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Swapping Fathers 1

2022-08-10 00:00:04

I'm starting by trying to distill my thoughts on why I loved swinging before I leave that for this new topic. Going forward I will write and contrast what we learned and did with polyamory. Up to this point, I've tried to stay very accurate to our mutual swinging experiences. Everything I've written has been filed as True Stories...because they were.

I'm switching now to filing under Fantasm as there is no category listed as "Mostly True." Fantasm does mean "an illusionary likeness of something." So, I guess that works.

This series will be an amalgamated collection of polyamorous experiences Ash and I had, all combined into one common story thread. This story will "stand alone" but will make more sense or at least seem much deeper, if you've followed us through the first 10 stories. There's so much to say, so many great people we've loved, right up to the present day where we are now living together with multiple very intelligent, very talented, and very beautiful friends.

At the end of this story I'll share the wildest night we ever had swinging...with a "drop dead gorgeous pregnant woman." You will want to stick around to hear about that. It's over the top crazy and is what launched Ash and me into a new lifestyle and this new series of stories I've titled... "Swapping Fathers."


Why I loved Swinging

Obviously swinging affords a lifestyle of plenty of sex. What few people know is that between a "normal couple" at our club, the woman was eventually going to get as much as 2 to 3 times the sex, maybe more, than her husband. But that aside, any guy that attended our club over a few years was still going to have sex a few hundred times with new women. Seriously.

I often had sex with 1-4 women a night, on both Friday and Saturday nights and usually 2-4 weekends a month. Do the math. You get over a 100 new experiences pretty quickly. I guess I had my own type of charm but I'm not a stud or anything special. I was somewhere between a C+ to a B+ type guy. There were plenty of A types that were much more in demand than me. One such guy (Frank from story #7) set the unbelievable record of 17 women on one very special long night. He was "a horse" and an alpha type that almost every woman "wanted to try" at least once. His wife Sharon by the way, did 13 guys on that very same night and she might not have been a classic A type, but still was sexy as hell. She and I once did a nonstop "massage-sex-massage" marathon that lasted 6.5 hours. I guess I should write about that sometime. But I digress.

Ok. So to put all that in perspective, I wasn't in Frank's league yet I could often enjoy more than one lovely lady a night. That was plenty for me.

The big lesson I learned from such varsity guys... Ready for this?

"If you are going to stay at the club for the weekend... Never ever cum until you are about ready to leave!"

Really? Why?

"The best way to ruin a great sexual high is to cum. You can get close a dozen times with a dozen women if...you just don't cum. Ride that wave all weekend. It will keep getting more intense the longer you hold out. Besides, you will learn the real fun is making her cum and cry until she can't stand it anymore!"

"Rookie guys always shoot their wad on the first woman, experience that big let down only to sometimes watch their gal keep going all night. That's not much fun and can take you right out of the mood. That might also cause the evening to go sideways to the point you might not want to come back...while she probably will!"

So that's what sex is often like inside a club, not every club, but a close knit well run club.

Now... After all that sex, all those women, and all those years, did it get old? Nope. So what did/do I still enjoy about it all? Here's the thing...

A new woman is always a mystery. That never gets old. Consequently, I was always on edge trying my best to find out what in the hell she liked and what really got to her. Most of the time that wasn't easy but I loved trying to solve that delicious mystery. For instance...

"Did she love kisses and nibbles on her neck? Or was she ticklish and that irritated her?"

"Did she like to make out first and tongue play or want to skip all that and get down to business?"

"Did she like me taking her clothes off seductively or want to do it herself and strip tease me or was she so shy she wanted to dim the lights way down, strip real quick and jump under the covers?"

"Did she have really sensitive nips and want me to work them until she almost orgasms or does she want just cursory attention on my way down south?"

"Did she like a tongue bath 'on the way down' having a super sensitive navel and inner thighs? Or was she going to think...what the hell is he doing that for?"

"Did she want me to tease her all around her southern lips, only occasionally flicking her clit... Like forever... before finally going for the gold? Or did she get pissed if you wasted time and just wanted me to suck it...NOW!"

"Did she cum only with her clit? Only with her G spot? Her cervix? Or a combination?"

"Did she want oral sex? If so, did she want to do you first or her first? Or 69 with her on top or on bottom? Did she allow or want you to cum in her mouth or be really pissed if you did?"

"If oral was the deal... Then there were a bunch of other issues... Like, with your mouth on her clit, did she want a finger on her G spot too or maybe two or three inside? Or did she want to sit on your face, grind and try to suffocate you? Or did she want to skip the oral and just fuck?"

"If she wanted to just fuck, which way worked best? With you on top? If so, her knees up? Legs on your shoulders? Legs down missionary style? Or her legs down pressed together with yours on the outside of hers...for maximum vaginal rub. Or... If she wants you on the bottom, did she like to face you or was she shy and liked the reverse cowgirl thing? Did she want her nips tweaked while she bounced on your dick or find that distracting? Or... Was she really into doggie style with you pounding her hard as hell? Or... Spooning from behind soft, slow and gentle while reaching around and playing with her nips? If she's small, does she expect to jump up with her legs around your waist? Or is she into some kinda Kama Sutra shit with a gazillion type of positions? Overriding it all, whatever you did... Does she want it fast and hard...or slow, long and sensitively?"

"And paramount to all this and you better figure it out real quick... could she have multiple orgasms? If so, you better plan for that with techniques that allowed her sensitivity to recover after #1 before going for #2, 3, 4... Hell 15! Or did she have just one massive blast that you better carefully build up cuz that was going to be 'her moment' for the night and possibly the reason she comes back next week!"

Pressure! All the guys at the club depended on you being one fantastic fuck and GET her to COME BACK!"

"And speaking of pressure, one final thing... You gotta figure all that mystery stuff out on the fly. Because for many women, especially the new ones, it's best not to ask. She might be shy, get embarrassed, not want to tell ya, or hasn't really figured it out yet herself... or most likely she's thinking... really "hot studs" like you should simply know what to do!"

I could go on. But you get the idea. Women are a frickin mystery. They are all different from one to another and the complexity rises when they all can be different on different nights.

That my friend is the cool thing... The mystery.

If you can learn to like all that vs just getting irritated with a woman's complexities, then swinging might work for you. But consider this... Can you handle doing all that multiple times a night? That's why one or two women was plenty for me.

But "the mystery" is not the only big deal for me. There are a couple things even better. Here they are...

First... It's the exquisite moment when your cock finally touches the lips of a brand new vagina, you pause there a moment, savor the touching, the light grazing of her lips, the sliding in slowly, the feeling of her clenching your cock, the pulsing, the tightness and your pause for her to adapt, or the big, warm and wet sensation a mother of kids usually has. Doesn't matter. It's always a wonderful realization you are in the most intimate physical place two humans can share together. I never ever get tired of that singular feeling.

Next time you start to fuck, just stop. Take some time, pause to feel that feeling, savor being inside before the banging begins. There's nothing quite like that first sensation you get, the first time you're in. Gawd I love sex with different women.

Secondly... There is a unique type of rush when you are inside, inside some guy's prized possession... his woman. It's different from fucking a legitimately single girl. When it's someone's wife, fucking her is not supposed to happen in our society, she's not supposed to want it and if she does, he should be outraged... yet there you are inside her, she's wanting you there, you're going to spray your seed way up inside her, and for that moment...she is yours not his. It's always intense. I'll give you an example of one such incredibly unusual fuck.


Ash and I were at a very big club one Saturday night. It wasn't our usual club. It wasn't as intimate as we like but it was pretty big, outrageous and at the time close to 200 people attending.

It was situated in a safe country setting off a main road with the road frontage being all trees and a winding driveway that led to a large clearing that could handle a couple hundred cars. From the road you had no idea what was going on. Once in there, the parking attendants directed where to park your car and it was then a short walk to the Clubhouse main building. This building played the role of the social mixer. It had a large dance floor, nice DJ, a bar and buffet, several pool tables and dart boards, and dozens of tables for you both to sit down and meet people. Yup. Just like being at a normal club. Except...

Outside there were at least a half dozen out buildings and several hot tubs where most of the action happened. One of those was a big circular style group room with screens as it's walls. That was the voyeur room and usually had singles and couples gathered outside watching those inside putting on a show. It was always intense and sometimes kinda funny in sexy sorta way. For all the singles... Worth the price of admission.

There were also several small private one room type buildings where couples could play out of view but our favorite was a bigger "couples only" building that had one large dimly lit room with the floor literally covered in mattresses and the perimeter lined with chairs. On a busy night there might be 30-40 people rolling around and playing together and more on the sidelines watching. Everyone affectionately called it the "puppy pile." It was actually much more inviting than I think I'm capable of describing. I'll say this. Ash liked it. Women liked it as the room felt comfortable, safe and hilariously fun just lying together with that many similarly sexy couples. Before you were done, you probably had lost count on how many women you had fucked, had no idea what their names were, or sometimes what they even looked like. I've been there when one of them had climbed on my face nearly suffocating me with her pussy and felt more than one other climb on top of my dick and "rape" me. It was usually pretty outrageous. And get this... The women liked it the most. I never quite understood that. Maybe it was the "critical mass" type thing with so many people there and normal inhibitions not a problem. Maybe, since most of the guys were lying on their backs, the women could move around at will from cock to cock while reaching over to "make out" with the woman sitting on a dick right next to them. I often thought it would've made a great porno film.

Anyway on one rather slow night, with only a few couples on the mattresses, something very special happened. Ash and I were actually just messing around with each other when in comes a very attractive couple. He was handsome, in great shape, dressed well and obviously quite wealthy. She was the most beautiful pregnant women I had ever seen and quite similar to Ash actually, in size and sexy demeanor but... She with long blonde hair, gigantic breasts and a tummy the size of a basketball. Turns out she was due any day, was extremely horny, and against her Dr's orders continued having sex with her husband throughout the latter weeks.

Tonight, she had come to fuck and they came to the club realizing they might be heading to the hospital later that night. Crazy huh?

I watched them size up the room, strip quickly, and lie down right next to us. It took all of maybe 60 seconds and we were switching partners. But here's the thing. She pulls me off to the side all by ourselves. And while she has her hands around my dick, she whispers...

"You have the perfect sized cock. It's not too small and not too big. You have no idea how much I need this in me. Have you ever fucked a pregnant lady? I mean other than your wife?"

"No I haven't. You sure you want to do this? Is it safe? My, you look like you're ready to pop!"

She breaks out in a big smile and says, "If I start contractions, we are packed and ready to go to the hospital right from here. This is my first child. I had no idea women get this horny during their pregnancies. I've been "wearing him out" for weeks so we decided to come here tonight while I still can. So yes. I want to fuck and if you are up for it, this is going to take awhile."

It was pretty much a rhetorical question because... My, my, this was a beautiful woman... and this was about to become a very different club experience when she begins whispering stuff like this in my ear...

"Please suck on my nipples. They feel on fire. They've never felt this way. Maybe my milk is ready to come in. I'd love it if it did. Right now. Wouldn't that be cool? You know, right now in your mouth?"

Whoa. Now that wasn't something you hear everyday. But there was no time to consider that offer. I was getting a very full, very big, very firm breast with an equally large nipple pushed into my mouth. This was a woman not to be denied and she WAS taking total control. I did not have to do the switching back and forth between breasts. She did that for me and my mouth and tongue were completely her's to play with.

"That feels incredible! Oh please suck a little harder. Suck... Yea...hold it there. Yea just like that. Now wait, keep sucking, see if the milk comes in. Ok try this one. Keep sucking. Little harder. Ok. Try this one again. Just lick it for awhile. Oh that feels great. Ok. Suck it again. Harder. Harder! I want you to be the first to taste my milk!"

While all this is going on, her legs are around my stomach and she is grinding me as best she can. She is wet. I mean she is creating a puddle on my gut that is starting to trickle off the sides while giving off simply adorable moans.

I gotta interject something here. There were things about her that just wasn't fair for a guy like me. Her voice for instance was my personal favorite... a perfect blend of low alto pitch and sexy raspiness. I'm telling ya, nothing about this night was going to be fair and I wouldn't stand a chance.

Here's the thing about being with a woman that far along... Her tummy is freaking huge. It's not only big but hard as a rock. It's not easy to negotiate sex over or around that thing and I'm quite sure I couldn't do it if I was on top. That would be like trying to fuck someone with a basketball between you both! That problem was something she had evidently figured out. She managed by topping me! So while on top, to get her tits in my mouth she had to be up on her knees straddling my stomach and hanging her boobs down to my mouth. If those beauties had not been so big, and I mean huge, she could've never reached my mouth and still manage to rub her clit, (with a perfectly shaved pussy by the way), on my stomach too. That basketball was just that big. She did however manage a string of mini orgasms and that seemed to only stop when she reached further down to whisper in my ear again.

"I like you. I like you a lot. I want to feel you inside me. Are you ready? Are you ready for your cock in there next to my baby? Think she will be able to tell I'm fucking someone other than her dad? I'm going to lean back and get you inside now. Hey... Maybe that will help my milk come in!"

So she does, slips it in, and "prego intercourse" was on the night's agenda.

She's sitting upright, the big bump is now off my chest and skillfully grinding her clit above my cock while gently sliding it in and out. This wasn't fast and furious thank goodness. I would've cum pretty quick if it was. This was her using me to get off a bunch of times, one after another until she was too tired to continue. Then it was break time with her rolling off onto her side next to me which started the sensuous kissing.

Now I'm a kisser. Not all guys are. Not all women are either. This one was. She liked tracing my lips with the tip of her tongue, tracing my nostrils, and tracing my eyelids. She liked getting her tongue under my lips and tracing my gums before twirling it on, around and under my tongue. I'm telling ya. This whole encounter wasn't getting any more fair. Who ever gets to play with a woman like this? And the late pregnancy issue put the intimacy way off the charts.

After we both have thoroughly exhausted our tongues, she lays her head on my shoulder and "that whispering thing"... Well it starts up again.

"I love fucking you. Why haven't we met before? Look at your wife and my husband. It's like they were made for each other. I'm not sure I've ever seen him fuck someone that well. Have you been listening to her cum? We have got to get your number tonight. Please? I've wanted, no we've wanted another couple to play with for so long. You both are just so perfect!"

And then after a short while... "Ok. Ready to go again?"

So she's back on top doing her thing and I'm lying there with both hands twisting her nips thinking... "These have to be the most perfect, most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. And her face... Look at that smile! Those dimples. I love dimples. Those freckles. I love freckles. Those eyes., there's nothing better than eyes. And those long eyelashes! And the way her long curly hair falls around her face! Can this really be happening? Am I dreaming? I might be in a lot of trouble. Feels like I'm falling for this woman."

So just while I'm thinking all that, she rolls off again to my side and skillfully keeps one hand around my cock stoking it very slowly, lightly rubbing the tip each time she gets to the top, (just like Ash does when she's messing with my mind) and ever so softly and slowly whispers this in my ear...

"Want to hear something really crazy? You are the dream I've had during much of my pregnancy... I've dreamt many times Mike and I would meet a couple, fall in love with them, and next time I'm pregnant it would be your baby and she would have his baby! Isn't that wild? I've told Mike about it and you know what he said... it was the hottest damn thing he had ever considered. If I wanted to carry someone else's baby...he's fine with it. Isn't that freaky? That's why I really wanted to come here tonight. I knew this would probably be the last chance to meet 'that couple' before the baby comes. So here we are and here you are! I'm sorry. I don't blame you if that's too weird! Please believe me. Mike and I aren't some crazy dangerous couple. It's just the dreams. They kept happening! Listen. Right now, it feels like I'm falling in love with you and I don't even know your name. I'm Kim. What's your name? Wait...let me guess. The guy in my dream was named James!"

Holy crap! This shit just got seriously real! And she's saying all this while stroking my cock. That's not fair. I'm right on the edge and both my heads are spinning just like Ash does when she's fucking with my sensibilities.

I'm pretty convinced I am in a lot of trouble when... "Oh shit...she's using that tongue on my dick!"

Now normally speaking, and this experience was anything but normal, I would be having some serious reservations about all that talk. I might've even got up and left the room. But as I said, I was feeling like I was falling in love with her even before the weird whispering began. Her sexy crazy talk was just throwing gas on that fire. This is one spectacular woman, a once in a lifetime kinda woman, and meeting her like this while pregnant gave her and her entire body a type of glow that was simply radiant, intoxicating...hell, way more than that. I can't think of any words worthy of that moment. I only knew this. It was way beyond my ability to resist.

Then Kim lifts her head up and calls over to her husband...

"Mike... Do you realize this is THAT COUPLE?"

"Yes dear they are" as he lifts his mouth off Ashley's pussy. "Figured that out about a half hour ago!"

Now that brought Ash alive. "What couple? What couple are we?"

"You tell her Kim. I'm busy" as he goes back to work on my lovely wife's clit.

It seems like whenever Ash and I are approaching some life changing event, Ash's clit or my dick is always involved.

Now... Somehow during the "Kim and Jim's little basketball game" we had worked ourselves clear across the room. So Kim says, "Let's move over there by them." And off we go, Kim trying desperately to balance while walking on her knees across those mattresses and me following close behind with a "full mast" hard on.

Once there Kim again takes things over, tells me to lay down very close to Ash and climbs on top with that full belly right out there for both of us to admire. Ash starts stroking her tummy hoping for some baby movement and you guessed it... She immediately feels a series of little kicks against her hand. It goes on long enough that she and I can actually see them! That does it for Kim. She takes that as a sign and proclaims, "my baby recognizes both of you too!"

Ash again starts up with... "Will one of you please tell me what's going on?" And follows that with "Oh Mike don't stop that. Don't stop!"

I'd say things started getting a little crazy but we were already way beyond crazy. Kim just smiles, lines up over my cock, starts her little bounce while Mike is humming his lips really hard on Ash's clit vibrating the hell out of it. Ash is still asking what's going on while being interrupted by a new moan and I'm trying my best not to come but it's close. Real close when Kim grabs Ash's hand, pulls it up to her breast so Ash can rub it, takes Ashley's breast and starts caressing it while she leans down to whisper in both of our ears...

"I've seen you both in a dream all through this pregnancy. I knew his name was going to be James. I knew we would all meet, fall in love with each other and I saw that in two years I'm going to have his baby and you're going to have my husband's. I've had that dream over and over. I'm sorry if that freaks you both out but it's true. I bet the two of you will eventually feel it's true too."

With that Ashley starts convulsing in one of the longest and most powerful orgasms I've ever seen her have. Kim smiles, turns to me and says, "Come inside me now! Spray your cum all over my baby!"

And like on command I did. Ash is cumming and I'm cumming and Mike and Kim get this huge smile on their faces like they had just won the lottery or something. Mike gets up on his knees and starts a tongue bath with Kim while she is licking all of Ashley's juices off his face. It was one hellava moment. .


That was the pinnacle of the type of rush I often had while fucking someone else's wife. What was different this time was... Kim. She felt like she was now mine. Hell, she even wanted and was planning on having my baby. She had it all worked out in her dreams, was already looking past this pregnancy to her second baby... my baby, just two years from now. It almost felt like I didn't have a say in the matter. I was absolutely going to be the next father in her mind like it or not! It was going to be her dream come true. Holy mother of God! What just happened?

I think both Ash and I came down from our orgasms with a profound sense that our lives might have just taken a huge frickin turn.

All four of us are lying there tired and sweaty and sticky with cum all over us... and like right on que, Kim gets a contraction.

Holy cow! It's happening. The baby's coming and as I see my cum pouring out of her pussy, I realize in a very short time Kim's little girl is coming right out that beautiful pussy.

As we scrambled to get dressed there was no time to savor our intimate night together. Panic was starting to set in. By the time we got to our cars Kim's contractions were very regular and under eight minutes apart. How could we leave them like that? Staying together seemed the natural thing to do so we rushed off to their hospital with Ash and Kim in the back of Mike's SUV. It's an hour away and we are all praying for enough time to get there...but this baby seems anxious to meet us.

This extraordinary night was a long way from being over.


Closing Notes

I'm not sure I ever could serious consider "knocking up" another man's wife. Sure, I might have fantasized about it, maybe even often, but actually doing it? Definitely not. But I know one thing... Ash sure the hell did.

She had told me many times, long before we had met Mike and Kim, that having another man's kid was the one fantasy, the most powerful trigger to most of her orgasms. She loved pretending some guy was impregnating her and she was going to have his baby...not mine! She claimed there was something in that fantasy that would get to any woman. Something very primal. Something wired deeply inside and if I loved her and trusted her, I would just deal with it.

How did I "damn deal with" it? Not so well. Would I ever consider letting her? Not at first. But, like so many other things, we talked about it a bunch of times, of course always all jacked up on the edge. I had a ton of issues. Hell, there was only complications, and danger, and even disaster every way I sliced it. So much so, Ash refused to talk about it any more unless we were in bed and she was playing with my cock. During those times resistance seemed to melt, at least enough that we could find it a hot thing to contemplate.

However, now we had actual names and faces to that fantasy and both of these crazy women were conspiring against me to have one or more kids that weren't going to be their husband's!

Could we really do it? Could sharing kids build bonds between the four of us as the girls believed or would it turn out to be disastrous and the worst mistake we've ever made?

Over time, I admitted I'd love to make a kid with Kim. I even had my own little term for it... "Kim's and Jim's kid."

As for being ok with Ash having Mike's baby? Well not so much. I know, I know... Ash was forever reminding me I was in the middle of a big double standard. And she continued to remind me it would still be "her kid" and therefore actually "our kid" and that child would always remind us how wonderfully free and sexual we were, and how this birth would be the most avant-garde thing we could possibly do, and how her clock was ticking, and what strong love bonds we would create with them, and how this was our one chance to explore something few others ever get to explore, and how the jealousy and ownership issues I was feeling were something we always thought should be conquered anyway, and this was just an important extension of everything we had already discovered... and always... "Tick tock"

Don't get me wrong. I sincerely loved Ash but this was pushing it. I loved the kids we already had and raised. We didn't need any more. And even though what I loved most about Ash was her sexy way of viewing life, this was different. It was way the hell "out there in fantasy land."

Ash wanted it a lot. So maybe. Crazy as hell maybe. But all that is another story.


One final note... Did we ever hear of that kind of arrangement happening? Yes, once with one of the best looking women at our club, someone we really liked, especially Ash. It seemed to really work for them and maybe that's what kicked Ash's fantasy/desire for a new baby... Some other guy's baby.

I think swapping fathers is rare and I also think most people who did wouldn't publicize it. We sure weren't going to tell people about our thoughts or plans.

So my friend, now you know the story I've been waiting to tell you since we started ten stories ago. This was our game changing night and our ultimate fantasy. Making babies and "Swapping Fathers."

Hope you enjoyed this. Now go catch up to us by reading our earlier stories. You'll need that background to handle where this is going.