks before but it had been a long time, so as he expanded my hole relentlessly my ring began to sting with the stretching, he kept pushing and gaped me wider the pain continued to increase.

It must have been obvious on my face because Leeah stroked my chin and said “You can take it Baby, I hurt the first time I took it from you...” reaching down she slid her slim hand up and down my now throbbing erection. Tony was pushing hard against my butthole, shaking with the force he was applying, prying my ring of muscle wider, our flesh tearing from the traction of our skin against each other. “Ngggh!” he grunted as my ass-mouth crowned over and around then snapped down behind his peckerhead. Resting a moment to get used to my tight grip on his penis, we were both panting and sweating with the agony of effort it took for Tony to penetrate a mere 2 or 3 inches into my entrance.

Leeah was stroking me very fast and I had to put my hand on hers to slow her ministrations down. “Not so fast, Honey, I won’t last this way!”. “Oh, you’re into this now?”. “Oh yes, I want all of Tony in me!” I gasped, bringing a smile to both of their faces. Billy laughed “Don’t forget I get some of that ass too!” and smacked me in the face again with his massive boner then pushed it wetly all around the side of my head. I suddenly wanted him badly knowing now how thick and full his heavy dong was after he hit me with it. His cock must’ve weighed ten pounds! Instinctively I reached over and grabbed his dick and stroked it over my face. I almost shouted “Oh no, you’re my Billy-Club, and you will fuck me with it!”

Without hesitation voluntarily I put my mouth on him and began to work my tongue around him, making moaning noises of pleasure, which was a huge mistake. I felt Tony grab his dick that was bridged between his crotch and my hole and squeezed it in his massive palm several times, making the blood engorged flesh holding me open expand inside the rim of my donut hole. He roughly jerked it back and forth, working it around deeper into me viciously by hand, shocking me with his sudden malice. I must have pissed him off by paying attention to Billy because his face was mean and he cruelly crammed his knobbed dong past my sphincter inch by inch inside me. It felt like the burls on the limb of an oak spreading me, rock hard lumps sliding through me, pushing my tissues aside and enlarging my tight circle of butt-muscle erratically.

Tony growled at me as he suddenly pushed every inch of himself inside me in a massive shove of his hips and I dropped Billys pecker out of my mouth and let out an involuntary scream that rang in my ears as agony exploded in my asshole. “Squeal like a little girl, Bitch!” he ground himself against my spasming ring of muscle, holding me tight against him with both of his muscular hands on my hipbones. I was impaled on his huge throbbing member, my heartbeat pounding in my head, ears, and chest; the tissues in my ass screaming in unison with every beat of my pulse. The diameter of his dick was enormous, propping me open in pain. He looked down on my squirming body, smiled evilly and wormed his organ in circles within me.

The steel of his cockring was bruising the top surface of my ass-rim as it pushed unevenly against it while he screwed himself deep inside me, and the rhythmic pressure was starting to feel good even while it hurt me. The shock was beginning to wear off and my sphincter started to grow used to accommodating Tony, unknowingly as he stirred my ass wider in cruelty he began to make my hole feel hot and tingly. His grinding shaft, pulsing huge was becoming delicious and I wanted him to fuck me so badly now, but I didn’t want to anger him any more than I had so I looked at him pleadingly and begged him “Please, no more….stop, oh it hurts, it hurts…”

Leeah stood up behind Tony, silkily dropped her panties, and then flopped her big hard boner onto his shoulder for me to see a huge drop of thin jizz roll down his chest. “Fuck him hard, that’s what he likes…” her eyes looked into mine and narrowed “He doesn’t want you to stop, make it hurt him, Tony” looking directly over him down at me. “Oh yeah, Miss Leeah, I’m going to fuck the shit out of him!” Tony started working his cock in me harder and faster but my grip on him meant his prick wasn’t sliding between us so my butthole was jerked back and forth and around, dragged every which way between my butt cheeks. He was too huge to let go of but the Vaseline stared to do its magic as I felt him pull out a tiny bit then penetrate back in, every rapid jerk of his meat made him slip ever so slightly until his furious humping finally greased us apart enough for his swollen organ to begin sliding between us.

Suddenly Tony pulled back until only his big mushroom cap held me open then shoved his lead bar deep back into me. He arched his back, lowered his torso between my legs, pushed his forehead hard into my chest and started chopping his pelvis to and fro against my asscheeks. His breath was ragged and fast as he was sliding the full bumpy length of his pop can thick monster back and forth in me, one second almost pulling completely out the next cramming himself in up to the hilt. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” Involuntarily my breath was forced out my mouth as he bottomed out in my stomach. I couldn’t even think of sucking Billys member so I just held onto his steely bar and stroked it in time to Tony’s strokes. He kept fucking me for a long time, so hard and fast the tissues of my asspussy started to numb, my head grew dizzy because I couldn’t catch my breath since it was being forced from me every other second. Finally as the lube was just starting to dry up Tony drove himself in to his pubic bone, stopped moving and moaned loudly in my ear to everyone. “OH God I need a hit!”

“Ohh, that sounds good” Leeah said “Let’s take a break” Terry said as Tony pushed himself up off me, dripping with sweat, and leaned back upright on his knees. When he did his enormous schlong pulled out of me with an audible “Pop!” and I felt a cool rush of air blast my insides, my guts steaming from the heat of the assault I had just endured. My gaping man-pussy felt delicious and tingly and my legs started to vibrate from being held apart so long as he dropped my legs to the floor, the soles of my feet thudding flat on the linoleum tiles. Against the back of the couch Billy shoved me away from him downward as he got off and I fell sideways on the couch. I was drenched with sweat, my eyelids were sticking together from snot, tears, and Billy’s juices. My own cock dripping clear juice all over my leg and down on the cushion, my belly and pubes all sticky from the precum my battered prostate was forced to produce by Tony and his monster cock. I was trembling so I just laid there watching the four of them walk over to the wet bar, then I closed my eyes and waited for the next round of abuse…