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Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 5, Part 1 - NO SEX IN THIS SEGMENT

2022-10-21 00:41:03

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Four young college girls on a skiing vacation have to find other things to do when an excess of new snow traps them in their cabin. This is the sixth in this series and describes a day with life- changing events for Kevin and for Julie.

There is basically NO SEX IN THIS SEGMENT. What was supposed to be a minor interlude setting up some character development got away from me and grew on its own to became a whole segment. I was going to hack it back down to size, but I like the story so I am putting it in its own segment that you can just skip if you want to.

If you just want the sex - which is what I am usually looking for in stories like this - skip to Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 5, Part 2. That has no character development, just electro- sex, bondage sex, anal sex and maybe even a replay of some lesbian action in the hot tub.

This story might make more sense if you have read the previous days of "Three J's and an S Go Skiing"

For the most part, the stories in this series are pretty mild.

If you are looking for heavy duty stuff, try one of my other story series.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

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Joan and Sara were both hanging almost limp in their chains when Judy came out of the bedroom in the morning. Their bodies were covered with sweat and they were both moaning softly and rocking their hips slightly.

"Oh my God," yelled Judy. "Ron, come out here."

She ran over and tried to unclip Joan's wrist cuffs. "Help me," she yelled to Ron as he came out of the bedroom. "We have to get them down."

Joan seemed to wake up slightly and smiled a very odd and wrinkled smile at Judy. "Have you ever been overwhelmed with pleasure?" she asked in an odd, sleepy sounding voice. "Have you ever been so far into pleasure that nothing else exists?... no time... no space... no pain... not even your body. All that exists is pleasure."

"It looks like sensory exhaustion," said Ron.

Judy looked at him with a very confused expression on her face, and he continued. "In laymen's terms, 'You fucked her brains out.' She is so overloaded on endomorphins and endorphins right now from the pain and the pleasure sensations that her brain has basically shut down."

"Do you mean she is high on pain and pleasure?"

"Actually..." Ron paused as if he was going to explain further, but instead said , "Yes... short answer, Yes. She's OK. She just needs to sleep it off."

"Is Sara OK?" asked Judy as she and Ron lowered Joan to the couch.

"I'm fine," came a voice from behind them. "I was just asleep. Continuous multiple orgasms, even if they were kind of small ones, can really wear you out. I think Joan blew a fuse about 2:00 am. The batteries in my unit ran out around 3:00 and I decided to go to sleep."

"She wore out the machine," slurred Joan. "I think that is the text book definition of sexually insatiable."

As Ron and Judy freed Sara from her cuffs, he asked, "Are you sure you're OK?"

"I'm more than OK," answered Sara, "I'm fine - mighty fine."

Ron laughed and shook his head, "I am really going to regret ever having said that, aren't I?"

Sara just gave him one of her lopsided grins and rubbed her wrists where the cuffs had been.

"Let's get Joan into bed," she said and began to pull Joan to a standing position. Ron and Judy help take her into the bedroom. Just as they were setting her down on the bed, there was a loud roar from outside the window and a thudding noise of something being thrown against the cabin.

"What in the hell is that?" snapped Judy.

Ron quickly looked out the window and answered, "The state blower."

Sara and Judy looked out through the top of the window that wasn't buried in snow. A fairly large state highway department dump truck was passing slowly by. On the front of it was the biggest snow blower either girl had ever seen. It was the width of one lane of the highway, and instead of having just one whirling blade cutting through the snow, there were six blades stacked one on top the other so that the snowblower's mouth pushing into the snow was as tall or taller than the truck it was mounted to. Two pickup trucks with "Dave's Snow Removal" signs on the doors followed slowly behind it.

When the pickup trucks got to the driveway, the second truck stopped and two men got out and took something out of the bed of the pickup truck. It was a long, white, fiberglass pole with a little red flag on the top of it. The walked up onto the snow and then a little way into the driveway before pushing the rod into the snow as far as it would go. They pulled it back out and then took a few more steps and pushed it in again. They repeated this until the rods suddenly would only go about half as far into the snow.

"What are they doing?" asked Judy.

"Probing for cars," answered Ron. "Pretty soon a small tractor with a big snow thrower on the front of it will come up the road and clear the driveway back as far as the car. The probe flags tell it when to stop so it doesn't chew up your car. Later another crew will come by and dig out your car."

"That's nice of them," said Sara.

"And they are well paid for it," replied Ron with a chuckle. "It is all part of the yearly fees for these cabins. They end up doing this two or three times every winter. But this is probably the worst it has been in quite a few years."

He turned around and checked Joan's pulse and then lifted one of her eyelids to look into her eye. "Let's let her sleep for a while. She should be pretty good in an hour or so."

"I'm going upstairs to fix some breakfast," said Sara. "You two come up when you are ready."

Fifteen minutes later Ron and Judy came upstairs. Both were wearing the sweatsuits they had been wearing the night before. Kevin and Julie were already at the table. They, too, were wearing their sweatsuits from the previous evening. Sara, on the other hand, was wearing only her collar.

"No bacon this morning?" asked Judy.

"Found the aprons," answered Sara, pointing to an apron hanging on the knob of one of the cabinet doors.

"I made the decision for bacon and eggs," announced Sara. "There is also toast and coffee."

The five sat around the table eating and talking for almost an hour and a half when Kevin announced that he was going to go take a shower. He had been gone for only a few moments when the sound of a roaring engine and a loud klaxon horn could be heard in front of the cabin.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit," yelled Ron as he dashed into the living room and drew aside the curtains.

The large highway snowblower was roaring past at high speed with the driver leaning out of his window to see around the machinery. "Kevin!" yelled Ron. "Gear up! All call! we're going out! "

"What's happening?" asked Julie.

"Only a couple of things would pull a state blower away from a job, and only ONE thing would cause him to lock down the horn and not put the blower in travel position. There's been an avalanche somewhere on the mountain."

He already had the satellite phone in his hands when it began to beep. He answered with "Where? How bad?" Then he listened for a minute or two and hung up.

Kevin came running into the room, drying his hair. "Some idiot," explained Ron to Kevin, "followed their GPS up the summer access road on the other side. He thought he could get up to the lodge through there because it didn't show as closed on the highway conditions website. Hell, it isn't even on the highway conditions website because it's got big chains across it from the end of September to the end of May. The chains must have been buried in the snow and the idiot just drove on through."

"He got through to the Sheriff on his cell phone and explained what happened. They sent a county plow up there to rescue him. Plow driver reported that he had reached the car and was going to bring them back in his truck when suddenly he yelled 'Avalanche!' and they lost radio communication."

"The driver must have activated his emergency locator beacon, because they have a solid ping on the emergency frequency. A little while later they got a real weak transmission they think is from the driver. Something about putting his bed up and hoping it would poke through the snow."

"How bad is it?" asked Sara.

Ron paused in putting on his boots and said a measured, calm voice. "If a highway dump truck driver is hoping that his fully raised bed is poking through the snow, they are buried deep."

"What about the people in the car?" asked Judy.

"If the people were inside the car..., and if the car wasn't swept too far away.., and if we can find them..., and if the car wasn't crushed..., and if the car windows weren't blown through by the snow..., and if we can get to them in time..., we might be able to save them."

Ron then turned to Kevin, "Air rescue is going to drop locator strobes on the beacon. Two county rescue crews and a highway snow emergency crew will meet us there. We are going up and over the black diamond slope to intersect with the road on the back side."

He then turned to Judy and said, "If everything goes OK, we should be back in a few hours."

"And if not?"

"Put flowers on my grave every spring." Said Kevin.

With that Ron and Kevin ran out across the deck and down into the back yard. The two snowmobiles with the emergency sleds behind them soon roared away from the cabin. They evidently had European-style sirens because their exit was accompanied by what sounded like two donkeys singing soprano.

"What did he mean by that?" asked Julie.

Joan answered from the top of the stairs behind them. "They are going over to the west side of the mountain and cutting across under the high bluffs. It's normally blocked off all winter because of the extreme risk of avalanche. Just because the snow slides once doesn't mean it won't slide twice. He was serious. If the snow lets loose again, and they are under it, they might not come back."

Judy and Julie hugged each other and both began crying.

Sara called out from the living room. "They have it on TV."

The four of them stood in front of the set watching what was apparently a live feed from a news helicopter. A news anchor was talking, but he was only describing what they could already see. Below and to one side of the news copter, a small, red helicopter was hovering over a small clearing. A man in an orange jumpsuit was leaning out of the side opening holding something which he dropped to the ground. He then held another, and another and dropped them. Three bright orange strobe lights began blinking in the clearing. The camera zoomed in for a close up of the lights. A long green strip of metal that looked something like a park bench could be seen on the snow.

"That's the top of the truck!" exclaimed Judy. "The snow has to be ten to fifteen feet deep."

As they watched, two red snowmobiles came into the picture. As soon as they came to a stop, two men in yellow jumped off of each of them carrying a shovel and ran to the center of the strobe lights. All four began digging frantically in the snow near the green metal. In a few moments one of the men jumped into the hole and bent low as if he were looking at something. A moment later the others pulled him back up out of the hole and two of them lay flat on the ground with their hands extended down into the hole. It was obvious they were pulling on something, or something was pulling on them. The other two also reached down into the hole and soon a new pair of hands could be seen, and then arms, and then the torso of a man wearing a bright yellow-green vest.

The rescued plow driver was pointing at the snow in front of the truck. Then he made a rolling motion with his arms and hands. The newscaster whispered dramatically, "I think he is trying to tell them that the car was swept off the road and was rolled further down the hill."

Another snowmobile came into the picture. This one was the same yellow-green as the driver's vest. There were two men on it in bright orange snow suits with vests identical to the driver's.

"I believe those are highway personnel," intoned the news anchor.

"No shit, Sherlock," muttered Joan.

One of the men took something out of a silver case. It looked somewhat like a radar gun, but had a much larger screen on it. The other man spoke with the driver for several seconds and then both of them got onto the snowmobile and roared out of the picture.

"I think that is a heat sensor," said Judy. "They are hoping to spot the heat of the car engine."

The man suddenly pointed to a spot on the ground about twenty feet downhill from the truck. The four rescue workers again began digging frantically. As they were digging, the camera backed out slightly to show Ron and Kevin's bright orange snowmobiles arriving on the scene.

"Well, at least they made it that far," said Joan.

"You're real hopeful," replied Julie.

"Just being honest," answered Joan.

The newscaster reported, "It would appear that snow emergency ambulances have arrived on scene. If Newscopter 11 can pan back down the road a little ways, we should be able to see how far the hospital ambulances have gotten."

The helicopter pilot followed the anchors direction and turned so that the cameraman could zoom in on the state blower truck several miles away moving slowly up the road. Three regular ambulances were following in its path.

"Stay there a moment," ordered the anchor, and the cameraman zoomed in on the highway snowmobile as it arrived at the ambulances. The ambulances stopped as the snowmobile carrying the rescued driver pulled alongside. The EMTs in the third ambulance helped him down the snow wall and had him sit in the open back doors of the ambulance.

Meanwhile the snowblower moved quite a ways forward, and then backed up and cut a wider swath of snow. It did this several times until there was a fairly wide area cleared of snow. Then it continued on.

Two of the ambulances followed. The third turned around in the cleared area and sped back down the highway.

The news camera returned to the scene of the avalanche. There were now seven men digging frantically in the snow. It was a fairly large hole that got narrower as it moved downward in the snow. As the hole got smaller, one of the men got up out of the hole, then another, and then another until there were only two digging at the bottom.

Suddenly one of red snowmobile suits ran over to the e-cass and opened the back doors. He came running back with a small black satchel and jumped down into the hole and disappeared.

"They must have found the car," announced the news anchor.

"Either than, or Ron just followed Alice and the White Rabbit down into Wonderland," said Sara rather disgustedly. She followed that with, "Idiot!"

A moment later the other red suit ran over to the hole. A small object was handed up to him.

"It's a small child," cried Julie.

The news camera zoomed in close on the face of a four or five year old.

"His eyes are open!" yelped Judy. "He's alive!"

The red suit - apparently Kevin - carried the child over to the e-cap and lifted the lid. He laid him carefully inside and lowered the plexiglass lid back over him. He then ran back to the hole and jumped in.

He returned a few moments later carrying a slightly larger child whom he also placed carefully in the e-cap. He then ran over to the e-cass and carried both stretchers over to the hole.

Two of the other men reached down into the hole and helped pull an adult up out of the car. It appeared to be a woman. She was barely able to stand. They placed her on the stretcher and Kevin and one of the other men carried her over and slid her into the e-cass.

A moment later they were pulling another adult from the hole. This person was slightly larger and appeared to be totally limp as they lifted him out and lay him on the stretcher. As soon as he was on the stretcher, Ron appeared in the hole and set his bag up on the snow. One of the men helped him up out of the hole while the others put the stretcher in the emergency ambulance.

Ron began to walk over toward the e-cass when suddenly everyone began running. The news anchor, always quick to state the obvious, said, "Something is happening."

The camera pulled back and showed all seven men running toward the snowmobiles. The e-cep was first in line with Kevin driving. Then the two red snowmobiles, and finally Ron with the e- cass. The highway department man jumped on behind Ron as all four snowmobiles sped away from the scene at high speed.

The camera pulled further back and the news anchor announced, "There appears to be a major avalanche sliding toward them. They are trying to outrun it, but it doesn't look good. It doesn't look like they are going to make it.

Judy and Julie were both crying, "No, no, no, no," as they watched the snow flow down toward the road on which the snowmobiles were racing.

Just as the leading edge of the slide reached the road Kevin did something totally unexpected. He turned at an almost right angle directly into the avalanche and began going uphill against the flow of snow. The three snowmobiles following him had no choice but to make the same turn or hit him. The e-cass rocked wildly as Ron turned it hard uphill into the avalanche. They were obviously speeding uphill, but were not going anywhere because the snow was flowing beneath them almost as fast as they were moving uphill.

The news announcer was repeating "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" almost as if he were chanting a mantra. Then he changed to "This is terrible. This is terrible." Finally, as the slide stopped moving, the snowmobiles started gaining ground and actually began moving uphill.

Kevin turned his sled slowly back toward the trail and heading out over the freshly shifted snow toward the waiting ambulances. The other snowmobiles followed.

"Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!" chanted the news anchor. "That was a one in a million chance and it worked!"

Judy and Julie just stood in front of the television and cried.

A few minutes later the news caster said that they had a live reporter with the ambulances and the helicopter camera zoomed in to show several snowmobiles alongside the ambulances which were now turned around in a large area cleared by the state blower. Someone was standing next to one of the snowmobiles surrounded by a camera crew.

A couple of state highway trucks were in the area between the ambulances and the snow blower and men with shovels were working frantically to break down the snow wall to create a ramp from the road up to the top of the snow. The image switched to the ground level cameras and a female in a blue parka began to speak. "We are waiting the arrival of the rescue ambulance. We have been told that the family is alive, but injured. That's all we know right now."

The image cut back to the helicopter and you could see Ron and Kevin's snowmobiles approaching the now silent snow blower. Several men on top of the snow were directing them toward the ramp down to the highway. The ground level camera took over to show the orange snowmobiles and their sleds descend to highway level and stop.

The ground ambulance personnel ran to the e-cep and bundled the two children into one of the ambulances. A moment later the woman was transferred to a Gurney and placed in the same ambulance which immediately roared off down the highway. The EMTs took more time with the man. Inserting IVs and stabilizing his neck, leg and one arm before transferring him to the remaining ambulance.

The orange snowmobiles turned in the clearing on the highway and roared back up the ramp to the top of the snow where they stopped for a few minutes as Ron and Kevin spoke with the other rescue personnel before pulling away at a much more reasonable speed and heading on down alongside the highway. The camera followed them for some time while the announcer speculated on who the drivers might me. He stated, "I think they are part of the Snow Rescue team from Mountain Lodge Resort. We will try to find out who they are and get an interview later today.

Julie's cell phone rang and she squealed as she read the ID. "It's Kevin," she cried out. The others watched her as she listened and then replied, "We know. We were watching on television. OK. We will see you in a little while."

She turned to the others and said, "They are coming back on the trail alongside the highway. They have to stop up at the aid station to refuel and replenish their kit and then they are coming back down here."

"I'm going to clean up," said Judy.

"So am I," added Julie.

"You might as well clean up a little too," Sara said to Joan. "You look like hell."

"Thanks a lot." replied Joan. "I heard what Ron was saying downstairs, even if I wasn't responding too well. I always thought having your brains fucked out was just a myth, but after my twentieth or so orgasm, it was like I passed out with my eyes open."

"I think that happens to me at around my hundredth," answered Sara with her characteristic grin. "But I'm not sure because I've never gotten past ninety in the same night."

Joan wasn't sure whether Sara was kidding or not, so she just replied, "I'm going to grab a shower as soon a Julie is out."

It was nearly an hour later when Ron and Kevin came back into the yard. When they entered the door from the deck, each was carrying something - a twenty four bottle case of Lone Star beer in long neck bottles.

"I think we need to kick back and relax tonight, and wine just doesn't do it for me," explained Kevin.

"That's a lot of kicking back," observed Joan.

"We thought we might relax in the hot tub together and we weren't sure if you ladies might not want a change of pace from the wine." answered Kevin.

"You OK with everyone in the hot tub?" asked Sara.

"After today, I don't think I'm afraid of anything anymore - even roller coasters. In fact, I don't think much will scare me from now on. What is a bunch of naked people in a hot tub compared to a couple million pounds of snow. Count me in for a long soak on the deck tonight."

He looked over at Julie and added, "If it's OK with you."

She nodded her head eagerly, but said nothing.

Judy started to say something, but was cut off by the beep and warble of Ron's satellite phone.

Ron's voice got a little louder and harsher as he said, "Do we have to, sir? It was just a standard snow rescue with a minor problem with sliding snow."

He clicked off his phone and said to Kevin. "We have to go back up to the aid station. They've given the TV station permission to land on the heli-pad so they can interview 'today's heros.'"

"What am I supposed to tell them?... that we lucked out beyond belief?"

"I am going to say that we were just following our training," said Ron with a smile. "That's my story and I'm sticking to it...." His face and voice became expressionless as he finished, "...regardless of what the truth actually is."

"What do you mean?" asked Joan.

"We were dead, and we knew it," answered Kevin. "When the slide caught us, I knew it would roll us down the slope and bury us all. As the leading edge hit, I turned slightly in an attempt to keep the machine from rolling for another few seconds. The tow sled broke loose and dragged me around. Suddenly I was facing uphill and running on top of the snow. I just opened the throttle and prayed I could stay on top."

Pointing over at Ron, he continued, " They turned to keep from T-boning me and ended up along side me. Nobody was more surprised than me when the snow stopped moving and we were still on the blue side of the white."

He looked around at the girls. "Everyone thinks we are heros, but the reality is we are just some of the most very damned lucky guys ever on the face of the earth."

"But you saved the family," said Judy.

"And you rode an avalanche!" added Julie. "That had to be totally terrifying. Those two kids must have been scared out of their minds."

"The two kids loved it!" exclaimed Kevin with a laugh. "When we got them out of that car, I didn't want them to be afraid of the glass coffin, so I told them that they were going to get to ride in a space capsule. When we finally got to the ambulance, they told me that it had been one of the neatest rides they had ever been on."

Kevin looked Julie directly in the eyes, "And it was. When that sled snapped around and suddenly we were riding an avalanche, I wasn't afraid. I was on top of the world. I was Pecos Bill riding a tornado. All I could think of was keeping the speed exact so we stayed in the same place and I didn't shoot off into the trees or something. I knew that if a tree or a branch or, hell, even a really hard chunk of snow got swept under the front skis, we would tumble and get buried, but for that moment, I was in control of life and death. I think my being in control in such a situation was what gave me the biggest rush. Maybe that's why I've never been to crazy about roller coasters... I'm not in control on a roller coaster."

He turned slightly red and looked a little away from Julie's face. "I was so turned on. I was harder than granite. If you had been there at the ambulance after I transferred the kids to the paramedics, I think I could have taken you right there in the snow in front of Chanel 11 News and everybody."

Ron coughed slightly. "Speaking of Chanel 11 News, we have an interview to get to."

Addressing the four girls he continued, "And since we have to be up at the aid station again anyway, we had best get everything written down in our reports. I have a feeling that this is going to be a little more well known than our usual rescues, so we'd better make sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's properly crossed. We'll grab something to eat out of the refrigerator at the aid station, so don't wait supper for us. Depending on how long this interview takes, we should be back here sometime before eight."

He then leaned forward and kissed Judy and said, "See you then."

Soon the whine of the snowmobile engines was fading into the distance.

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No, there wasn't any real sex in this segment.
But there WILL be in Day Five, Part 2,
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =