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The Mysterious Tentacle Forest Alien_(1)

2022-08-11 00:00:03

It was a cold winter's night and my car had broken down in the middle of a long lonesome dirt road without phone reception, surrounded by miles of forest terrain. I hadn't seen a passing car in two hours on my trip and I was still a solid seven hours drive from my destination. As I opened the glove box of my car, I pulled out a map to look at, so then I would realise where about's I was. While looking at the gigantic map, the road I was on seemed to not exist. And even though I had chosen to take the the road I did, I had no clue of knowing how to escape this dark, misty dirt road. As I laid back in my seat and tried to sleep until sunrise, I heard a strange noise coming from forest. It was freezing cold and my body refused to exit the car. The strange noise continued for half an hour straight and I could no longer resist but to go and search for where this noise was coming from. As I opened my car door, I placed my foot down in thick mud. Already I did not want to enter my car again as I was not willing to get my brand new car dirty. As I placed both feet down in the thick mud, I began to walk towards where the noise was coming from. I was only wearing a t-shirt and short pants so I was struggling to walk at a fast pace in this cold weather.
After walking about a mile, I looked around me in the dark forest, noticing to being surrounded by large tree vines. The noise was now only metres away and I began to kneel down on one leg and creep up on this mysterious creature without it noticing me. Everything went silent... I began to look around me, but nothing was to be seen. As I moved my right foot, something was grabbing hold of it in the thick muddy long grass. I tried to tug my foot a second time, but it was if i was chained to a tree. I went to grab the mysterious object wrapped around my right foot, when noticing it was a slimy vine like tentacle grabbing hold of me. Before I knew it, a second tentacle grabbed hold of my left foot. Now i was stuck completely and could not move. As I tried to jump out of the slimy tentacles, I fell flat on my stomach and flipped around onto my back, facing towards the bush of where the tentacles were coming from. Before I could even blink, more tentacles came flying out of the dark bush and ripping off both my shirt and pants and grabbing hold of both my wrists. I was now lying completely naked on cold muddy ground with tentacles wrapped around my arms and legs. I was so terrified so I began to shout. "HELP, PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP"! Within seconds of shouting a large slimy object appeared right in front of me sending me speechless. It was shaped like a giant green alien slime ball with tentacles popping out everywhere shaped like long shafts with penis tips on the end and releasing huge amounts of warm lubricant.
I was now scared for my life as I was unaware of what was going to happen next. The alien then wrapped more tentacles around my chest and legs and began rubbing my body slowly with a warm lubricant spurting from small holes in its shafts. As i began to squeal and move in distress, more little tentacles wrapped around my fingers and toes and squirted more lubricant over my skin to warm my body up. I was now feeling rather warm and calm, then I was when suffering from the freezing air.
The alien dragged me behind the bush where there was a cave with a sweet smell coming from it. As the alien dragged me into the cave a large bolder covered the entrance of the cave and I became very frightened. There was more tentacles showing from the cave ceiling which were all lit up like light bulbs and all traveled through cave holes and were attached to the alien. From the alien tentacles lighting up the ceiling, I was able to see everything that was going on. As I was held up in the air naked by tentacles, tens of more larger tentacles came flying out of the alien. As I was about to shout again, before I knew it, a large throbbing purple tentacle came thrashing into my open mouth, leaving my mouth full without a word to mumble. The huge throbbing tentacle in my mouth began to ejaculate a warm thick liquid in my mouth which tasted extremely sweet and I could just not stop getting enough of it, as I was enjoying every second of it. "MMMFFMMM MHHMMFFF"
As I was to detached on focusing on sucking on the tentacle shaft, I felt a tentacle shaft rise over my chest and start dripping lubricant on my penis. I then opened my eyes and looked down at my penis to notice the aliens tentacle penis tip opening wide up with thousands of tiny tentacles inside of the tip. Smaller tentacles began to wrap around my ball sack and slowly tickle my penis which got me hard instantly. The large tentacle penis tip then put its mouth tip over my entire penis and began sucking and pumped my shaft which was giving me major orgasms and increasing the size and hardness of my penis dramatically.
As I was being being mind controlled by the alien, I heard a huge slosh noise come from the alien. A huge tentacle shaft slipped around my body and began shooting warm slime on my asshole as my legs were spread wide apart.
I felt the enormous tentacle shaft rubbing between my ass cheeks. As I went back to focusing on sucking the tentacle in my mouth. The huge tentacle rubbing between my ass cheeks, slowly began to press against my asshole. I moaned with the tentacle inside of my mouth "MMMMMFFF MMUHHHH"
The huge tentacle shaft then ripped open my asshole and began to slowly fuck inside of me.
The feeling was incredible as the tentacle began to shoot warm lubricant inside of me. I couldn't resist but moan out loud. The tentacle in my mouth came out and I began to moan as loud as Iv'e never shouted before.
Nothing was to be heard outside of that deep dark forest cave, as the closest town wasn't for another 100 miles.
I was enjoying it so much, that the alien began to use all of its tentacles and drench me in warm slime, until my entire body was covered in its slime.
The alien then used every tentacle to rub against every part of my body. Tentacles began to rub against my feet and toes, while I was jerking two huge cock shaped tentacles in both hands aimed right at my face.
The huge tentacle fucking my asshole became to dig deeper and root faster as I could feel the bulge of the tip pushing through to my stomach. The feeling was sensational and I never wanted it to stop. The alien had easily been fucking me in its bondage state for over 6 hours which I was enjoying every minute of and not getting tired of due to the liquid I was swallowing from the alien. The alien could prevent me from cumming with using its tentacle and sucking up every last drop of cum inside of me.
As it reached morning, the alien had pumped every drop of cum out of me which was ready to explode everywhere. Whilst the alien was ready to spray litres of cum all in and over me. The alien stopped every bit of movement as I heard a mumbling sound coming from its insides. I clenched my fists and curled my toes as the tentacle shaft covering my penis pulled off. My penis had enlarged dramatically to at least 25 inches tall and 8 inches wide! And was throbbing red with large thick veins pulsating all over my penis.
I could feel the cum pushing up through my penis as it was the longest and greatest orgasm feeling.
Thats when the alien released all of its cum in me and on me. I became to cum everywhere with large amounts of cum spurting out for minutes on end. "OH MY GOD YESSSSS UHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
The alien released gallons of warm cum inside of my asshole and mouth. The two tentacles i was stroking in both hands exploded huge amounts of warm cum all over my face and body. The little tentacles wrapped around my feet and waist began to cum all over my body as well. The taste was amazing, but there was just so much that my body couldn't hold it. "UHH KEEP CUMMING! MMFFFMM DONT STOP! UHHMMFFF"!
I could feel the cum rushing into my stomach and filling up my asshole completely, as well as my mouth and throat. I was now completely full will alien cum inside of me and there was still more being pushed through the aliens tentacles. I was so full of the aliens cum, that cum began spurting out of my mouth, nose and asshole. The alien had finished after a solid 5 minutes of cumming.
As i laid there slowly panting and moaning, I tried to pull my hands and feet out of the tentacles..... The alien did not let go. What was happening? Was I trapped here forever?
To be continued...